Hitler Proclaims Anyone Who Attacks Him Is Attacking Science

The first thought I had when I saw this story from The Babylon Bee was:

I hope people won’t dismiss this!

Here is the story, and an excerpt from it:

Hitler Proclaims Anyone Who Attacks Him Is Attacking Science

BERLIN—In an interview with CBS News, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler declared that anyone who attacks him or his methods is really attacking science itself.

“Why do you think all these mean, angry people are attacking you with nasty words?” said the starstruck CBS interviewer. “Is it because they are dumb and stupid and don’t understand your brilliance?”

“It’s clear why people are attacking me. They hate science,” said Hitler. “The science of Darwinian evolution and eugenics as an effective mechanism for the betterment of humankind is completely undisputed. The science is settled. It’s clear what motivates the people who question my methods. They are just anti-science bigots.”

The CBS interviewer nodded solemnly in agreement. “Hmmm. Anti-science bigots. So true,” she replied. 

The Babylon Bee is a Christian satire web site, but it’s work often contains an uncomfortable amount of truth. This piece is one of those where the truth is so blatant that I would hesitate to call this story satire. To me — and to others who actually know the true history here — this is factually connecting the past to the present. Let me quote another section from the Bee’s post, then I’ll explain why I am saying all of this with such certainty:

Experts confirmed that eugenics is supported by peer-reviewed scientific research and that every major scientific institution in the early 20th century currently endorses it as the most scientific path forward for mankind.

That is not satire. That is an absolute truth — as it would have been stated by an early 20th Century Eugenicist! The part of this Babylon Bee post that so many people do not know or understand is that the Holocaust was rooted in the Eugenics movement. It started with the T-4 program. But Hitler learned the idea of Eugenics (i.e. ‘scientific’ breeding of a master race) from Americans:

The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

Nor do they know that the American Eugenics movement is connected to the American Progressive movement:

Eugenics: The hidden history of the progressive movement

Or that the American Progressives of the early 20th Century are the same Democrats who have been forcing their agenda down our throats today:

“Early 20th Century Progressive”, Hillary Proudly Proclaimed To The World — You Remember?

This is why the American Progressives (which includes the leadership of the GOP) supports Planned Parenthood so strongly:

Margaret Sanger Eugenics (The truth about Planned Parenthood and Hitler) – PART 1

Planned Parenthood is the connection between the past and the present:


And now, I hear Hitler’s voice speaking Fauci’s words, and I see the whole stroke of the Progressive/Eugenics/Holocaust history from the early 20th Century through today plating our before me in one scene.

That is why I would not dismiss The Babylon Bee’s story: because it isn’t satire, IT’S TRUTH!


BTW: Al Gore once gave an interview in which he suggested that ‘conservative’ and ‘religious’ people were somehow defective, and that ‘They’ would soon be able to identify genetic markers of who is likely to be ‘conservative’ or ‘religious’ while they are still in the womb! Do the math on that one, people: there is only one reason to test for such things before a child is born. ‘They’ are looking for ways to eliminate the troublesome parts of humanity: the parts who will oppose ‘Their’ agenda.

Now, that video was scrubbed from the internet, but you will still find reflections or shadows of it — if you look. I posted about it. So did Glenn Beck. Others did, as well. In our posts, we all mention the same things, but when you click on the links to the video, the video is gone. This way, ‘They’ can say we are lying, but that doesn’t make their case. In fact, it affirms the claims of those who say Al Gore is seeking to kill unborn opponents to his political agenda. It affirms it because so many people have told you he said it, then the video is removed. Well, if he didn’t say it, leave the video in place: it will testify for itself. By removing it, you just acknowledge that the claims have merit.

The point is this:

American Eugenicists are still trying to ‘scientifically engineer’ a super race/society.

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