Are They Going To Arrest President Trump?

I am not going to bother to cite any of my sources or post any links to this post I’ve learned that no one ever bothers to follow up, so it is a waste of my time. But I have seen every bit of what follows, and it fits perfectly with everything I’ve posted over the life of this blog. Still, for those willfully ignorant in the world, I filed this under ‘conspiracy.’ For those of you with a functioning brain… Well, you’ll figure it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

A short while ago, President Trump called for supporters to meet him in D.C. on Jan 6.

The media (ha!) started promoting the idea that Trump was going to try to conduct a coup (you have to set a false expectation).

This was promptly followed by announcements from ANTIFA and BLM. They planned to infiltrate the rally and cause trouble (have to make sure you are in place to conduct the false flag).

Unlike with ANTIFA and BLM — known terrorists — there was a heavy police presence for the MAGA rally: a group with no known history of violence (you have to keep up the lie that Trump’s people are violent, and that ANTIFA/BLM are not).

Then there were reports and videos of the MAGA people storming the Capital building (have to execute the false flag).

Someone in Nancy Pelosi’s office tweeted that Trumps people were storming the Capital. He said it was the coup. It was happening now. He posted several tweets claiming treason by Trump and his followers (have to announce the coup is in progress, to fulfill media expectations).

Trump posted a video calling for peace, but twitter pulled it and shut down his account (you can’t have a successful lie if you don’t control the narrative).

The media started reporting this as Trump leading the violence against the capital (have to perpetuate the false flag).

There were reports that the Secretary of Defense discussed calling out the National Guard with Pence and Pelosi (never mind that this is actually a case of real treason).

And now, there are rumblings of arresting President Trump on charges of treason (never mind that this is not only illegal, but a real, actual coup — or, rather, the culmination of the coup attempt Pence and Obama started in 2016).

And… apparently, the ‘MSM’ is reporting that Trump’s own cabinet is now talking about invoking the 25th Amendment against him.


First, PATRIOTS quickly identified several of the people who ‘stormed’ the Capital as ANTIFA members.

MAGA sources report that the police seem to have been called off, making access tot he Capital possible.

PATRIOTS also posted video of the police waving a small group of ‘MAGA’ people through the barrier to ‘charge’ the Capital.

The pictures of the ‘MAGA’ protesters from inside the capital show plenty of photographers (almost like the whole thing was staged).


The people who keep telling you Trump is a treasonous dictator are the same people who have been running a coup against him since he announced for President.

These are the same people who have been planning the takeover of this country since Obama’s first run for President.

And, now, they are trying to seal the steal by arresting President Trump, and everyone in the swamp and in corporate America is in on the coup.

But who would believe this? Not even Hollywood would produce something this unbelievable — right? Well, if you believe that, remember: there are people who believe professional wresting is real — and they are the same ones who watch and believe the MSM and vote for Biden.

To quote Riggs from Lethal Weapon: “My theory is so thin, its anorexic.”

[Fly on wall: But, B3A, that is exactly how Soros and a Color Revolution work. It is how Soros and Obama removed the Ukraine President in 2014 and put in that puppet that helped Biden launder U.S. foreign aid to the DNC and ANTIFA/BLM. They’re just doing what they and the CIA have done dozens of times.

Me: Ssssh, don’t tell the peanut gallery. They might get wise and turn on our new Marxist Masters.

Fly on wall: OK, well, if they start to wake up, we’ll just yell, ‘Orange man bad!’ some more and they’ll go back to sleep.

Me: There you go! Very good. See, you’ve got the idea. Besides, they’d never believe any of that stuff, anyway. It’s as much ‘conspiracy theory’ as the stuff I just posted. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

5 thoughts on “Are They Going To Arrest President Trump?

  1. MAGA sources report that the police seem to have been called off, making access tot he Capital possible. Joe, this is true based on my observations… I saw activity by police that raised โ€œ red flags โ€œ …I saw / heard those I identified as โ€œ agi-prop โ€œ…why would police allow protesters to get behind them ??? I could go on but I know you get the picture…Robert

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  2. I knew something was up when protestors were actually able to storm the Capitol. Not to mention how-as you said-there were quite a few photographers shown. Honestly this looked far more tame than the BLM/ANTIFA protests.

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