Here’s Why I Am NEVER Voting Republicrat (D or R) EVER Again!

The following is an open letter to the Republican Party. It was written by a friend and fellow Patriot. I share his sentiments as expressed here. I will never again vote for a Republican — ever! There is no difference between them and the Democrats. If you are still a Republican, I plead with you to take your own advice to Democrats: leave your Party. It is a treasonous whore, and seeks only to enrich itself while destroying the nation. If, however, you choose to stay in the GOP, then do not tell me I am the one electing Democrats. You are! They may have an ‘R’ after their names, but they are just as much an enemy to the Union, and, therefore, you are just as guilty as the Democrat voters you accuse of destroying America by voting ‘D.’

An Open Letter to the Republican Party
By James Zinker
Georgia Voter January 4, 2021

Members of the Republican Party:

For weeks you have bombarded the citizens of this nation and now, the great state of Georgia with endless texts, phone calls, and TV adds, and have clogged our mailboxes with cluttering flyers designed to paralyze us with fear, contempt, and all manner stressful emotions set to compel us to vote for your candidates.

Your adds and texts always tell us, not what makes you worthy of my vote, but all the evils to be perpetrated against me should you not get my vote; not what you will do to secure my Liberty, but what they will do to infringe it.

Then, recently, I get this masterpiece. Last week I get a text in which one of your vote pushers asks me if “I am going to let YOU down”. So lets talk about being let down.

In the election of 2008, we first saw concrete evidence of election cheating in the Al Franken race in Minnesota. A case where the republican was ahead and would win the race, and suddenly, after the fact, a bunch of Franken votes mysteriously turn up in the trunk of some car somewhere. After an 8 month court fight the votes were allowed.

Since the votes were allowed, we now see such questionable miracles occur in every election cycle, culminating in the recent calamity we are dealing with now. Meantime, we see the democrat party pushing and successfully establishing, be they in power or not, a condition made to order for election fraud. Registering voters without oversight, voting without verification of identity, now, establishing a condition where felons and non-citizens may vote undetected, and where votes may be gathered from every direction near and far, from God only knows who, with the electoral process set up so that no validation or verification is possible.

Through all this structure set up, you, our republican party, has, at best, done nothing, and at worst, aided and abetted the democrat party in this creation. You, Ladies and Gentlemen, have let me down. Throughout the last two administrations, we have witnessed democrats in office violate their Oath of Office and the public tranquility and Trust, by encouraging their supporters to violence against citizens who resist, or even criticize their drive toward communism, by advocating and pushing laws in direct contradiction to our Constitution, like Obamacare, infringement into our private sector business, both commercial and private, and even openly attacking and criticizing our Constitution. At best, a few republican members may throw cheap words at them. But you do nothing. Aside from those who do act, usually voting with the democrats. There is that.

You claim to be the party of Life, but funny we can’t get a republican nominated SCOTUS Justice appointed, even with a republican majority, until enough republicans are assured that nominee will not infringe on Roe v Wade. You claim to be the Pro Second Amendment Party, but every time a Anti-Second Amendment Bill is presented, we all know exactly where every democrat will stand, but every time we are forced to sweat, worry, and watch your party like hawks to see just which republicans will turn and vote with the democrats against us. They are always there, and as a party, you do nothing about it. you let me down.

Between the elections of 2010 and 2016, you were given unprecedented control over state houses, state governor seats, the US House, Senate, and Presidency, and countless local seats and positions, this resulting from the unprecedented power lusts and infringements launched against us by the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, and all those exposed, mostly by the work of Glenn Beck, implanted in our bureaucracies who were self proclaimed Communists, like Vern Jones, worshipers and admirers of Communists, like Valery Jarret and Mark Loyd, and that atrocity to our Liberty, Obamacare, which you campaigned on Oaths and Promises to repeal. As soon as you were given the power and position you asked for, it suddenly became “Repeal and Replace”. When you were reminded by members of your own party, a faction identified as “The Freedom Caucus” of the promises you had made, you, along with your republican President, attack that caucus, you threatened them, their seats, and their positions. As a result, Obamacare still sits on the books, quietly waiting for the next Commie Democrat to pick that ball up and run. You, Ladies and Gentlemen, Have let us all down.

