Please, Do NOT Accept The ‘Establishment’ LIES About This Last Election

The whole ‘establishment’ — both the Left and Right — insists that this past election was not stolen. This is a demonstrable lie, and all right-reasoning people should reject it. The election was stolen; it can be proven; and to accept a clear lie as fact is just as lawless as the theft of the election.

Let’s start with the following video, because, in this clip, Senator Rand Paul is absolutely correct:

Once again, to the extent that he went, Senator Paul was absolutely correct. The problem, however, is that he did not go far enough, nor was he forceful enough in his remarks.

The truth here is simple: the election was stolen. The problem is that, before we can prove this as fact, we have to get past the propaganda being shoved down our throats. The first step in doing that is getting past the the mocking-bird media’s “Big Lie’ campaign. And to do that, we need to know a little history. So, we start there: with a little history.

We start with the world’s first Fascist dictator and his band of henchmen, Woodrow Wilson (Yes, my friend, when you understand what Fascism really is, you will find that the first Fascist dictator was Woodrow Wilson — but that is a rabbit we will chase at another time).

In 1917, Woodrow Wilson assembled a group of some 150 academics ‘Progressives’ to help him plan the peace negotiations for WW I. This group was known as , ‘The Inquiry.’ One of the chief leaders of this group was a man named, Edward M. House. Among other things, he wrote one of Wilson’s favorite books, “Philip Dru: Administrator.” The book was a political novel about a ‘benevolent’ dictator who ran the country through ‘scientific administration,’ which Wilson would later incorporate into his outline for how he thought the United States should be run (an outline that was eventually fulfilled and culminated in what we know today as, ‘The Deep State’). Another of Wilson’s en and hero of modern journalists was a man named, Walter Lippmann. Lippmann wrote a book entitled, “The Phantom Public.” In this book, Lippmann expressed his annoyance with ‘democracy,’ and argued that the ‘public’ was a myth. To Lippmann, good government was not about the will of the people, but about the proper administration of the nation. It lead to Lippmann making statements such as this:

The public must be put in its place, so that it may exercise its own powers, but no less and perhaps even more, so that each of us may live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd.

Finally, we have another of Wilson’s men. His name was Edward Bernays. He is the father of modern advertising, public relations, what we would call ‘spin’ and — most importantly — propaganda. Together, Wilson and his henchmen dreamed of turning the United States into a ‘scientifically administrated’ dictatorship, where the president was elected to ‘divine’ the will of the people and then direct the bureaucracies to make his will happen. It is from these men that Goebbels said he and the NAZI’s learned the art of propaganda.

This brings us back to our modern media and ‘The Big Lie.’ Today, one of the lies they are telling us is that the election was fair, and that it was not stolen. In doing so, they are following the formula that Hitler and Goebbels perfected. I will let Hitler and Goebbels explain for me:

This is what the media is doing: telling a lie so big, most decent people wouldn’t possibly imagine it could actually be true. But there is a catch. In order for ‘The Big Lie’ to work, there can be no voice of opposition. Lippmann stated this simple (and remember, Lippmann is still a hero to our modern ‘journalists):

Without some form of censorship, propaganda in the strict sense of the word is impossible. In order to conduct propaganda there must be some barrier between the public and the event.

This is why Sen. Paul had to be shouted down. It is why all mention of ‘stop the steal’ has to be banned from Facebook and Twitter. It is why the establishment cannot afford to let one voice of any public credibility openly question this last election in any way. Because, if such voices are allowed to speak the truth, then ‘The Big Lie’ is exposed as just that — a lie. And a lie of this order cannot stand once the public realizes the truth.

Now that we understand what the mocking bird media is doing, and why, it is time to prove that they are lying and that the election was — in fact — stolen. This is actually the easy part.

Several key States modified the election process in their State by gubernatorial and/or judicial decree. This is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution. Legally, the elections in these States were all invalid. The results should have been rejected. Pence and the Congress failed to perform their Constitutional duties to uphold the Constitution and reject the electors from those States. Furthermore, the Supreme Court lied when it ruled the challenges by Texas and the adjoining States could not be heard for lack of standing. This means the SCOTUS failed to perform its Constitutionally mandated duty. Together, this made the Legislative and Judicial branch of the Federal government co-conspirators in the theft of this election. This is not ‘opinion,’ it is a clear matter of law. One need but read the Constitution’s plain language detailing all State election authority to the State legislatures; then look at the facts as publicly reported in the mocking bird media where the States, Congress, Pence and SOCTUS all violated State law and/or ignored their duty to the Constitution; and you come to the simple conclusion of coordinated election theft: which is then defined as subversion, sedition and violations of the 14th Amendment, section 3.

Once you conclude election fraud, as opposed to voter fraud, then it is no longer a question of ‘finding enough votes’ to overturn the election — because the election was illegal. It was rigged, and must not be accepted. It has nothing to do with counting votes anymore; it is about prosecuting the people who participated in the coup.

Once Again: It Is NOT About Whether Or Not There Is ‘Enough’ Evidence To Over-Turn The Election

Further, factual evidence of the theft can be found here:

T H E I M M A C U L A T E D E C E P T I O N:
Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities


The Legitimacy and Effect of Private Funding in Federal and State Electoral Processes

And here:

Here is Jovan Pulitzer’s election fraud investigation report
(the U.S. Congress was not interested)

In the first report, several clear and factual points were made. The establishment has attempted to discredit this report by saying Navarro made ‘questionable statements,’ but the establishment has provided no factual evidence to refute Navarro’s claims — all of which would add up to election, not voter fraud.

The second report clearly details what, were it not connected to the election, be defined as bribery by a private organization. Since it is connected to an election, it amounts to campaign funding violations and election interference/manipulation. But, since it was done by a corporation, it will be dismissed as the ‘legal’ work of a ‘private’ organization. However, Facebook is clearly working as an extension of the Left, which makes it a political and not ‘private’ organization. Therefore, everything detailed in that report would add up to election fraud.

Finally, the evidence presented by a well-respected and legitimate expert, Jovan Pulitzer, was dismissed by not even being addressed. In this case, Pulitzer clearly demonstrates the mathematical impossibility of the election results. This leaves fraud as the only reasonable explanation for his statistical findings (which were taken from the official State reporting of the elections in question).

Finally, we have the lie that the courts have investigated and dismissed every challenge as having no factual evidence to support them. This is yet another lie. The truth — as in facts — are that no court has held an evidentiary hearing on a single challenge to this last election. Not one! There were many cases filed, and many appeals for the Governors of the swing States to call special sessions so their respective Legislative bodies could perform their Constitutionally mandated duties to resolve these election issues, but not one of the Governors in question did so. Taken together, this makes the Governors and their State courts a part of the systematic theft of this election.

So, you see, when you ignore ‘The Big Lie’ and focus on the factual evidence that is already available, you quickly realize that this election was stolen. No matter how much they insist that it wasn’t, this fact remains, and it will always remain — because it’s the truth!


The Culmination Of Wilson’s Dream For A Communist America Is Finally Here

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  1. By the way, you’re right that Rand Paul doesn’t go far enough though he was most likely wise and prudent at this point not to give too much traction.

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