The Willfully Ignorant Needn’t Waste Their Time Here

In keeping with the attitude in my post about short attention spans, I’d like to suggest that the willfully ignorant needn’t waste their time reading this blog page.  We live in an amazing age.  We have the whole of human history and the sum total of human wisdom available literally at our fingertips, and yet, so few of us avail ourselves of this great blessing. This is especially true when it comes to educating ourselves.  Heck, I wonder how many people even know what the word, ‘education,’ actually means.  I bet they don’t — because they’re ignorant.  The sad part is, most of us have been made ignorant by the fruits of our parents’ labors; and now, the same people who made us ignorant are using the fruits of our labors to keep us ignorant.  We have sold ourselves into this deception so well that we have actually become foot soldiers in defending the world of ignorance they have built around us.  Thus, they have made the vast majority of us into their slaves, and we embrace it as liberty — because we are ignorant.  It’s how people could read, “Arbeit macht frei,” and believe it’s true!

The Truth is, we live in a time unlike any other in human history.  This is truly the golden age of information.  Sadly, however, too few avail themselves of the availability of this information.  For the majority of Americans, we literally have the whole of human history, and the sum total of human wisdom in our pockets.  But what do we do with it?  Do we use it to better ourselves?  No, we use it to entertain ourselves.  Even when we use our cell phones to watch the news, we are just distracting ourselves.  Why do I say this?  Because too few of us have used that phone to learn about what true journalism is and what it looks like.  So, when we watch the news, we believe we’re informing ourselves when — in fact — we are gobbling up misinformation and deception.  We have followed down this path for so long now, we have actually become active participants in our ignorance.  We consuming lies out of ignorance, then we eject Truth for the same reason.  Both are the work of willful ignorance.

This is the crux of our problem: you cannot enslave the mind of an enlightened person, and you cannot free the mind of a person who is willfully ignorant.  ‘They’ know this.  It’s why ‘They’ work so hard to keep you ignorant: so you won’t revolt.  Well, in this day and age, if a person is ignorant, it is because they have chosen to be that way — period! Therefore, if a person is a slave out of ignorance, they have chosen to be a slave.  This is why the willfully ignorant are not welcome here.  I will work myself to the point of exhaustion to help a sincere person learn, but I will no longer waste a second of time on a person who has chosen to remain a slave.  What’s more, I will be openly hostile to those who seek to force me or others into slavery with them.  There are only four lights — 4!  I will never tell you there are five, so you might as well get the cage and the rat out, I am not going to join you in your ignorance.  If you think that sounds harsh, fine; but the type of people I want following me will not only understand that I’m not being a ‘hater,’ they’ll know I’m actually writing out of an agape love for those who are trying to find The Way.

6 thoughts on “The Willfully Ignorant Needn’t Waste Their Time Here

  1. I am posting this for you, (my rant), and you can choose to show it or not. I don’t even know if the link will work. I am de-platformed, suspended from twitter, and took myself off of FB for their censorship of articles I posted. The fraud, deception, lies, treason, tyranny, are all real. Many are duped and beyond reach, but those who believe in our Founders Republic, formed under the belief that we are all created equal under God, and protected by a Constitution that upholds our God given rights, want to unite. We want to fight for our God given rights, and we ask God’s help in doing so. The powers of Evil may defeat us in the short term, but the fight matters. God has already won, yet the fight matters in ways we may not understand today, this minute or hour. It matters to those who are “deplorable in our eyes”, because fighting for truth in small and big ways has impact on present and future lives. Lives are important to God, not humanity, but individual lives. Not everyone will reach the same pinnacle of understanding, but moving towards that pinnacle is what matters. Purpose matters, even if we fail. We can engage in fighting for the truth without knowing all the answers, all the dangers that may befall us, all the mistakes we will make. Engaging at the #StoptheSteal level is a small step, but an important one for all who want to pursue truth, even if the it is too late to save humanity. “Duty is ours. Results are God’s. ” I’m not interested in persuading the brainwashed, duped, brain dead. There may be too many to make a difference in the outcome of our world, but the struggle for truth in our elections is a microcosm of our bigger struggle against the pervasive Evil in our world. We have to begin somewhere. Wisdom and knowledge can be intertwined, opposite, or parallel. We should all be working to keep them intertwined. So, I wait to see the direction of your newest endeavors to teach (blog), now that you have banished the lazy, and weak minded. Did you have a lot of them on your blog? Maybe I’m one of them, and I should just go, but I’m too interested in your lessons, besides, I really know that I am not lazy and weak minded, although I have no intention of digging into and following all of your sources. Some I have already read or encountered, others I have picked up along the way. You are the scholar, you need to provide the proof. I will research what sounds questionable in my mind, experience, intuition, or wisdom. God Speed.

    1. You are not even close to being among the weak minded, so rest easy. I wrote the last two posts with the intention of allowing them to identify themselves — and to warn those too obtuse to do so that they can expect a little more ‘push-back’ when they post comments from the position of ignorance.

      As for following behind my sources: that is more for those who do not believe me than for those who already know I can be trusted. Again, this does not strike me as pertaining to you.

      Otherwise, I hope you’ll stay with me, as I intend to hit things a lot harder, and a lot more often. As you can see, I’ve already started. There will be more to come as I lay the foundation for what will follow. Rest assured, I have a plan 🙂

    2. OH! I almost forgot. I am on Gab (Christian owned and operated, very little ‘censorship’) and I will be setting up an account on Rumble. So far, both seem to be allowing a much more open and free exchange of information and ideas. Both are free, so you might want to consider creating your own accounts. Totally up to you.

      1. Already there. What’s your handle on Gab? Couldn’t find it under Black3Actual. Also on Rumble. How do I find you there?

        1. I’m B3A (@B3A) on Gab. Still researching Rumble. I’m not sure whether I want to set up an account there, or pay for the higher levels on Gab. Whichever one will be easier for me to use to stream live video will most likely win the day. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. So glad you felt free to share this site with me. I am not a very smart man when it comes to society’s definition of smart, but God has granted me enough wisdom to understand that the forces of evil have long been at work. The rights, as seen by our Founding Fathers as God given, that no man or government should ever be able to take away from us, have been slowly eroded away and all for the supposed greater good of society, when all it has done is usher in evil that very few people even realize. I have said before true freedom is an ugly thing for most people, they just can’t handle it and have to be ruled by someone. I for one do not need someone to dictate how I should live my life, I know how to that just fine. If we could live within the confines of Natural law which was set by God we really would not need any form of controlling government. I am also on that will be hostile to anyone or any form of government which interferes with my God given right to life, freedom and happiness. Thanks again B3A

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