I Think I Lost My Oldest Friend — And That’s OK With Me

I think I recently lost the oldest friend I have.  We’ve known each other since I was in the 9th grade.  He’s really the only friend I still have who knew me when I was in my youth, which is a valuable thing to have as we grow older.  However, the recent Presidential election created a rift between us and, a little more than a week ago, I believe that rift turned into a chasm that neither of us may ever be able to bridge.  If you’ll please give me a few minutes of your time, I’d like to share the details of my loss with you.

Before I tell you what happened to cause the rift between my friend and I, I need to explain something about him.  Before this happened, had you asked him, he would have told you that I am one of the smartest, most well-read people he has ever known.  In fact, he once acknowledged the breadth of my interests and depth of my understanding by telling me I had:

“Learned more and more about less and less until, now, I know everything about nothing.”

In other words, I had learned so much about so many things that I could talk intelligently about almost any subject.  My friend was not wrong, either: as long-time readers will realize, this is who I am.

So, go back to the Presidential election with me.  About the time Biden was fraudulently inaugurated, I called my friend to warn him there was an outside chance that something might happen to prevent this fraud upon the nation.  To be honest, I didn’t really believe anything would happen, and Texas95 (my sometimes co-contributor here) can testify to this fact.  Texas95 and I had been following the Q conspiracy theories and, while Texas95 believed them to be true, I had been expressing extreme skepticism.  Still, I knew my oldest friend does not follow these sort of things and, if Texas95 was correct, it would mean a great deal of trouble for the whole nation.  So, knowing he would laugh at me, I called my oldest friend anyway — to warn him about the possibility.  To me, that’s what you do when you genuinely care about someone.  I should have saved myself the effort.

When I called my oldest friend, it must have been the last straw for him.  He told me none of the things I have warned him about through the years have ever happened, and so, he wasn’t interested in this warning, either.***  In the conversation that followed, I told him I believed the election had been stolen.  My oldest friend laughed at me and told me I was crazy.  That was the last time we spoke to each other — until about a week ago when he called me to see whether or not I had ‘come to my senses.’

During this last call, I told my friend that I now knew the election had been stolen, and that we have been lied to about COVID-19 and the effectiveness of hydroxichloroquin, the Z-pack and Ivermectin.  Once again, my friend told me that he is sure I am nothing more than a crazy conspiracy theorist.  Well, I doubt I will ever hear from him again, but I can honestly say I don’t care — not anymore.  You see, my friend not only doesn’t realize how greatly he insulted me, but he also proved to me that my estimation of him and his character has been far in excess of anything he has ever deserved from me.  To try talking to him about any of this from this point would literally be casting pearls before swine, just in a ‘secular’ way.

Thinking back on this conversation, I realized that I had always considered my oldest friend to be smarter than I am — in a practical sense.  I was wrong!  You see, if my oldest friend believed I am as smart as he has always said, and he knew how much I have read about how many different subjects I have researched, then he wouldn’t have dismissed my beliefs so casually.  If my friend believed those things, and he was as smart as I have always given him credit for being, he would have at least asked me why I believe as I do, and he would have given my reasoning some careful consideration.  He did none of this, and, to me, that was probably the greatest insult he could have offered me — especially when I can prove the election was stolen!

I have a Sociology degree.  My oldest friend knows this.  In the coarse of earning that degree, I had to learn how to read the raw numbers that scientists use for things like political polling and reporting of election results (also, for reading the raw data on epidemiology, like the reporting of COVID cases).  On election night, I was watching Steve Deace as he posted the election return data from the precincts where the voting irregularities took place.  He did it in real time.  He used a computer program that both political Parties use to get this data.  The data is drawn directly from the precincts doing the reporting.  In short, I was watching what the voting places were actually reporting to their higher chain of command.  Deace told his audience that the numbers did not match the population demographics, or the historic voting records of these districts, but I didn’t need Deace to explain this to me because I had been trained how to read this information for myself.  I tried to explain this to my oldest friend back in January, but he just dismissed the source of the information as ‘unreliable.’  Well, if it is, then my oldest friend cannot trust the government or the media, because this is the same information they used and are still using.  Logically, this means my friend undercut his own credibility, not mine.  But that’s not the real problem.

