At the bottom of this post, I am going to present you with a series of links and videos. On the surface, they will appear like the stuff of ‘conspiracy theory.’ But are they? Remember, the whole notion of ‘conspiracy theory’ was introduced by the CIA to shut down the investigation into the fraudulent findings of the Warren Commission. A great deal of the ‘speculation’ about Kennedy’s assassination is valid, but now dismissed because the CIA was effective in its efforts. Much truth about government corruption and malfeasance has been dismissed since that time in the same manner: by labeling it as conspiracy. Well, this may well be garbage, but I ask you to work through it — slowly, carefully and with an open mind. If you do so, I suspect you will find that a great deal of the following information not only lines up, but it all points in the same direction: TREASON BY THE LEFT!

(Remember my post about data vectors. Review it if necessary.)

Start with this video. It lays out the basics of what is happening behind the scenes. Note: the man in the glasses has never been known to be wrong!

Now, take everything these men laid out and work your way through the following information. Yes, this will take some time. However, if you care about the country, this is worth your time.
[NOTE: this is all much, much deeper and much more involved than most realize. The comments about MI5 and MI6 near the end go to Russiagate, as well as other corruption you’ve heard reported, but has never been explained or connected for you.]

A Letter from the Chairman

They Took Pelosi’s Laptop
(watch the video)

U.S. Embassy coordinated the steal in conjunction with the Italian Government
(this is an absolute MUST READ)

Press Release: Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race – Institute for Good Governance

REPORT: Obama and Renzi Orchestrated the Theft of US Elections

At The Highest Levels – Part 1 of 3

Brad Johnson update on the election steal, the Italian connection and details on the main actors

Foreign Interference! IT Expert From Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Court, Admits to Switching Votes in US Presidential Election


OK, now, the following is most likely fake, but…. I’m not so sure. The picture could be photo-shoped, or it could be real. At the same time, this could be exactly what it looks like. I DO NOT KNOW — but I will add it to the mix. OH! And, for what it’s worth, that GOP Chairman letter above confirms Trump at Cheyenne Mountain today. That’s called 2 data points. If we find a third pointing in the same direction… 😉

BTW: Remember These? See the data points lining up yet?

First Barr, Now Pompeo: Italy Is Hub of Impeachment Intrigue for Trump Officials

I will keep looking for stories about this, but, you may remember that Giuliani went to Ukraine and Italy as Trump’s lawyer in connection to the Steele Dossier, Russiagate and the Impeachment hearings. At that time, Giuliani said that the man who set up the whole dossier thing was in Italy, had a cell phone with evidence and that Italy was connected to the plot against Trump. Here is part of that story line:

BOOM: Rudy Giuliani Has Evidence Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson Was in Ukraine in 2016 While Working on Fraudulent Steele Dossier and Manafort Black Book

Also, again, if you will remember, during the impeachment, a group of Democrats went over to Italy, but no explanation was ever given for why except that they went on a ‘group vacation.’

Pelosi and The Squad partying it up at expensive Venice, Italy restaurant on tax payer dime

I will acknowledge the possibility that all of this — everything I have just posted — are all a series of fakes and coincidences. But I will also tell you I no longer believe in coincidences — especially when there are this many, and the thing common to all of them is hatred for Trump. 🙂

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