LESSONS IN LOGIC: Vaccines and the COVID-19 Injections


Given all the misinformation and — in many cases — flat-out lies being spread around, I felt it was time we had a discussion (refresher?) about vaccines.  What are they?  How do they work?  And what does it mean for us today?

I want you to start by reading these two pictures.  They were taken from, “The World Book Encyclopedia,” circa 1973.  I keep old reference materials such as this for occasions such as these: when we need to understand something, but we cannot trust modern sources because of the risk they may have been intentionally altered to suit current political agendas.  So, with that said, we start here:

FIRST: Did you see what a vaccien is and how it works?  And did you notice that the first human vaccine was actually an injection of cowpox to stop small pox in humans?  This is important, because it shows that you do not necessarily have to inject the same virus to develop an immunity to another, similar virus.  This applies to Coronaviruses, of which COVID-19 is one (hence the name: coronavirus, variant #19). Incidentally, coronavirus cause respiratory infections, including the common cold (in this specific case, Wiki gets it correct).

[An interesting correlation here is that other treatments for similar infections can have wider applications.  In the case of COVID-19, it explains why the hydroxichloroquine/Z-pack prophylactic and Ivermectin treatments work.  They had previously been shown to be effective on other respiratory infections prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, therefore, it is no big stretch of science to assume they might have some practical use in the treatment of COVID-19.]

SECOND: Did you notice how vaccines work?  They work by injecting a dead or weakened form of a virus, bacteria or toxin into the body so that the body can then create anti-bodies to that virus, bacteria or toxin.  In short, the vaccine helps our body create a natural immunity against infection without having to risk the full affects of that infection.  The mRNA ‘vaccines’ do not do this.  Instead, they use RNA sequencers to re-program your DNA to create antibodies — or so we’re told.  Either way, this means that — by definition — the mRNA injections are not vaccines!

LOGIC LESSON: One cannot argue against a definition and claim to be rational!  In this case, that means anyone insisting these injections are vaccines is irrational — at best.  This is an absolutely rock-solid matter of sound logic.  Or, to put it a simpler way: this is a fact — period!

FINALLY: Now, what does all this mean?  Well, aside from the fact that the mRNA injections are not vaccines, and that there is good reason to believe the hydroxichloroquine/Z-pack prophylactic and Ivermectin treatments are actually effective, it means that the people who claim those of us who are not vaccinated represent a risk to those who are vaccinated, ‘are not following the science!’ (did you see what I did there? 🙂 )

If you have been vaccinated against a virus, and the vaccination actually works (i.e. is effective against that virus), then you should have a natural immunity against that virus.  This means you should be safe from developing an infection caused by that virus.  So, why are we being told that those who are not vaccinated are a threat to those who are supposed to be safe from infection?

Let’s keep thinking this through.  Let’s just assume that 100% of the entire world’s population were to get all necessary dose of these COVID-19 injections tomorrow.  Would that stop the COVID-19 virus?  The answer — apparently — is no!  Why do I say this?  Simple:

IF an un-vaccinated person can give COVID-19 to a vaccinated person, then the vaccination does not prevent infection.  And, if the vaccination does not prevent infection, it will still be possible to contract the virus ‘in the wild’ (meaning, the way the first COVID-19 patient was infected).  This will then lead to that infected person giving the virus to other people who are supposed to be protected — just like the infected person had never been injected — and we will be right back in the same situation we now find ourselves. 

When we think about it, this is simple logic.  Let’s look at small pox as an example (because it is the only virus Man has ever completely eliminated).  From what we’re told, small pox no longer exists outside of laboratories.  This is because the small pox vaccinations work, right?  If you have had your small pox injections, you will not catch small pox — even if you are exposed to it.  Apparently, this is the case: at least with small pox.  So, why doesn’t this apply to COVID-19?  If the COVID-19 injections work, then you should be safe, even if you are exposed to COVID-19.  But we’re told that you can still catch COVID-19, even if you have had all your injections. 

Do you see the break in the logic here?

If you have a small pox vaccination, you are safe from small pox — because vaccinations work.  However, if you have had the COVID-19 injections, you are not safe from COVID-19 — because the injections work.  Ah, wait — what?  Logically, if vaccinations work, these two statements should both be true — but they’re not. Why?

The answer is simple: either these injections are not vaccinations, or vaccinations do not work.

Do what you with all of this.  Just know that there is something not right about these COVID-19 injections and the policies being pushed by our governments in connection to them. If they work, then no one should be scared of the people who do not take the injections. However, if they do not work, then no one should have to be forced to take the injections. Either way, the policies being pushed to ‘combat COVID’ are out of step with both ‘science’ and reason.

End of lesson.


3 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Vaccines and the COVID-19 Injections

  1. Isn’t it amazing that Francis Collins, the NIH director is telling parents to wear masks in their own houses to protect their “unvaccinated” children. This means that children should now fear their parents. More dots to connect as to why it is necessary for the regime to continue to kick this can down the road.

    In the following videos are slides of how the vaccines interfere with the normal function of the human blood system that indicate the vaccines actually exacerbate the virus.



  2. The government, media, etc. have been pushing too hard for these “vaccinations”. You should KNOW something’s up when companies offer their employees $75 to get shots.

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