Time For A Cosmic Conspiracy Theory

OK, I’m just going to write a little thought exercise where I connect a bunch of material-world dots, then paint them with a Spiritual-world vibe and leave the whole thing with you to figure out what it means. You’re free to dismiss this one (but I wouldn’t... 😉 ).

So, the internet has ‘fact-checked’ this one, but it was very well documented at the time: before he left the White House, Obama placed a lot of Muslims into the U.S. departments of Intelligence, Defense, Homeland Security, DOJ and State Department. This was verified by government records, but — now — it is all being brushed away by ‘fact-checkers’ who have been publicly exposed as little more than opinion editors working to protect a Left-Wing agenda. For those who do not know definitions, that means they are propagandists, not ‘fact-checkers,’ but I digress.

Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington

So, Obama saturated the very mechanisms designed to defend the U.S. with the same people who have a sworn duty to destroy this country.

Next, we have a flood of illegal aliens (get this straight: they are not immigrants if they are here illegally). The U.S. government has done nothing to stop this flood. This constitutes a government-backed invasion of the U.S. There are many Muslims within this flood of illegal invaders. This is part of how the ‘Arab Spring’ has been empowered to conquer Europe: they boiled out of their countries, invaded Europe, and have started to take over wherever they have the numbers to seize local control.

Obama was one of the architects of the Arab Spring. Obama was (and probably remains) a driving force behind the importation of these Muslim invaders. This importing of enemies of America continues under Biden. Then these invaders are moved around the U.S. without public knowledge. In some places, these invaders have already taken over, and U.S. law no longer governs in those regions. Here again, this has been well-documented as a matter of fact, but the ‘fact-checkers’ will tell you it is all ‘conspiracy theory:’

No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

So, with the help of the U.S. government (and Obama), Islamic no-go zones have been established in the United States.

In fact, Islam has quietly invaded every major aspect of American Society:

Defeating the Islamic Movement Inside the United States: A Strategic Plan

READ the memo on globalism and Islamic infiltration that led McMaster to fire its author from NSC

Anni Cyrus on the infiltration of Sharia into American Courts

The Muslim Brotherhood in American Schools

Education Jihad: Promoting Islam in American Schools

Jihad’s Infiltration of the Movies

Some Statistics On Islamic Infiltration In The US In 2019

I could go on, because this is all established fact. But ‘They’ will say the ‘fact-checkers’ have debunked it, and it is all a bunch of ‘islamaphobic’ non-sense. Well, all I have to say to that is:

Racist! Racist! Racist!

All I hear anymore is, “Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!” Every time some one starts to expose their agenda as a house of cards, they start hurling slurs and epitaphs at you. I’m tired of it. I know these things are true because I have done my own research and I have checked on the sources. I’ve been doing it for years. The people protecting this agenda are part of the attack on this nation. The Democrats and Republican leadership see it as a way to manipulate the voting base for their own exploitation while using Islamic money, but those people are blind fools. They do not see the threat of Islam because they foolishly believe they are the ones using Islam when, in reality, it is the other way around.

So, the American political class, lead by Obama, has given Islam the keys to the American kingdom.

Enter Rabbi Chan and his book, “The Harbinger:”

The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future

If you haven’t read this book yet, you need to — especially if you call yourself a believer. You see, whether people know it or not, this country is the fulfillment of a prophecy. It is the land of rest promised to Ephraim, where Ephraim will regain its strength before the final battle. America is the seat of Ephraim! I can prove it in YHWH’s prophecies, but I have no need. If you read this book, and you have spiritual eyes, you will know that it has to be true. Anyway, the short version is this:

As the modern seat of Ephraim, YHWH sent us the exact same prophetic warning He sent Ephraim before the Northern Tribes were dispersed into the nations for their apostasy. However, rather than learn from the past, we not only ignored YHWH’s warning, but we repeated the very same boastful defiance that lead to the Norther Kingdom’s destruction. Now, America is under judgment, and it will lead to our destruction. What’s more, we are about to be destroyed by the very same people who destroyed the Northern Kingdom. If you have eyes to see and ear to hear, I pray you will see and hear, then act on what you see and hear — before it is too late.

When I began, I told you I was going to just weave a cosmic conspiracy theory for you. Well, I have. Not I’ll leave it with you, as I promised. It’s up to you to decide whether or not I am crazy.


BTW: There is more to this story, but I’m not going to share it right now. It would be too much for the vast majority of people. However, for those who might already know and understand, there is a bigger second half to the cosmic conspiracy to which I just alluded. It pertains to Werner van Braun, ‘Aliens,’ and an ‘Archon Invasion’ – as in ‘The Days of Noah.’ Do you have the eyes to see and ears to hear? 😉

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