What You Are Not Being Told About Putin And The Ukraine

WATCH! This was posted on Dec 6, 2021:

Do I have your attention? Good, now keep reading.

There are things you probably do not know about what Putin is doing in the Ukraine. If you really want to have a better, deeper understanding of what is going on in Ukraine, then you have to make time to work through the information I am going to share with you in this post. If you do not know and understand the things I am going to share with you, then you do not understand what is happening in Ukraine — period! The choice is up to you.

I will start this post by telling you that Putin is not the real threat here. The real threat is a man named Alexander Dugan. You should think of him as a modern-day Rasputin. Here are several videos giving you some information about Dugan and Putin and what Russia is trying to do. If you are wise, you will not worry about who is speaking and you will focus on the information being presented. I can assure you, the information is correct, but the truth is probably far scarier than these videos make it appear.

Here is a longer story and audio file with Beck’s head researcher. It going into even greater depth on Dugan, Putin and their plans for Russia. Incidentally, it dates back to August, 2016:

Understanding Russian Alexsandr Dugin and the Inevitability of WW3

Here is a similar article and audio file from the National Review dated March, 2014:

Putin Adviser Publishes Plan for Domination of Europe

For those of you who have some wisdom about things out there, this short little video should cause you grave concern about this man, Dugan, and how he thinks:

Oh, by the way: Dugan has plans for America, as well:

“The American Empire Should Be Destroyed”: Alexander Dugin and the Perils of Immanentized Eschatology

Finally, this video will give you a brief overview of what Russia is doing. Incidentally, it is from a totally different, foreign source, yet it pretty much affirms everything Glenn Beck said in the first video.

Here is another, longer explanation of the same issue:

Now, before I share my concerns over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, let me share some things with you that have been ‘memory-holed:’

In step with the stories above, which detail Putin’s goal of putting the old Soviet Union back together again, I would remind you that:

–Under George Bush, Putin invaded Georgia.

–Under Obama, Putin invaded Crimea

–Under Biden, Putin has invaded Ukraine

I would also remind you of this:

From February, 2020:

OBAMA’S SECRET WARS: The final piece to the Ukraine puzzle

Obama was conducting a proxy war with Russia in Eastern Ukraine, and Beck’s team exposed it:

Biden was caught red-handed in Ukraine, and Beck exposed this, as well:

In fact, Beck’s team exposed nothing short of Treason in Ukraine, and it involved Obama; Biden; Hunter; Hillary; Russiagate and the fake dossier; the DNC; the election theft and secret Dominion servers:

A summary video:

And verified documents that prove every thing he shares in those videos:

Given all of this: The fact that Obama and Biden (funded and probably directed by Soros) — at least in part — overthrew the duly elected President of Ukraine and replaced him with the current government; used Ukraine to wage a proxy war against Russia to push their NWO agenda against Putin’s anti-NWO, new Soviet Union agenda; and the fact that Soros has come out and is openly supporting Ukraine, it is very likely that what we actually have in Ukraine now is a continuation of this war, only — now — it is heating up. If true, there are no ‘good actors’ here: both the U.S./West and Putin are bad actors. If anything, only the Ukraine people are innocent victims.

Now, set all of this aside for a moment and imagine that one side (Putin, in this case) suddenly decides they no longer want to play by the rules. In fact, suppose this one side has decided that the other side is all talk and bluff, no action. What happens then? Well, allow me to share the other shoe with you, starting with this graphic:

If Russia succeeds in taking over Ukraine, they will then control more than half of Germany’s oil and natural gas supply. 1/2! Keep that in mind as you read through these supporting stories:

Ukrainian Gas Pipeline Key to European Economies Running Smoothly, Says Operator

Russia-Ukraine crisis: How the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline fits into the predicament and what happens next

Natural gas prices skyrocket amid war in Ukraine, European industry under threat

Folks, by invading Ukraine is a win-win for Putin. Not only does it drive up the cost of oil, giving him much needed income, but it also gives him control over a huge part of Europe’s oil supplies. Even the U.S. is buying a large amount of Russian oils because of the Left’s refusal to allow us to be energy independent. This puts Putin in a position to dictate west. Either we do as he says, or he shuts off our economies.

Now, when you have all of that under your belt, you will be ready to listen to a little ‘war-gaming’ story of mine:

— Russia wants to restore all of the old Soviet Union.

— NATO is a potential block to this ultimate goal.

— Germany is the strongest NATO member in Europe.

— The U.S. is still the strongest NATO member, period.

— Both need t be neutralized in order to take back the old Soviet States.

— Start by taking Ukraine (you already took back Georgie and Crimea)

— Next, move on one of the Baltic States

— This will force NATO to act

— Disarm the U.S. by telling Biden to stand down or you will expose all his and Obama’s skeletons in Ukraine — with proof!

— The U.S. will make an excuse and stand down.

— Use the centralization of oil to Germany as a weapon against Germany. The threat of loosing 1/2 of their oil will force Germany to stand down or lose their entire economy

— This will break NATO and isolate the U.S.

— The path is now open for Russia to retake all of the Soviet States and control the whole of Europe, as well.

And now for the really scary part:

— China has stated that it wants to control the seven emeralds (think the whole Pacific Rim)

— It already has Hong Kong

— Taiwan is the next on its list

— China owns the Biden family

— China has already told its media to be nice to Russia concerning Ukraine because China will need Russia’s support when it moves to retake Taiwan

— If and when Russia moves on NATO, China will move on Taiwan

— China will force Biden to stand down on Taiwan by threatening to expose his family’s treason in China

China has already threatened Australia with a ballistic missile strike over Taiwan, so Australia will stand down, as well

— Taiwan falling will open the door to Singapore, which will lead to the fall of the whole of Indonesia

— The fall of Indonesia will open the door for China to take Australia and New Zealand

— South Korea will fall, as well

— Which will leave Japan to stand alone against China, which will probably lead to some form of capitulation with China in over-all control of Japan, as well

Which leads to the ultimate threat: a threat Obama made possible, yet no one seems to even see or understand. It is in this story by Forbes, dated all the way back in May, 2009:

Summary: ‘The Post-American World’

So, what is the greater threat in a 13 year old story? Simple: Islam! But that is a subject for an entirely different post; a post about a more sobering way to understand Biblical eschatology!


The following are relevant to this post — at least, they are to those who know how to do the math here:

US Airspace Still Open to Putin, Biden Drags His Feet While World Leaders Grow Wise to Russian Aircraft

Biden Halts Oil, Gas Leases As Gas Prices Skyrocket At Home

Why Is the U.S. Still Importing So Much Russian Oil and Petroleum Products?

Ukrainian government press release about Joe Biden (very, very interesting stuff)

2 thoughts on “What You Are Not Being Told About Putin And The Ukraine

    1. Judging by some of the comments this post has received on other sites, they not only do not care, they refuse to even read and watch the information I shared here, let alone consider the possibility that it represents a real threat. Let
      s face it: Humanity is too arrogant and too stupid to be allowed to survive. I only wish we could start eliminating ourselves with the Leftists first.

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