America: Created By Political Novices, Ruled By Tyrannical ‘Experts’

America was created by political novices. Please, go ahead and research it for yourself. You will find that there were 145 unique individuals who signed one of our founding documents at least once. Look further and you will find another 100 or so men and women who did not sign one of our founding documents, but who are still considered to be a major figure in the founding of this nation. What’s more, if you take the time to look into their backgrounds, you will find that very few of them had what we, today, would think of as political backgrounds.

You will find that nearly half of them were either pastors or held seminary degrees. You will find farmers, lawyers, doctors, educators, inventors, merchants — even a rather famous silver smith. But you will find very, very few who were in government their entire lives. And, when you do find examples of men who were involved in government their whole lives, you will find that government was seldom their full time job. This is because — at the time — the job of ‘government’ rarely paid enough to support one’s self. You see, most government positions were considered to be part time civil service to the nation, not life-long careers.

What this means is that the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were written by men who were largely novices at the game of international politics, war and nation building. So, how did we go from a nation being built by novices to a nation ruled by ‘experts?’ And why, when we were ruled by novices, did the nation enjoy more freedom and more prosperity than it does today under these ‘experts?’ Well, the answer is easy, but, once again, you have to know and understand a little history.

The rule of ‘experts’ started under Woodrow Wilson. He envisioned a nation where the President may be elected every four years, but he would be little more than a figurehead. In Wilson’s view of America, the nation would be ‘scientifically administrated’ by a group of ‘elite experts.’ These would be people hand-picked and educated within an elite group of universities. They would be trained to become ‘experts’ in their fields, then appointed to various branches of the government where they would then decide how best to run the country. The President would suggest what the nation should do, but these ‘experts’ would be the ones who would decide whether or not it should be done and, if so, how it should be done.

This gave rise to two things. First, it became what we know today as ‘bureaucratic’ government (otherwise known as a ‘technocracy’). This bureaucracy lead to the inevitable belief that everything had to be managed by ‘experts.’ After all, they were highly trained specialists in their field, so it was natural to assume they knew best how to handle matters in their respective divisions of the government. It also helped that these same people had their friends in the media push this idea. After all, they were ‘smarter’ than the masses, so the masses should learn to trust and obey them because they knew best. And so the People became trained to accept the claim that we are better off trusting the experts. Worse, they believed it when they were told that, unless they were also an ‘expert,’ their opinion didn’t matter for much. The problem is, these were all lies, and they remain lies to this very day.

If the truth were known, the majority of the people we consider to be ‘experts’ are among the least qualified people in their fields. This is because they go from home, to the elite colleges where they are groomed by people who believe in and enforce this technocracy. They will only be passed forward into the organs of government if they are deemed to have sufficiently conformed to their indoctrination. So, they go from these elitist schools, directly into their respective fields where they are then ‘mentored’ by other ‘experts.’ Once they start being ‘mentored,’ they are then taught about the system, but they learn very little about the actual work they were supposed to be doing for the people. Consequently, even if they are inserted into a field such as the Department of Education, or Agriculture, they will know little about actual teaching or farming. Instead, they will be ‘experts’ in covering their butts, passing responsibility and blame, climbing the bureaucratic ladder and pushing their political agendas. Lest the reader doubt me, look at the people in all levels of government — from both Parties — and then try to tell me I am wrong with a straight face.

So, what the rule of ‘experts’ actually creates is a government which grows bigger and less responsive to the people with every passing year. Ass more and more ‘experts’ are inserted into the system, there is more and more need to grow the system to accommodate them. And as these ‘experts’ learn to operate within this technocracy, they start looking for more and more ways to make themselves important. This means acquiring more power and control, as well as making themselves wealthy off the taxpayer. Eventually, this system opens the door to Fascism.

You see, many of these hand-picked kids who go to these elite universities are indoctrinated into the system, but they are not placed in the government bureaucracies. Instead, they are placed in the media and entertainment industry, or into the corporate world. Once they are placed into their ‘private’ positions, they start to do the same things with their ‘private’ organizations as their counterparts in the bureaucracies do with the government. They turn them into their own little kingdoms, and start their own scramble to the top of their own little mountains.

But the ‘experts’ placed in these ‘private’ companies still know all their friends from the elite universities, and together, they were all indoctrinated by the same educators who are pushing the same technocratic agenda. Consequently, those friendships are exploited, and the ‘experts’ running these ‘private’ companies start to work with and cooperate with their friends in the bureaucracies. In other words, the news and entertainment industries, as well as corporate America, all start to get into bed with the government. Folks, this is called Fascism! It is what Wilson envisioned, and it is what we have in America today.