The real problem here is that my friend simply does not know what I know, nor does he care to research the issue.  He is happier to believe what the TV, radio and news papers tell him to believe.  By definition, this makes him ignorant and misinformed.  But, by logical extension — given what I have already told you about him — it also means he is willfully foolish.  Now, that is his right, but he has no right to take his willful ignorance and foolishness and then use it as confirmation that he is correct in condemning those who actually do know what he does not.  In this case, this would include his dismissal of me as a ‘crazy conspiracy nut.’ 

I know the election was stolen, and I also know this was not the first Presidential election to be stolen by the Democrats.  Obama’s second election and JFK’s elections were also stolen.  But I am not interested in explaining why I know they were stolen in this post.  I want to defend the reason I say this last election was stolen by providing the proof.  I’ll start by asking you to watch the first 45 minutes of this video (and please note, Steve Deace is not a clown, he is a serious and well-respected political figure inside the GOP):

Connecting the Fulton County Dots | Guest: Julie Kelly | 7/15/21

Here is another video of Deace and David Horowitz where they actually share the numbers and explain how and why they do not match the results we’ve been told we must accept:

The Math Doesn’t Add Up | Guest: Daniel Horowitz | 7/7/21

The forensic audit now going on in Arizona is also finding credible evidence of extensive voter fraud.  This includes at least one legal case being filed by the Arizona State Attorney General:

Arizona AG Calls for Secretary of State’s Voter Fraud Referrals

Tucker Carlson has reported on the voter fraud in Georgia:

Tucker Carlson: Votes Were Doublecounted In Georgia, Hundreds Of Ballots Were Improperly Duplicated”

We know that the State election laws were illegally changed and ignored in Pennsylvania, but there is also credible evidence of voting fraud in this State, as well:

If you ‘Google’ these stories, you will find pages of ‘stories’ that either claim all of this is ‘false’ information or — at best — explaining why it does not mean what it clearly does mean.  This is to be expected because the ‘media’ is now well-established as being nothing more than the propaganda wing of the DNC.  So, telling us the evidence of wide-spread voter fraud is fake is exactly what we should expect them to say.  After all, they actively participated in the fraud!  So, to expect them to now tell the truth is to expect the guilty to admit their guilt.  It simply isn’t realistic, nor does it change the reality that the election was — in fact — stolen!

This is just a very, very small sampling of the many reasons I know this last election was stolen.  If I wanted to do so, I could take us back to the first decade of last Century and walk you through the long list of Leftists who said they would do this, who explained how they would do it, and then show you countless historic examples that illustrate the results of their plans being put into action.  But I won’t bother.  I could also show my oldest friend a book that explains most of the things I have warned him would happen have happened!  He just doesn’t see it because of the way they did it.  These people are not stupid.  They know they have to be careful and be deceptive or America will revolt against them.  Woodrow Wilson admitted this.  It is why he invented ‘progressivism:’ the takeover of America through small, ‘progressive’ steps.  It is what Hillary Clinton’s mentor, Saul Alinsky (a Satanist), explained in his book, “Rules for Radicals” (the same man Keith Obermann once proclaimed as ‘our hero’ on his show).  And it is the same issue address in the book I mentioned, “Nudge,” written by Obamaite, Cass Sunstein. 

In short, I believe what I believe because of what I know, and I know what I know because I have taken the time to read what the ‘enemy’ has written and then found the courage to accept them on face value and believe they mean what they have said.  Imagine, what might the world be like had the world done the same thing when the book, “Mein Kampf,” was first published.


*** I have repeatedly warned my oldest friend, those who read my blogs and others that the Left has plans to establish itself as a dictatorship, and to literally control every aspect of human life. I have tried to explain what they plan to do and why. The problem is, they do not do these things in one big event. That would shock you, and they realize it. Rather, they affect their plans incrementally, and largely through subtle coercion. One of the clearest and most easily accessible explanations of what they do and how they do it can be found in this book (which I reference toward the end of this blog post):

Once you understand the information in this book, and what the Left wants to do, you can step back and look at history. Then you will see a great many of the things I have warned about either are being or have already been accomplished. So, even here, my oldest friend is wrong when he tells himself none of my warnings have come to pass. They have, he just doesn’t see it because, though he has eyes and ears, he cannot see or hear. And though he is ever learning, he never understands.

