Most everything we see in the media and in politics is fake. It is a theater, and these people are playing roles in a play that has nothing to do with the visuals they create for us. I’ve known this for many years, but I still don’t have the whole picture. However, the narration in this video does align with everything I know. Yes, it is long. Yes, it is well worth your time.

OK, if you watched the whole video, let me show you why I say he is not as crazy as most people would like to think. First, we have the following book. It detailed most of the ‘conspiracy theories’ you have heard about for years. But the most important aspect of this book, written by a Trilateral Commission insider, claims that the DNC and GOP are actually one Party pretending to be two. This way, we think we have control but, no matter who we elect, their policies stay the same (does this sound like anything you have seen D.C. do?). This is exactly what was said in the video above, but the book was first published in 1966!

Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

This next book is similar, only it focuses on the corruption of the CIA and FBI. It also reveals the Communist infiltration of the U.S. government. It completely supports the video above. It 1990, but it is a second, updated edition. The original book was published in 1965.

None Dare Call It Treason … 25 Years Later

Next, this book explains the global banking cabal and central bank plot discussed in the video above.

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

This book was written in 1935 by a 2-time Medal of Honor winning Marine, Smedley Buttler. It addresses the military and pre-curser to what would become the CIA.

Here is a link to a story about how Britain used opium to impoverished and controlled India. It is a technique practiced by many governments to control nations. It has been used in China and Afghanistan, and now, in the U.S. Notice that, in this link, the company that used opium to control India was the East India Company. Does the name ring a bell? It once held the rights to 1/3 of the world — including ownership of the people and their property. The British crown sold them that right. But they oppressed a group of people in a small colony a little too far when they taxed their tea and those colonists tossed their tea into the Boston Harbor. Seeing the connections yet? Or how far they spread, both throughout the world and through history?

How Britain’s opium trade impoverished Indians

War Is A Racket

And then we have this: a warning from President Dwight Eisenhower, warning us about the military industrial complex — which includes the CIA — and the threat it poses of controlling our government.

There are many more books that address specific pieces of the story outlined in this video. The plan to take it all down he discusses may not be real, but the secret cabal he describes and their agenda is absolutely real. You just have to do as he says: turn off the TV, put down that cell phone and start reading. Do some research. If you do, you will end up where he and I are. I know it because I know exactly what you’ll find and where it leads. But, if you refuse to do the work to prove it to yourself, do us a favor: stop telling us we’re crazy. We’re not crazy, we’re well informed and you are ignorant. Those are two very different things.

Here is the video mentioned near the end of the opening narrative:

[NOTE: while, in general terms, the above video is correct. However, Marxism and Islam are threats. Individuals do hold bigoted views toward each other. Humanity does harbor hatred in its heart. So, while I can agree in the most general terms, the video grossly over-simplifies the problem. You cannot ignore one threat simply because you think another to be most dangerous. The video would have been better served had it acknowledged this fact. I hope you’ll realize this truth and keep it in mind when considering the information presented on this blog page.]


Q and the ‘move to save the world’ could just as easily be the true threat. No, Biden and the Left-Wing cabal in America are not good. They are evil through-and-through. What I’m saying is that the story in the Q video could be deception, as well. Trump could easily represent an evil greater than the American Left. In fact, it would be brilliant. Get people to trust you by scaring the nation over a clear and present danger like Biden, then use the support of those who turn to you to save them to eliminate your enemies and ensnare the whole world at the same time. I do not happen to believe this is what is happening. I just know that it is a possibility, so I will keep myself in a position where I can defend against either Biden or Trump — or both.


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