CONNECTING THE DOTS: Proof ‘They’ Are Lying to You about COVID (and Why)


I simply cannot take this any longer.  While I do not claim to know all the players, or all of the details, I will tell you I know the general playbook, and they have been following it to the letter for decades.  COVID is just a small part of ‘Their’ grander scheme, but let’s take a moment to share some of what ‘They’ have refused to tell you about COVID.

First, you need to get and read this book!

Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History

Next, you need to start watching these videos — and I mean you need to make the time to watch them all the way through.  Pay attention to both the data being presented, as well as the credentials behind the sources.  Also, pay attention to the host.  He is not a ‘nobody:’ he was once one of the first men contacted by the campaign of any potential GOP Presidential candidate.  He ran Ted Cruz’s 2016 Presidential campaign in Iowa.  He knows what he is saying, and I can tell you from listening to him, he has a rock-solid grasp on logic.  That is why he can read the stitches on a fast ball, as well.  So, sit down and start watching!

The TRUTH About COVID-19, Lockdowns, and mRNA Vaccines

The Real, Unvarnished Data on Vaccination Rates

Everything You Need to Know About the Fauci Emails

What Can You Do to Push Back Against Covidstan? Watch This.

After that, you need to watch this video — and pay close attention to who this man is.  If you don’t know, look him up!  Pay attention to his credentials, and to what he is saying:

Nobel Prize Winner Montagnier “Vaccines are Causing Stronger Variants” &

[NOTE: this video has captions.  You know why?  Because the U.S. censors keep scrubbing the man’s videos!  They also scrub the videos of the Nobel Prize winner who invented the mRNA technology.  They scrub him because he says Fauci is a political hack who has been intentionally lying to America and that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ must be pulled now!  Likewise, they scrub the Nobel Prize winner who invented Ivermectin — because he has proven it is an effective cure for the virus!  They also scrubbed Dr. Moskowitz’s video exposing Fauci’s corruption connected to HIV.  Fauci doesn’t sue her, they just silence her.  I looked into this.  You know why Fauci doesn’t sue her?  Because she told the truth!  Fauci appears to have let thousands die so he could make millions of dollars!  Yes, it is true!  Start looking into it, but DO NOT USE GOOGLE!  Try a real search engine that is not controlled by the co-conspirators.]]

Dear reader, you must understand that Senator Rand Paul has successfully exposed Fauci.  He has absolutely proven that Fauci committed perjury before Congress.  Fauci’s emails and Senator Paul have made a very convincing case that Fauci illegally funded the Wuhan lab and the COVID virus — against President Obama’s direct orders!  If this is true, it means Fauci gave money to a foreign government to make a biological weapon that was later set loose on America and then used by the Democrats to steal a Presidential election, destroy our economy and set about ‘Their’ plans for a ‘Global Reset.’  And, lest you doubt that this ‘Global Reset’ is part of the end-goal here, start looking up the videos of Event 201, which was funded by Gates and Soros, and held in October of 2019.  In those videos, you will see them ‘war game’ a pandemic, and they will ‘device’ a strategy to stop the pandemic.  Their plans are identical to what our government has done — and it is all on the Internet, on video.  You just have to find it and watch it — all 13 hours of it!

Here, this is a primer produced by Red Pilled humans out of the Netherlands (and they admit this is just a primer — there is much, much more to this plan):

As for stealing the election: you can guarantee that is what happened.  Why can I be so sure?  Because most of the States that are responsible for Biden being declared the winner implemented mail in balloting that was then used to commit the fraud.  The problem is, it was not done legally.  Other States, such as Pennsylvania, clearly and openly violated their State election laws.  All of this was actually reported on your ‘Main Stream Media’ news, but you didn’t notice, understand of care.  But it is an established matter of law that, if you change the law illegally, then the result — even a Presidential election — is NULL AND VOID!  So, the math on this one is simple: either the election was stolen, or it no longer matters because you live under an open tyranny.

Which brings me to this:

Tucker Rips Power Hungry Dems Using COVID for Political Gain

GOP strategist: Biden, Democrats use COVID to install authoritarianism

[NOTE: Authoritarianism = DICTATORSHIP, folks.  Look it up 🙂 ]

Biden’s Answer on Vaccine Mandates Should TERRIFY You

[Wait!  What?  Biden claims the DOJ has decided it has the power to mandate vaccinations!  And that businesses can do so, as well?  I thought businesses couldn’t say no to paying for abortions because individual healthcare decisions were outside of their authority?  SCOTUS said this was the case, but now, the DOJ — which has neither Legislative nor Judicial power — is saying they can do whatever they want to force vaccinations!  And you seriously want to tell me I am over-reacting, or that this is not dictatorship? ]


Hydroxichloroquine and the Z-pack absolutely do work as a prophylactic.  They can also lessen the severity of the COVID virus if take within 24-48 hours of the first symptoms of the virus.  Ivermectin is absolutely a cure.  Both have now been clearly demonstrated by actual, real, non-government payroll physicians throughout the world.  What’s more, I now know — personally — seven people — six of whom were in the high-risk category — who were helped by these medications.  Hydroxichloroquil (synthetic quinine) is very safe.  It has been used for more than one hundred years.  I took it in the military.  We called it ‘the daily-daily.’  The Z-pack is just an antibiotic.  And Ivermectin is such a great drug, it won a Nobel Prize!  The reason they tell you these medicianes are dangerous and don’t work is simple:

They are cheap, abundant and effective, and if they told you that, they couldn’t scare you: and if they can’t scare you, they can’t control you: and if they can’t control you, they actually have to fight you before they can enslave you and they honestly don’t have that many forces on their side!

Now, if you think I am wrong about anything I just said, PROVE IT!  But do so without a single Google, Facebook, Fauci, U.S. Government, WHO, CDC or any other source connected to this Cabal.  I will not listen to someone citing the pleas of the guilty as proof of their innocence.  You need to show real data that comes from impeccable sources and — so far — no one on the side of the COVID scare meets that requirement.  On the contrary: they all — to a person — meet the definition of cult member.  Again, if you doubt me, look it up for yourself.

Now, go ahead; prove me wrong.  I’ll wait right here, with total confidence (because I know that Sir William of Ockham’s Razor cuts in my direction here 😉 )

3 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Proof ‘They’ Are Lying to You about COVID (and Why)

  1. Truly the most pernicious, genocidal agenda ever perpetrated on this scale.

    Excellent sources. Thank you!

    From: THE ROAD TO CONCORD Date: Tuesday, 3 August 2021 at 12:40 pm To: Eleni Arapoglou Subject: [New post] THE REST OF THE STORY: Proof ‘They’ Are Lying to You about COVID (and Why) Black3Actual posted: ” Friends, I simply cannot take this any longer. While I do not claim to know all the players, or all of the details, I will tell you I know the general playbook, and they have been following it to the letter for decades. COVID is just a small part of”

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