A Perfect Example Of Why It Is Not Conspiracy Theory, But FACT!

Recently, I was asked who ‘They’ are? A friend said he always hears about ‘Them,’ but no one can ever give him names of who ‘They’ are. I have been asked this many times, and I usually try to answer, but the person asking usually does not have sufficient knowledge to recognize the names or their significance. However, this is one of those rare times when it is easy to show one of ‘Them’ explaining ‘Their’ plans for evil in their own voice.

The following links are to the Feb 2, 2022 Steve Deace radio show. I cannot post the actual video as the video comes from Rumble, and WordPress does not support that platform. I am going to post Deace’s show and ask you to watch and let him offer his take on what is covered for you. After the links, I will offer my own observations. Please, I beg you: put in the time to watch this and listen very closely to what is actually said and how it is said.

Start with the link below. Go to the 49:00 minute mark and start listening.

The Origin of the Medical/Pharma Industrial Complex | Guest: Megan Basham | 2/7/22

This is from the ‘Overtime’ show. It is usually behind the Blaze paywall. If you can afford it, Deace is worth the cost all by himself. However, this show was made visible to the public (at least for a time). Hopefully, you will still be able to see it as this is where things started to get very ugly:

The Origin of the Medical/Pharma Industrial Complex (Continued) | 2/7/22

Finally — and this goes hand-in-hand with the conference linked above — there is this medical paper. In this paper, they talk about a self-spreading virus designed to use bats to spread the contagion. The link should be immediately obvious.

Eroding norms over release of self-spreading viruses

Here is a supporting article from The Blaze News Page. Please, read/watch it or, better yet, save it if you can. These things get edited and/or scrubbed all the time. It is why there are so many dead links on this and my other blogs: they do not want you to be able to hear them saying this stuff in their own voices:

STUNNING audio exposes how medical elites forced their will on the public

Harvey Fineberg delivered opening remarks for the conference, Institute of Medicine, Washington. The title of his speech, “Decisions about Gain-of-function Research: Who Bears The Burden of Proof.”

In his talk, “Fineberg described a fundamental shift in U.S. policy on “dual-use research on microbes. Until 2014, the burden of proof, whether research or the publication of research results, was too high a risk lay with the regulating body, i.e., mainly the government. The halting of funding turned this around. Researchers and research institutions “had the burden of proof to show that the benefits of going forward with their research outweighed the risks.”

Fineberg described to his colleagues how he believed the discussion of risk-benefit analysis might look and who needed to be involved.

And here is a link to the actual document from the conference:

Documentation: Dual Use Research on Microbes: Biosafety, Biosecurity, Responsibility



OK, the first thing you need to understand is that this conference is nothing new. ‘They’ publish papers, books and video of their conferences all the time. The key to understanding what is really being said is to understand the following formula:

1 — They know the media will not cover their work.

2 — They know that what they are saying is usually to convoluted for the average person to understand.

3 — If their work is exposed, and it is explained by people who understand what they are saying, they know that the tone and language they use will make them seem like reasonable people.

This conference is just one of many. They hold public conferences to discuss things like this all the time.

They hold annual meetings to plan the Great Reset/NWO in Davos, and you can find that agenda on the DAVOS web page. Essentially, this is the plan to make the entire world into a centrally controlled socialist hegemony.

Agenda 21 — now renamed agenda 2030 — is explain on the U.N.’s official web site. This is the plan to adopt the lies of ‘Climate Change’ and force everyone to live in more easily controlled ‘urban’ environments.

Event 201 was a ‘war gaming’ video event held in October 2019. It detailed the global response to an unexpected pandemic. Beside the suspicious timing, the world has followed the ‘plan’ supposedly developed by the people on the videos.

In the past, Bill Gates has given video lectures on how he planned to use ‘vaccines’ to control (i.e. reduce) the global population. Al Gore has given interviews suggesting the possibility of in vitro testing to identify those people most likely to grow up to be ‘Conservative’ or ‘Religious.’ And these conferences are held on a global scale. That means they are coordinating this across the entire world.

All of these and more are openly discussed with the full confidence that ‘We’ are too lazy and/or too stupid to pay attention and understand. And, in the event that they are exposed, they know that they can just label people ‘Conspiracy Nuts’ and no one will pay any attention.


What this conference represents is a bunch of ‘Them’ teaching each other how to get around the withholding of their funding. But there is so much more going on here. What you hear in Harvey Fineberg is a man who is offended that anyone — even the likes of the Obama Administration — would dare to question his expertise and judgment. To Fineberg, no one could possibly have a legitimate opinion that does not agree with his – period.

Understand what that means in the case of this conference:

1 — There were three near-miss leaks with the Anthrax, Small Pox and a Super-Flue viruses that major American Universities such as Johns Hopkins thought were so alarming that they asked Obama to halt the research — and Obama agreed!

2 — Obama changed the rules so that it was not the government that had to prove the research too dangerous to conduct; now the scientists had to prove their research was safe enough to be worth the risk.

3 — Fineberg and his folks were upset that the regulations placed the burden on him and cut his funding until he proved it safe — something the three near misses proved he could not do!

4 — So ‘They’ devised a plan to get around Obama and — as we now know — Faucie helped do exactly that.

5 — The 4th time (as far as we know it was the 4th), COVID-19 DID cause a global pandemic and hundreds of thousands have died as a result.

Fineberg shows you that he has absolutely no self-awareness and no humility. He dismisses the possibility that his work could escape the lab and, if it did, he justifies the deaths that result as being ‘worth the risk.’ He even gives a carefully crafted example of how the risks are justified. The problem is, that example if fatally flawed. It is fallacious through-and through, and he does not care. The man is arrogant to the extreme, and he and others like him are now driving the world’s health care system.

The simple truth here is this: Fineberg and the rest of those ‘scientists’ at that conference are evil — period!


I have done extensive research into many areas such as this one. I have shared a lot of it on my blogs. I have told people where to go to prove to themselves that the information is real and that conclusions are valid. The problem is, ‘They’ are correct: the average person is too lazy/stupid to care or understand. I hate to have to say it, but twenty years of trying to explain it has demonstrated that ‘Their’ greatest asset is the very people they seek to control. Maybe that is why they do not see us as people, but just numbers for them to push around and manipulate as they play god and devise their plans to re-make the world.

So, people can call me a conspiracy theorist all they like. If they have not done the work, or at least followed behind someone who has, all they do is provide one more reason for ‘Them’ to believe we are all made for them to rule. Maybe that is why ‘They’ say things such as this:

The competent leader of men cares little for the interior niceties of other people’s characters: he cares much-everything for the external uses to which they may be put. His will seeks the lines of least resistance; but the whole question with him is a question of the application of force. There are men to be moved: how shall he move them? He supplies the power; others supply only the materials upon which that power operates. The power will fail if it be misapplied; it will be misapplied if it be not suitable both in kind and method to the nature of the materials upon which it is spent; but that nature is, after all, only its means. It is the power which dictates, dominates: the materials yield. Men are as clay in the hands of the consummate leader.

–Woodrow Wilson, ‘Leaders of Men,’ June 17, 1890

FYI: if you do not speak ‘Progressive,’ Wilson just said that the ‘good’ leader does not care about your humanity; he only cares about how you can be used in making and running the society he envisions. In short: we are all just clay in his hands (and if you do not know the reference, that is a Biblical allusion to the ‘good’ leader being god and people are just the clay he uses to make his world).

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