COUP UPDATE — Jan 11, 2020

It appears that President Trump has signed the Insurrection Act and the U.S. Military has gone operational. The following videos are of great interest.

We know that the Italy’s top judge did issue an arrest warrant for Italy’s president. It is now being reported that he has been apprehended, but that part cannot be verified.

The following individual is considered to be highly reliable. Is he perfect? NO! And he says so, himself. But this is because a great deal of what he tells us to expect gets changed by events. Keep this in mind: he is telling us about an active, on-going war. It may be covert, but the enemy is real and the enemy always changes your plans.

Air traffic over the U.S. — D.C. area locked down, all traffic grounded, followed by several interesting aircraft sorties, then an explosion of military air traffic.

Disturbing video that appears to show some of the child and female victims of the global pedophile/sex trade cabal — and you will see some of these well known faces in this video.



Pope was arrested in a shoot-out last night. Charged with 80 counts of pedophilia. I did watch the Vatican live web cam last night after Rome went dark. For about an hour, there was a steady stream of police vehicles coming and going into the Vatican.

Linn Wood claims that the information about the global pedophilia and sex traffic cabal will be revealed in the next 10-14 days, and many big names will be on it. This will include Chief Justice Roberts, Mike Pence and Bill Gates.

I have heard from people I trust that there are U.S. Marines in D.C. and they are arresting people. The woman who reported this to our network is very scared and upset. She works in a government building in D.C.

Several intelligence types in my circle knows have suddenly started refusing to speak on a phone unless the comms are encrypted. No comms without encryption — period! This is rather interesting. It suggests they are very worried about something.

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