So, You Think America Will Survive

I have been watching commentary in the news, social media and on talk radio. I’ve noticed a trend: everyone realizes we are in trouble, but they also believe this nation will survive. Even those who constantly preach that the end is here still act as though they believe we will survive. Well, they are correct: whatever happens, the physical property we call ‘America’ will survive. But the thing our Founders called ‘America’ is already dead. What do I mean by that? Simple: America is an ideal, not a place, and our Founders said so:

Where liberty dwells, there is my country.

–Benjamin Franklin

Well, whether we wish to accept the truth or not, that ideal is dead. It’s been dead for a long time. No, I don’t mean that there is no longer a smoldering coal or two that still remembers and yearns for a return to the time when this nation understood and embraced the founding ideals of America. As long as there is a Remnant, that ember will always smolder. What I mean is that, as a nation, the flame of Liberty has gone out in this nation and it is not coming back. Once again, how do I know I am correct? This is also an easy question to answer, and I’ll do it in the only way we seem to understand these days: with a meme:

Simply put: Liberty depends on each of us working to protect and preserve the Rights and Liberty which naturally belongs to each of us. This requires that each of us serve the other, putting their Rights and Liberty before the things we want and desire. In short, Liberty depends upon each of us denying ourselves and working instead to protect and preserve others. Or, as our Founders told us, it depends upon us being and remaining a religious and moral People (which, in their minds, meant ‘good Christians’). Well, we are no longer that People, which means we are no longer the nation the Founders created, which means, the flame of Liberty has gone out.

To the extent that people talk about Liberty today, what they really mean is, “They want what they want, the way they want it, and they want it without cost or consequence.” That this is true can be found in the simple fact that those who speak of Liberty look to others to set them free or protect that thing they think of of freedom. But how many are actually doing the work to preserve their Liberty? The answer is, “Too few to win the day.” Even those who appear to be fighting for Liberty are most often fighting for themselves. I know I am starting to repeat myself, but how do I know this?

Illegal immigration, Welfare, ANTIFA, Hollywood, GE, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Co, Planned Parenthood, the NEA, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, the New York Times, the DNC and the GOP: They all still exist!

If there were enough Americans left in this nation who actually understood and embraced the principles of Liberty, none of these things would exist; at least, not as we know them today. Why? Because — as we know them today — all of these things oppose the ideal of Liberty. They are not about or for ‘justice,’ or ‘equality,’ they are about power and control — period! If we were still a moral and religious People, none of these things would exist — not because we would use the power of government to destroy them — but because a religious and moral People would not give them their business or votes.

The people who cry for Liberty today don’t really want Liberty. I know this because Liberty requires personal responsibility and sacrifice, and none of the people I see screaming for their Liberty are actually serving others or sacrificing to preserve the rights and Liberty of those who oppose them. Yes, you read that correctly:

If you would have true Liberty, then you must serve and even sacrifice to protect the Liberty of those who are trying to take yours away.

I’m not going to bother posting what our Founders had to say on this matter. It would be a waste of my time. Those who already know that the Founders would agree with me do not need to see their words because — as I said — they already know the Truth. And those who would think the Founders would disagree with me… Well, no amount of proof to the contrary will persuade them because they already ‘know what they know‘ — even if what ‘they know‘ is wrong. Instead, I will just ask you this one thing:

How many of those voices crying for Liberty are also defending the rights and Liberties of those trying to take their Liberty away?

If the founding ideal of this nation were still alive, the answer would be a long, long list of names. So, how many names can you list that meet this criteria?

That, dear reader, is why I know that this nation is not going to make it: because it is already dead.

8 thoughts on “So, You Think America Will Survive

  1. God will always remain with his individual people, but he does leave countries who abandon His principles. Rom 1 gives the evidence that shows He has left this country to & is allowing it to pursue it’s wicked desires. América no longer has or deserves His favor.

    1. EXACTLY! If we all did our best to to do the things we see that need to be done OURSELVES, then things in this nation would be much better than they are now. This includes speaking up when we see something that is not right. I am NOT telling people they have to get into debates or fights over anything. If nothing else, just speak up and literally say, “That’s not right,” and walk away. But never let a wrong go unchallenged. When we do that, we give that wrong freedom to grow and spread, which is EXACTLY how and why we are in this mess now.

  2. I agree with @ Anonymous…God will be faithful to the individual who continues to trust in Him ( Psalm 118:8-9 ) … Yes, Romans 1 is on full display… For some time now, I have believed that this country is under God’s judgment…May the words of the prophet, Habakkuk ,as he prayed to The Lord be our prayer as well “ In wrath remember mercy “ ( Habakkuk 3:2 ) …we can choose to be watchmen …

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