LESSONS IN LOGIC: Science vs. ‘The Science’

I’ll keep this one short.  The difference between science and ‘The Science’ is as follows:


a. knowledge of facts and laws arranged in an orderly system

b. a branch of such knowledge.

(The World Book Dictionary, 1973 — from a time before they started to change definitions to meet political agendas).


The Science:’ the deity worshiped by a certain sect within the broader cult of self-worship.

(in other words, The Science’ is their religion)

End of lesson. 

Now, share it far and wide, so that those with ears to hear will hear, and those with eyes to see can see and they will understand the nature of our True enemy.

4 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Science vs. ‘The Science’

  1. Or how about: science is a process that brings knowledge ever closer to truth; ‘the science’ is is a snapshot of knowledge at a particular time.

    1. Nope. I think you missed the point (BTW: I literally copied the 1973 dictionary definition, where the process you refer to is listed as ‘the scientific method.’).

      When people tell us we have to ‘trust The Science,’ or we’re ‘Science deniers,’ they are literally accusing us of rejecting their new god — and they are absolutely correct: I do reject their god, no matter what name they give it.

  2. The Science is indeed the god of Humanists. Science does not lie, but Humanists who interpret it & worship it as their god certainly do lie to fit their agendas.

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