The Insanity Of The Right

The Left is clinically insane. This is a fact and I can make an air-tight argument proving it. The problem is, there seems to be a growing insanity of the Right, as well, and it is deadlier than that of the Left.

There was a false-flag attack staged at the Capital today. This was the work of the Left. It resulted in violence, and at least one person was killed. It immediately resulted in all sorts of denunciations, condemnations and calls for peace. People started lecturing us about how we cannot get violent: violence never solves anything. We have to trust in the rule of law. OK, fine. If that is how you feel, more power to you — but your in danger of contracting the insanity of the Right.

Symptom number one: violence never solves anything.

If you believe that, I want you to explain to everyone who was ever defeated in a war how the war is not over and tell them to get back to it. Violence did not defeat them. Go tell Germany they are still the Third Reich, still masters of Europe and that the Allies never defeated them by force of arms. Tell the Japanese, the North Koreans, heck, go all the way back and tell Able that Cain did not solve his problems by using force. In fact, the recent election fraud and the farce going on in the Electoral College are actually forms of force, as is the false flag being conducted by the Left and their media allies. But let’s reject how effective it’s been. Just keep telling the Left it didn’t work and that they are not seizing the nation on January 20. Go ahead, do it. Then tell me how it worked out for you.

Symptom number two: We have to trust in the rule of law.

Well, to put it in movie terms, pretend Hudson here is the rule of law:

You see, the rule of law in America is dead. Yeah-yeah, you don’t think so. Well, if it wasn’t, then how did the Left get away with illegally changing the way the swing States voted (which amounts to election fraud)? How did they then get away with counting so many fake votes? And how did they manage to avoid hearing a single case in the courts? Let’s keep going. If the rule of law is still in force, then why didn’t Pence reject the electors from those States? Oh, he claimed he had no authority to do so, and a lot of ‘legal beagles’ say they agree, but they are all wrong. Anyone who can read simple English and do simple logical extension can read the Constitution; see that it guarantees the States a republican form of government; note that the swing States violated their own laws (which means they are no longer republican governments, but dictatorships); then realize that the Executive (i.e. Trump AND Pence) have a DUTY to reject those votes — they were illegal because their elections were illegal.

But let’s put the election aside. Let’s just look at some of the Amendments. The 4th says no search or seizure without a warrant detailing what the authorities expect to find and where they expect to find it. Ooops! Now we can just seize things if we say they are drug related, or because some mayor declared an emergency. Heck, we can even make up a fake claim, get a fake warrant and spy on the president of the United States. But don’t worry. If people ever do something like that, the law will handle it — right?

How about if I hold a classified, high level government job, and I am selling U.S. uranium to foreign countries, accepting bribes and selling access to U.S. foreign policy? I want to hide my activity, so I set up an illegal server in my house, which then gets hacked and allows foreign enemies to steal some 33,000 of my classified emails? This is treason, so, if I ever did this, the law would surely punish me — right?

How about the 2nd Amendment. It clearly says ‘shall not be infringed,’ but I guess that means — unless it is a ‘reasonable’ infringement. Or maybe the 2nd only applies to the National Guard, even though it clearly says ‘militia,’ and our Founders clearly defined the militia as any able-bodied male of military age. No, the law would definitely protect this — right?

Then there are the freedoms of speech, religion and peaceful assembly (unless you support Trump and the Constitution — then no, not so much). Well, you are free to say whatever you want — unless you use a racial slur, or offend someone, or insult a Democrat politician. But, OK, at least you can still go to church — as long as it is in a strip club. Otherwise, they jail and fine you. But the law will definitely protect these freedoms — right?

Well, OK, so we need to fix a few things. So, we’ll work extra double hard to elect the right people next time. This time, we’ll get ‘good’ D’s and R’s. Don’t worry, if they cheat — again — then we’ll wait 2 years and get them that time. But, if they cheat that time, we’ll wait another 2 years. THEN the law will get the cheaters and we’ll win — right?

Yeah, if you still believe in the rule of law… Well, if you do, then please go see someone, because you have Right-wing insanity and — judging by what I’m seeing on TV and hearing on the radio — it is much more contagious than COVID (and a whole lot deadlier in the long run).

4 thoughts on “The Insanity Of The Right

  1. I cannot express how unbelievably frustrated I am right now. Joe I have tried to understand what we as small insignificant citizens can do to change the hearts and minds of the small circle around me. I now know it is time to hunker down and shelter in place as much as I can. We the people are screwed. EVERY socialist policy will now be pushed. We will be so stifled with policies that there will be no America as we know it.

    When I saw people storming the capital building the first thing from my mouth was, “I can’t say I did not see this coming ” when you lock down everything for months on end and expect to people to still live productive lives all the while shoving every kind of BLM and social Justice down our throats and you believe that there might be some backlash?

    Then I finally realized that’s what was intended. I was not afraid, But I will be. When the social justice comes for you and yours you will be.

    Violence is not the answer. Neither is Social justice and Communism.

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