In recent years, we have seen the rise of self identified Communist front groups such as BLM, ANTIFA, both Red and Black Anarchists. Groups that go so far as to even fly Hammer and Sickle flags, and distribute Communist propaganda at the spectacles of destruction and violence your party recognizes as protests.

The Democrats support, aid, and abet them. They encourage, support and justify the violence of these organizations. These groups openly voice their intents and goals to the destruction of our Constitution. This action, as well as the support given by the Democrat Party, constitutes the crimes of Treason, Sedition, and Insurrection and you do nothing. You have even gone so far as to show that you have no problem, should any of we Citizens stand to defend ourselves against the criminal violence or destruction brought by these groups, with our being charged with Capitol Crimes, even in the face of overwhelming video evidence to support our acting in self defense, again, at best you do nothing. You let US down.

The Freedom Caucus was as small faction within your ranks who still showed some fidelity to our Constitutional form of Government, and to the principles of virtue you as a party claim as yours, but never seem to hold any real bond to. The Caucus stood for us, they at least attempted to protect our Natural, God given Rights, they stood for our cherished American Values, our Virtues, our way of Life. You, Ladies and Gentlemen, have made war against them and resisted them in every pursuit. You Sir, Ma’m have grossly let me down.

There is damning compelling evidence of corruption and Treason overseas committed by the likes of John Kerry, the whole family of Bidens, Clinton, and others, and like a Ref in Pro Wrestling, who is part of the act, you tell us there is nothing to see here, and you do nothing. Again, You let us down.

When you hold power, we never seem to see your promises fulfilled, like Gov. Kemp’s promise of Constitutional carry in Ga. But we can be sure to find ourselves quietly placed under the authority of over reaching, corrupt, and unprecedented authority of groundbreaking laws such as O. C. G. A. 40-14-18, and see our Second Amendment chipped away by way of executive order bans and imposing regulations that give you plausible deniability. You always manage to “let us down”.

Perhaps you are into that corruption up to your own necks, perhaps you and those other criminals we can not seem to rid ourselves of work together behind the scenes against us. I do know this, you can certainly be counted on for a good let down.

What ever your threats, propaganda of fears, assurances of despotism for my lack of support. Come what may, you will not get my vote again. I do not know from where, or how we will get Justice for your Treason, and I understand that the pain and Cabal that is coming before that Justice will be difficult, but I am confident that by the wrath of Natural Law, and a Just God, you will see Justice.

You, Ladies and Gentlemen, are as morally bankrupt as they are, no Principles, no Integrity, and no Spine. It is high time you find your place in history along side the Whigs.


James Zinker

Worth County GA

5 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Am NEVER Voting Republicrat (D or R) EVER Again!

  1. Reblogged this on The Rio Norte Line and commented:

    I am still a TRUMP supporter, but also still a NEVER — GOP guy. A lot of you got angry with me in 2016 because I renounced the GOP. Are you ready to join me in looking for a better, EFFECTIVE way yet?

  2. Political parties are private corporations. Their purpose is to seize control of the taxing power of government and use it for their own benefit.
    With the media and the internet essentially controlled by leftist elites, and corporate America going along with that, it will be difficult to maintain individual freedom of action. It will probably have to start with home schooling and churches and a popular disregard of COVID rule enforcement. Interesting how the seasonal flu has disappeared from the news – it wasn’t useful enough for increasing the power of government. Probably rolling those numbers into COVID cases.

    1. I know. I blogged about this before. Which — by rights — means Biden cannot be allowed to take office because he is part of a fraud. The DNC knows he is not mentally qualified to take the oath or hold the office, and that is legal fraud upon the electorate. But, as we all know, the law be damned where politics is concerned.

      BTW: you will not be allowed to home school, and churches that are not government approved will be banned. When they go to digital money and social credit scores, they will be able to control everything you do.

  3. It seems that our best option is to pray for a repeat of the 1859 ‘Carrington event’. That would end the technocracy; a great reset to the technology of that time.

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