Now, here is the neat little truth about this system of technocratic ‘experts.’ It not only leads to tyranny, it creates a very weak and fragile nation. Why do I say weak? The answer would be simple — to a real ‘expert.’ The nation becomes weak because Fascism leads to consolidation, and consolidation of the things that make a nation work also makes that nation weak. We all saw this in operation not too long ago. If you are old enough to remember the rash of “too big to fail” bailouts, what you were witnessing was panic over the realization that our fragile infrastructure was collapsing. But how did it become fragile? By fewer and fewer ‘friends from the elite universities’ succeeding in consolidating their own little part of the system.

Here’s an example. In WW II, this nation had some 20 companies making military aircraft in some 40 plants. Today, were down to less than half a dozen companies that make aircraft for the U.S., and even fewer plants. What’s more, many of the sub-contractors that deliver essential components of these aircraft are located overseas. Sometimes, those sub-contractors are even in nations hostile to the U.S., such as China. This happens by consolidating companies, which happens less by functions of the free market, and more by political deal-making. One politician does something to get this contract for his district, which means a company making a better aircraft looses its contract and goes out of business. That same politician then mandates that the company he just helped give some of its work to a foreign nation that is contributing to the politicians campaign. This goes on for a few years and, pretty soon, you are down to just a few companies that cannot even make a complete aircraft on their own because too many things have been both centralized and given out as favors in return for helping to make that consolidation possible. The net result is inevitable: the U.S. gets stuck with an aircraft industry that does not make the best possible aircraft for the military because there is no real competition, so their is no real innovation, which leads to fewer types and less capable aircraft. Again, if the reader doubts me, just look up how many types of aircraft were on a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Vietnam War and compare it to today. And, if you think that this idea of ‘one plane to do all jobs’ explains the dramatic reduction in aircraft types, go look up the story of the F-111. It was a disaster caused by politics, and that disaster has been repeated with the F-35 — and for the exact same reason.

This same process is why the insurance, banking and other ‘too-big-to-fail- industries almost failed. When a business or government does not have to pay the price for failure, then it will not be careful in how it operates. Why should it? Someone will bail them out, raise taxes or print money. All that matters is gaining more power and more control while making as much money as you can for yourself in the process. This is our reality today. It is the system that now controls us. It is corrupt by design, and it is all run by ‘experts.’ It is also exactly what both Parties in this country want: a system of total control over the People so they can fight among themselves over who gets to control the system.

Oh, and lest you think that you can break out of this system by realizing you are actually smarter than these ‘experts,’ and understand a lot more about a great many more fields than they do, well, stop. You see, the moment you try to point out that the ‘experts’ are actually incompetent in their fields, you will be ‘cancelled.’ Does ‘Dr. Fauci’ ring any bells here?

It is all about control — period! And it is all built on lies — period!


There is an additional aspect to this issue I didn’t mention in the post. The more specialized a person is, the more likely they are to push a ‘solution’ that will make matters worse. Why do I say this? Well, if all you ever do is focus on and work with a framing hammer, then everything you ever see will look like a nail to you. This might be fine and good if you are actually working with nails, but the moment you have to drive a screw, things are going to start going wrong. You will try to drive the screw with your hammer, the board then splits, and the structure falls apart. What usually happens then is, the hammer guy blames someone else for his problem and then insists that none of this would have happened if he had just been given more money. So he tells his buddy in government to blame the failure on the evil screw-driver guys, and use them as an excuse to raise taxes so the hammer guy can have more money to hammer in light bulbs.

Lest you think this is another exaggeration, I would ask you to read a few books on economics. I can recommend some good ones if you like. I know a few that were written to show exactly how much damage is caused by ‘experts’ who have no idea how their policies affect the other areas in our economy. For example, for every 1% increase in unemployment, another 10,000 people die as a direct or indirect result of losing their income. Our economy and society are filled with these sort of relationships, but the ‘experts’ are blind to them because they are not ‘experts’ in anything but the acquisition of personal power and wealth off the backs of the very people they are supposed to serve and protect.

I say again: it is all about control, and it is all evil!

2 thoughts on “America: Created By Political Novices, Ruled By Tyrannical ‘Experts’

  1. Wilson was hand picked / selected to become President… he came from academia… the Federal Reserve was created and the 17th Amendment was ratified… these 2 have done extensive damage to the country… there is soooo much truth in what your post states… this is clearly what is taking place today

    1. I know. I’ve known for a while. It’s weird for me now. I know what is coming next: in general terms, anyway. And the more I see things unfolding the way ‘They’ have said ‘They’ plan to make things happen, the less I care. Historic events are unfolding every day: events that — previously — would have occupied the news cycle for days. But now, they are a flash in the pan. Sometimes, they don’t last an hour. Yet, for some reason, no one really seems to notice. Things are happening faster and faster (like birth pains), and only the Remnant is awake to see and understand.

      There is an event coming, a HUGE, MONUMENTAL event, and it is going to catch the vast majority of this world entirely by surprise. I only wish I could wake more of them up before they are lost forever…

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