Stupidity vs Conspiracy

You may have heard the saying, “Never assign to conspiracy that which can be explained by stupidity.” This is an application of Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is usually stupidity, not conspiracy. However, when it comes to politics, this does not apply.

How often have you seen something happen in the political world that made no sense to you? And how often has the news, or your favorite commentator explained it by saying the people involved are just stupid? Do you really believe that those people are actually stupid? Or, better question, do you honestly believe their handlers are stupid? And make no mistake: every politician you have ever known has handlers. I have heard people tell me that stupidity explains these things more times than I can remember. Well, I reject that explanation — because I’m smarter than that (and you should be, too).

Remember, Occam’s Razor says, “If all other things are equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one.” But politics is not equal to our every-day life. If we, or our friends did some of the things our politicians do, then, yes, the most likely explanation is that we weren’t thinking. However, when we consider the amount of money and power that is involved in politics, things cease to be equal. Once we recognize this fact, it requires us to look past the surface explanations — especially in light of these words:

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

So, the next time you see something happening in the political world that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t accept the excuse that the people involved are just stupid. That’s not true. Stupid people would never be able to amass the cash or power behind these politicians, and stupid people would never allow their cash and power to be wasted or lost on stupid politicians. Instead of falling for the easy and wrong answer, look closer. It may appear stupid, but there is a reason for what you are seeing. The trick is to find an explanation that explains everything you see happening without having to use too many hammers to make the pieces fit.

In the case of what is happening today, whether we like it or not, the simplest explanation that accounts for everything we know has happened since Trump was elected is that we are under attack by a well-funded, well-organized, international coup. All other explanations do not satisfy the sum total of what is known to be true. Those explanations are like saying ‘they’re just stupid.’ They don’t work.

4 thoughts on “Stupidity vs Conspiracy

  1. Having lived in many hell holes around the world including Pakistan, Ethiopia, Vietnam during the war, and others like Washington DC, stupidity is actually something that can be manipulated to provide control to the people who know how to act on their behalf.
    Mayor Marion Barry was elected time after time in DC only because he was Black. His city was the crime capital of the US, and several of the police stations were actually run by drug dealers who were officers hired by Barry who supplied him with drugs until the feds showed up to raid them and shut them down.
    That same racism elects mayors and other office holders in Democrat cities all over the US where government hand-outs determines votes. Keeping people dependent and poor is the reason the racist Democrat Party plays the race card every day. When Obama ordered his Justice Department to force Black kids to remain in failed schools where half of the graduates can’t read their diplomas, while he sent his kids to the same private school that the racist Al Gore sent his son to, as well as the Clintons, he was just doing what Democrats do. Rely on stupid people to elect them because of the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

    1. True, but I was not addressing the masses.

      The people doing the manipulating are not stupid, and that is my point. They know what they’re doing, so, when those manipulators do something excused or explained as being stupid, it’s not. There is a purpose. For example: when Republicans are told their candidates were outsmarted, caved to media pressure, or lost an election because of stupidity, it’s not stupidity. There was something else going on: another reason for their apparent incompetence.

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