COUP UPDATE — Jan 10, 2020

Take this for whatever it is worth to you. As for me, I’ve been following this man for a while and, so far, I am not aware of anything he told us was factual being disproved at a later date. Furthermore, he has been uncannily accurate in the things he told us would happen. That’s why I’m sharing this: because he has credibility with me (that, and because the information in the following video lines up with all the other data points I’ve found, and they all point in the same direction; to the same conclusions):

13 thoughts on “COUP UPDATE — Jan 10, 2020

  1. My prayers have been for The Lord to uncover and expose ALL the darkness with His shining light…I certainly donโ€™t know what that would / Will look like … much uncertainty… maybe rough uncharted waters… but if it would provide an opportunity for my children and grandchildren to enjoy true freedom I welcome the challenges

    1. I think it is. I watched the Vatican live cam last night, after the lights went out in Rome. For over an hour, there was a steady stream, of police cars coming and going into the Vatican.

      I just found another video claiming to show the moment the Popwe was arrested. Also claims there was gunfire (the Vatican has an armed police force). It says the cameras are part of the weather cam system at the Vatican. Anyway, if I can find a second data point on this video, I’ll post it. For now, I am not confident enough in the second video.

      I know the ‘media’ is denying everything, and offering explanations, but I do not believe the media. They could tell me their own name and I’d ask for verification from 3 or more childhood sources. That is how much I expect them to lie to us at this point.

    2. Upon further investigation just now, and verified by Simon Parkes, Mr. Bergoglio’s personal physician Fabrizio Soccorsi, 78, who had recently been hospitalized due to a pre-existing condition, has died of complications because of the China virus.

      But the following article was published by Maine Republic, 2018, citing that Pope Francis had then been arrested for child trafficking.

      It seems there’s a trail of dots to be connected and, when various fact-checkers claim the story to be false, we can’t help but wonder if that might be an indicator that the story might very well be true.

        1. Right you are! There’s quite a bit on the web but not yet verified by someone like Simon Parkes. The buzz seems to be (some four hours ago) that Lin Wood’s twitter was suspended after he broke the news that Bergoglio had been arrested. When the news is verified it will come as no surprise though the Vatican used the McCarrick report to absolve Bergoglio. When Argentina legalized abortion recently he said nothing. Simon Parkes suggests that Bergoglio may have been removed sometime last summer and that his more recent appearance may have been a hologram.

          How can it be, one must wonder, that the gates of hell could prevail against His Church?

          Matthew 16:18 – And I say also unto thee, That thou art – Bible Gateway. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

          1. Ah, but that passage does not say Hell will attack His Church; gates are defensive fortifications. They do not attack, they defend. Yeshua was saying Hell will not be able to withstand His attack.

            Also, He was not saying Peter was the rock upon which He would build His church. When He said this, He and the Apostles were standing at the foot of Mt Harmon, which, in the ancient times, was thought to be where the gates of hell literally existed. So, what He was saying is, “You are Peter, and upon this Mt Herman and the gates of hell, I will build my Church.” In other words, Yeshua said He would build His Church on the ruins of Satan’s dominion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. True as you say though the hell created within the Church has come from within.

    Following that proclamation, He goes on to say (Matthew 16:19) – 19 “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

    One set of how many keys given to Peter and the Apostles? The keys of the kingdom of heaven in close proximity to the rock upon which He would build His Church but the keys are not the keys to His Church but the keys to the kingdom of heaven. If His Church is the kingdom of Heaven then is the Catholic Church the only church to which there is but one set of keys?

    1. annealcroft,

      You are NOT going to like this reply, so please understand, I mean to say this as gently as I can. This is a delicate, sensitive and very complex issue that needs more time than this simple reply. Today is going to be a VERY busy day for me, but I will try to write a post explaining this issue in greater detail. I’ll post it on, which is my other blog page.

      The Catholic church is NOT Yeshua’s Church. Nor is it the Kingdom of God. It is a man-made thing that goes against the teachings of Scripture (and so does the Protestant ‘church’).

      Yes, Peter was given the keys to the Kingdom, but he was not made above Yeshua or the Father, nor was he given the Kingdom, itself. Giving Peter the authority to ‘loose and bind’ is a Hebrew idiom. To simplify it, Peter was given some authority to make decisions for the Remnant, BUT ONLY WITHIN THE CONFINES OF GOD’S WORD!!! He was NOT given authority to change God’s Word in any way! How do we know this? Well, basically, the Pharisees did that — changed God’s Word — and look what Yeshua said to them: He told them they were a nest of vipers and children of their father, Satan! Sadly, those who claim the legacy of Peter have done the exact same thing!

      I was raised Catholic. I left when I realized the Catholic church has turned apostate. I went to the Protestant ‘church,’ but left them when I realized they are still under the authority of the Vatican, and are just as apostate. I follow the Way — the Scriptures — ONLY!

      Now, again, please try to understand: I mean no offense nor do I condemn any individual believer. Scripture clearly says some of God’s people are caught in these apostate churches, and He calls for them to leave. So there are true believers in this apostasy. I do not condemn THEM, but I do rebuke and renounce the systems that lie to and lead them astray. Like I said, I will try to explain, in detail, and just for you (and whoever finds it later). I want you to at least know the Truth here, Scriptural and historical, so that you will not perish for lack of knowledge. I pray you will give me the chance to explain. I am NOT your enemy, honest. If anything, I am more a friend than you might think at this moment. So, I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to prove that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Surprise!

        What you say is very closely aligned with conclusions more recently I have drawn myself about the apostasy of the Catholic and Protestant churches. That is not to say that both haven’t made significant contribution to shaping our civilization since our problems began when God was tossed out of our vernacular.

        It is our poverty of spirit, our will to know His Truth, which brings us to the conclusions you draw and that validate mine. Your graceful response is greatly appreciated. Since I have subscribed to your blog, as I believe I’ve said before, your candor, diligence, and discernment is really refreshing and well worth the respect of your readers.

        God gives us free will and with that the gift of discernment, conscience, perception, and common sense.

        In spite of the absolute vulgarity, apostasy, and blatant insulting disdain for Yeshua emanating from the Vatican, it has been my observation that the “faithful” who have failed to defend the church they pretend is His have exposed themselves though they’re not yet aware of their own heresy. What happened when COVID locked down our churches? Did they protest?

        Jesus Christ explicitly instructed His Apostles to go to the towns where people were authentically starved for His Truth, His body and blood, and conversely, to pass by those towns where the stiff-necked, arrogant people would subject them to scorn and ridicule — to brush that dust from their feet and move on.

        This is an important discussion for those with the determination and dedication to follow Him alone, sincerely, free from the fetters of superstition, superficiality, and the extensive apostasy wholesaled as sanctification.

        I look forward to reading your posts at Road To Damascus and hope that you continue to find fulfillment in sharing your work here with others searching to define God’s truth in the world and not of it.

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