Why Are You Still Here?

Why are you still reading this blog?  No, seriously — why?  I deleted a post I wrote a few days ago because the first comment the post received was correct: I was ‘naval gazing.’  But, if I am as self-absorbed as that anonymous reader suggested, why is he/she still reading my blog posts?  Even if you don’t think I am self-absorbed (when I’m not even sure whether or not I am), if you have followed me for any length of time, then you certainly know I have been very ‘wishy-washy’ for several years now.  So, why would you still be following my blogs?  Maybe you don’t think or don’t care if I am self-absorbed, or ‘wishy-washy,’ you just like and agree with my perspective.  Why are you reading my blog posts?  If we already agree, that’s just preaching to the mirror.  Why waste your time?  So, seriously (and sincerely), why are you still here?  Why is anyone still reading this?  I don’t get it.

I have a confession to make.  I have stopped blogging for two reasons.  First, I honestly don’t feel like I make any difference — not anymore.  The more I learn, the more uncertain I am about a growing number of things.  At the same time, the more I learn, the more certain I am about those few things that I do know.  I grow more uncertain because I have too many unanswered questions while, at the same time, I grow more certain because I know why I know what I know.  I’m just not sure any of that matters.  I can explain what I see and why I see it all I want.  I can tell you where to go to find the information you need to prove to yourself that I am correct in my understanding of the information I share.  I can even paint you a picture by connecting the dots for you.  It’s not enough.  I can’t make you do the work necessary to see the picture I’m painting for you.  You have to do that.  The trouble is, in the twenty years I’ve been blogging, I know — for sure — of one — 1 — person who has actually invested the time to follow up on what I’ve shared with them.  Strangely enough, he shares an almost identical attitude with me now.  I can’t help wondering if there’s a reason for that. 😉

So, yeah, I am feeling very, very discouraged.  In fact, I have lost hope in humanity.  I still believe in individuals, but very few of them.  The number of people who honestly care to learn about and understand the world in which we live grows smaller by the day.  Most of humanity has been swallowed up by a lie and they can’t see it.  They’re too busy refusing any and every attempt to get them to take the red pill.  The comfort that the lie promises is too alluring for them.  They would rather swallow the entire bottle of blue pills than face the woman in the red dress.  Well, that’s not me.  I’d rather know the truth.  No, scratch that.  I want to know the Truth, with a Capital ‘T.’  I want to know it even if it means facing my own demise.  I no longer care.  I do not care whether anyone ever reads this blog again.  I do not care if anyone ever follows behind me; to do their own research into the information I have tried to share.  I do not care if no one ever agrees with me, or the whole world condemns me as crazy.  I do not care, I tell you!  There are four lights!  4!  And I would sooner you put the cage and rat on my face than tell you otherwise.

Now, having said that, and explained my frustration with people, I’ll tell you the next reason I have quit blogging.  I’ve explained it before, I just haven’t acted on it — yet.  I have quit blogging because I’ve learned too much.  No, I haven’t learned all there is to know — not by a long shot.  But I have learned enough that I can see what’s coming, and that it can no longer be stopped.  All blogging gives to me anymore are feelings of foreboding and anxiety.  Honestly, I can do without that, and I imagine you could, too.  So, given that I am certain our fate is already sealed, why bother trying to warn anyone about it — right?  Better to let them live in their peaceful ignorance.  But then there’s the thing I explained two paragraphs back.  Well, I’m not going to bother with warning anyone anymore.  Instead, I am going to do my best to warn people about the one and only life boat available to them before it’s too late to get in it.  I’ve resisted this for a long, long time, mostly because I know how few want to hear what I have to say.  Once again, I — do — not — care!  It is time I start sharing what I’ve learned about YHWH and His Word!!!

So, from this point forward, I’ll explain exactly what the key ingredient is to the Founder’s success.  They made no secret about it.  It’s the same thing that can save you from what is coming.  From this point forward, I will explain the world as I see and understand it — exactly the way I see and understand it.  And, if it bothers you, too bad.  You have free will.  Exercise is.  Stop reading this blog.  In fact, I’m going to do my very best to chase off a majority of those still following this blog.  That way, if you are still here come this winter, I will know that you really want to be here.  You see, if you really want to be here, then it doesn’t matter whether I am talking to one or one hundred million, it will be worth it.  And I’ll know if you want to be here.  I can see who reads my posts, and I see the feedback.  They tell me everything I need to know.

Now, enough is enough!  No more ‘wishy-washy’ or ‘naval-gazing’ from me.  I will pick up my writing again, but on this page only.  It has grown too expensive to maintain all three blogs.  This one is my oldest and most popular blog page, so this is where I stay.  Besides, I no longer have need to write on three separate blogs — not after posting this.  If you’re confused, stick around a while.  You’ll soon understand. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Why Are You Still Here?

  1. Simplify. Cutting back to one blog will help you focus, and what do you get for the high-priced options? We’re all used to skipping ads now anyway.
    A huge number of people are lost in secular cynicism and media lies. Most of the internet is a curse. I’m trying to promote Heiser in my church – we have to understand our spiritual enemies.

    1. Agreed!

      As for the cost of the blogs: I have to pay to use the old editor, or I cannot access or control the higher level functions of the page — like the pages at the top of the blog where I can make reference posts more readily accessible. All told, 3 blogs was costing a small car payment every month. BUT NOTE: I have NEVER and I’m STILL NOT asking for anyone to donate to this or any of my blogs. 🙂

  2. I began following this blog around 2005 or so? I lost it somewhere along the way but your thought process tends to mirror my own. Thank you for sharing your insights over the years.

    JRNyquist has a blog which I think dovetails rather nicely with yours.


    In addition to your content, I also refer people to a website by Lew Paxton Price. He has additional information you may find useful or interesting. I’m sure for you it is nothing new or mind blowing but I always appreciate when I find a site that has alot of information in one location.



    1. Thank you. I assure you, I WILL check out these other cites. You see, I have found that every one of us has been given a piece to the greater puzzle. If I want to put more of the puzzle together, I need more of those pieces. SO, I read everything: friend and foe alike. I do so because I need those pieces 🙂

      1. Agreed, and thanks. One must sift through many incorrect puzzle pieces before finding one that fits. At least the puzzle pieces one purchases all belong, jumbled though may be. Imagine how much more difficult a thousand piece puzzle would be if there were 11,000 pieces and 10,000 didn’t belong.

        Thanks again for what you do.

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