It’s Not Insanity, But Neither Is It Integrity

Yesterday, I wrote about what I called, ‘the insanity of the Right.’ In that post, I said I did not understand why so many of the people who have taught me about the principles of Liberty have suddenly forgotten everything they taught me. Well, I understand it now, and I’m sad to report that it is neither insanity, nor principled integrity.

No, the reason all my icons on the Right now seem to be telling me to keep doing what I’ve always done is not because they are principled. They know exactly what they are doing. They know they are being hypocritical. The problem is, they are just too afraid to walk the walk they have always told us to walk. Funny how, when faced with the rel possibility of losing their wealth and power, the same people who have condemned the Left for putting wealth and power first suddenly cave and go silent. But then, they have always been sunshine patriots, and I suppose this is one of the reasons I feel so betrayed by them, and why I have turned them off.

History is supposed to be a teacher. It is why the history of ancient Israel was preserved so accurately: so that the Israelites could look back on past mistakes, learn from them and avoid them in the future. Unfortunately, they couldn’t seem to do that — and, apparently, neither can we.

Had the English listened to Churchill early on, WW II may well have been avoided. But, sadly, people were to scared of the memory of WW I to risk doing what they knew needed to be done — and look where it got them.

Had we listened to Patton and MacArthur, we could have dealt with the Russians while we were in a position to squelch the tyranny of Marxism. But, sadly, we were too afraid of the memory of WW II to do what we knew must be done — and look where it got us.

McCarthy tried to warn us once again during the Congressional hearings into Communist infiltration fo our government, but it was too late. The Communists had already infiltrated and they shut hi down. Not only did they shut him down, but they made such a mockery out of him that no one dared mention the growing cancer of Communism within our country and government for fear of being ridiculed the same way — and look where it got us.

Then we came to Obama, and his totally lawless attack on the Constitution. People tried to warn us that the Republicans were in alliance with this plan to overthrow our nation, but no one wanted to listen. They all preferred to cling to the idea of normalcy, and tell each other to just keep trying to convince the people destroying us to change their minds or vote them out when they knew the voting system had been compromised — and look where we are now.

And now, now that the Constitution has been destroyed and the nation is lost, these same people are telling us to just keep going the way we have been since time immemorial. They know the truth. They know we either fight now or we fall into tyranny forever, but they are too scared to say it. Heaven forbid they speak up and risk being run over by the very evil they tell us we have to be brave enough to oppose. Yeah, they enjoyed the mantle of leadership, until it came time to lead. Now they want someone else to step into the breach so they can keep their lifestyle — and look where it got them, and us.

Look, I understand why so many are so fearful of saying the things we all know to be true. Honestly, I do. I’ve been there. I’ve stood in the breach, and I’m prepared to do it again. What I don’t understand is why these supposed champions of liberty are not. Rather than pledge their fortunes, lives and sacred honor upon the alter of liberty, they prefer to tell us that, if we push too hard, everything will fly apart. Well, let them cower. As for me, I have finally found something upon which George Takei and I can agree (though he wasn’t Takei when he said it).

If things will flt apart because we pushed too hard to hold on to our liberty, then I say:

[NOTE: for the record, I am not calling for armed violence, but I am calling for all true Patriots to find the courage to push things right to that razors edge and, then — HOLD THAT LINE!]

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