My Apologies To The Board

I owe an apology to the board. I allowed myself to hold out hope that Trump and the military would save us from this coup and, in the process, I may have lead others astray. am embarrassed and ashamed to have to say this, but I fell for this psy-op because I have not really studied the history of the Russian Revolution. Apparently, there was a very similar event in the 1920’s Russian Revolution called, ‘Operation Trust.’ I can honestly say that I was skeptical of the Q and similar stories, but I allowed myself to hold out hope for them because I did not want to believe America would fall without a fight. Well, it has. I know it may not look like it just yet, at least, not to most. But it will never be the same. Marxists never willingly surrender the power they usurp. Regardless, I was deceived, and I may have deceived others as a result. For this, I apologize. My task now is to decide whether or not I still have anything of value to offer on this blog and, if so, what it is and how best to present it.

16 thoughts on “My Apologies To The Board

  1. Keep up the fight and do not look back a great many were fooled with the false hope that Trump would prevail. So although this battle was lost the war is just beginning and we have not lost the war.

  2. Well … I’m sure glad George Washington didn’t think like you a man who lost more battles than he won

    Yet … never gave up!

  3. The military taught us, as officers, to never second ques your decisions! The past is the past and can’t be changed. Learn yes but move forward and continue the fight. No one has every been 100% right in fact J P Getty once said that if you r were over 50% right you were a good manager.

    1. Hmmm, maybe that’s why they let us NCO’s run the troops in combat then, because we were taught to always review your mistakes and learn from them — so you don’t repeat them! 😉 LOL

      But I understand. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to quit. But I also have to decide how best to do my part and that may not take the same form it has these past few years. We’re in a different type of war now.

  4. My question is this…. from our limited view being on the outside, how do we know there is not something going on from within? And that in time it will be obviously apparent.
    Really if you say you do know for sure, then I say you are dishonest.
    Us “folks” don’t know what is happening behind the scenes.

    1. True. However, I don’t see any legal (i.e. Constitutional) course for action at the Federal level. Therefore, at this point, anything done to correct the illegalities of this election will have to be done by the States. Otherwise, it would be illegal, itself. Sadly, I don’t have much hope that the States that fought to help secure this theft are now going to work to undo it. So… 😦

  5. Your information continues to be important and valued. As Patriots we must continue to fight, keep each other informed, even if it may be misinformation, and stay united as a cause and as a people. God has often used remnants to rebuild nations. He used the remnant of Noah’s clan. We can look at the children of the Israelites and Joshua… that was a faithful remnant. Gideon, Ester… there are countless examples of the remnants of God’s people being used for rebuilding and revival. We must not get discouraged but instead get more determined and hold fast to our truth and goals. American, Christian Patriots NEVER give up!

  6. There’s a remote possibility there’s a deeper game in play here.

    Remember the 2018 executive order, about seizing the assets of persons involved in election fraud? ” Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election”

    Persons, which by definition also include corporations?

    Washington D.C. is a foreign entity / corporation?

    What if we just witnessed a freezing of USofA corporation, and Washington D.C.? Biden might be in charge of that corporation, but it’s financial ability might have just been crippled.

    Biden might have just taken command of a ship in dry dock.

    I had to re-read the executive order (, paying close attention to terms (United States, as in “the United States”, or “United States OF America (Corporation)”, but with the interpretation it was possibly designed to re-capture control from DC and return it to us, it takes on a whole new perspective.

    It only once mentions “United States of America”

    “I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America” (corporation).

    That was a true statement when written. He was the current corporate president.

    There is no further mention of US of A. The remainder is written as “the United States”, which refers to the coalition of States, not the corporate charter.

    Re-read it, pay close attention to the terms. Persons, etc.

    Not saying this goes anywhere, but it would explain things a lot better than the narratives I’ve seen paraded around that left a lot of dots unconnected. Like military occupation of DC for the first time I remember. Might also shed light on where this is going.

    If true, it’s much, much bigger than just an ‘election’. And if not true, well yes, the Marxists have a big win. Time will tell.

  7. I followed Q too. I still think it was a military psy-op. Too many accurate predictions. However, no psy-op is fool proof. And there are always persons who disagree on cause/effect tolerations, reactions, etc. Ultimately, Q awakened millions of people to the systemic corruption WW. That toothpaste won’t go back into the tube. Too many know their was massive election fraud. I am disappointed that the military didn’t step in . It was warranted. Now the pervasive suppression and oppression of speech and assembly by corporate media is blatant. Cancel culture is blatant. Hypocrisy in treatment of riots and violence committed is blatant. New EO’s and policies based on “systemic racism” and favoring people of color is blatant, and will further rip this country apart. People are awakened to the Great Reset, and the threat of Communism, and global control at our doorstep. People are awakened to the failure of elected officials to represent the people as they enrich themselves with bribes, kickbacks, and money laundering schemes from “endless wars’ taxpayer slush funds, etc. All these people will not go quietly into the darkness of slavery, no matter how well it is painted. Their eyes have been opened. More people understand the depths of corruption in DC, and the importance of our Constitution. More people understand that their freedom comes from God and Natural Law, not from government, and that it is we, the people who create governments and give it power. The Biden globalist administration will only drive those truths home, highlight what freedom means, and expose the depravity in DC. The military took an oath to protect the Constitution. Maybe that is still in play. There is still hope that they will have a role. In the meantime, there are too many awake people as opposed to “woke” ones. We all have to keep talking, exposing, listening, refusing to relinquish our rights. We can boycott corporations that silence us. We can create new platforms, support businesses who do not discriminate, dry up their wealth, and create our own rivers of commerce. Their are 70 million of us. We don’t have our head in the sand. That is impact. We must continue to expose their crimes of election fraud, while creating our own avenues to prosper. In some ways their actions will make it easier, because their actions are based on lies that have become easier to detect by all of us. This is a good article on the common issues of global censorship taking place, and emphasizes the common problem we have world wide, not just here. We need to continue to network world wide, figure ways to communicate outside their box. All hands on deck!

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