The ‘Impeachment’ Sham

Do not fall for this ‘impeachment’ sham. This is not an impeachment, it is an attempt at a political assassination, and it is utterly lawless. Whether they convict Trump or not, if this event is given any weight at all, it will be yet another clear sign that we no longer live under the rule of law, but the rule of men, which is otherwise known as tyranny.

This issue does not require much to explain and expose it for what it is. The U.S. Constitution provides for the impeachment of the sitting President. There is not even a mention of impeachment for former Presidents, let alone provision for how to conduct it. Therefore, this farce is totally without legal justification nor authorization.

Furthermore, if Trump were still in office, this still wouldn’t be an impeachment. The Constitution clearly stipulates that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is to preside over an impeachment. By appointing a Senator, who should clearly recuse himself for bias against the accused, this outrage is again exposed as an act of tyranny, not of law.

Finally, and most importantly: President Trump is accused of an act he clearly did not commit, and his accusers know this to be true. At no time did President call for or advocate for violence. In fact, he twice stressed his desire for peace, and lawful order. This then means that the accusers here have knowingly accused and are now pretending to try an innocent man for purely political gain. That, my friends, is how tyrants and Fascists operate, not people who live under the rule of law. What’s more, everything I have just said is fact. It is not ‘opinion,’ nor is it ‘interpretation,’ but objective, demonstrable fact, and all one needs to do to prove it is to read the dictionary, the Constitution and the transcripts of Trumps speech. If, after doing that, a person still thinks this current outrage is based in law and reason, then they demonstrate that they are not living in the world of objective reality, which makes them delusional and — possibly — insane (yet another fact).

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