YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!! Then spread it to everyone you can.

I cannot tell you how many times people have told me that I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’ because I did not have a cheap, easy piece of evidence to ‘prove’ what — by its nature — cannot be easily proven.

Well, here is the evidence these people demand!

The only way — the ONLY WAY — that the entire world would have denied the use of this drug in the face of the evidence is if there was a globally coordinated plan to ban its use. And before anyone tells me this information was not known early on, let me remind you that Project Veritas has already ‘leaked’ the U.S. DOD documents that prove the U.S. government knew about this information from the very start. So, the U.S. could have told the world how to stop COVID and save the millions who have died — but it didn’t!



For those who would like a little help understanding exactly what this interview means (or who just like his commentary), I urge you to go to the 49 minute mark of this video and start watching from there. It is the interview above interlaced with Steve Deace’s and Todd Irzen’s commentary on the interview:

Steve Deace Show 3/7/22

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