8 thoughts on “I Think I Lost My Oldest Friend — And That’s OK With Me

  1. In one aspect, I disagree with you. This is not just Democrats, these people are Globalists, and cross both parties. In fact I would say that Left vs Right is part of the distraction they plan for us. All long term politicians are complicit ( like Mitch Mcconnell), and even the new ones financed by Globalists. All have reaped millions by catering to and investing in Globalist plans. Below is part 2 of a 4 part series that people should read to understand what is in store for us, if we do not fight back. Making proof of the stolen election public for all, so even your friend cannot deny it, is essential in our fight to expose the globalists. https://www.coreysdigs.com/technology/the-global-landscape-on-vaccine-id-passports-part-2-how-your-digital-identity-is-moving-to-the-blockchain-for-full-control-over-humans/ Another site you might like is: https://www.theprofessorsrecord.com/. Professor Clement has great interviews with many of the scientists and phd’s who have deciphered the election fraud, and are working with the state audits. He also lifts up every day on telegram the stories of the political prisoners from Capitol Hill protest, in order for followers to send prayers and donate. H is always looking for more foxhole Patriots. Professor Clement is a devout Christian warrior. Together we are strong.

    1. I apologize; I know it’s not Dems vs Republicans. It hasn’t been for over half a century now. It started back in the late 50’s-early 60’s and is detailed in the book, “Tragedy & Hope.” I’ve blogged about it quite often. It’s just that no one will listen and — as I just proved — even when we do know better, the system is so ingrained that we can easily fall back in to the lie.

      that said, I would go a little further here. It’s not even Left vs Right, but good vs evil, God vs the world and all who reject or just plain ignore Him. For that reason, I have found it increasingly difficult to blog. Like I said, the only ones who listen anymore are those who already know, and they don’t need me to tell them what they already know. The rest are lost — hopelessly so. As is this nation. Any honest student of history — especially those who are faithful to the Scriptures — can take one look at where this nation is and KNOW it is doomed. All we’re waiting for is the final judgment. So, if I continue to blog, the only thing I know to do is scream for people to REPENT — before it’s too late.


      1. I agree Good vs Evil is the reality. That being said, I missed your July 26 email til just now about decision to blog. The link on the email says there is nothing there, so I only saw the part in the email. Do me a favor and follow Professor David Clements on telegram and his website: theprofessorsrecord.com. Then tell me if being doomed means we stop fighting. What percentage of fighters do we need for success in God’s eyes? After listening and following Believers , all imperfect, doing their best to organize and fight for audits, public platforms, lawsuits etc., many with success, as well as growing followers, tell me what you see. Do you see futility, or do you see people working in God’s name to the best of their ability and gifts?

        A while back, I asked you if you were using your gifts as God intended. Your struggle with blogging has been beating you over the head because you can’t see success in the overall battle between Good vs Evil. Your mind is superior to many, but teaching to the “church choir” is not what we need now. You need to reach out and help where your gifts are needed in the public sphere. There are struggles and successes out there. We need more people who have your intellect, insight, religious conviction to steer this battle. Contact some of the people involved that you see in the Professor’s interviews. As Professor Clements posted recently:
        “What an adventure…

        Good versus Evil.

        Spirit versus Flesh.

        Truth tellers versus Liars.

        The ordinary and lowly call by God versus the world’s elite.

        Angels versus demons.

        The end of the story?

        God wins. God has already won.

        Choose your side wisely.
        Time is running out.”

        I’m a 68 year old wife, mother, grandmother. I have no great titles, but I know to those who are given great talents, much is expected. Look for the Blessings out there given by so many, and see where you fit.


        1. Thank you for this — seriously, thank you. I will look into the professor, and I will take a long, hard look at what I am doing. I pulled the blog you referenced because, after I read it, I saw it was too self-serving. I didn’t think I was being that way, but I must have deceived myself. Being honest with you (as well as myself), that is my problem right now: I can no longer tell whether or not I am doing something for the correct reasons, or I have deceived myself into believing I am doing it for the right reasons. If I can find a way past this, I think I’ll be better. But it is a struggle right now, and the #1 reason I have kept silent — and intentionally so.

          1. You will find your way. You are on God’s side. Be open to unexpected paths. You are in my prayers.

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