THAT’S IT! I’m Out. I Now Count Trump Among The Deep State, DNC, GOP Traitors To America!

I started out the 2016 Presidential race as being anti-Trump. It took more than 3 1/2 years of Trump in the White House before I came around and started to defend him — and even then, only after the evidence came out proving he had not colluded, or committed a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine. However, I’ve come full circle. With his signing of this ‘COVID relief’ bill, I am convinced Trump is a traitor, and I count him among the Deep State, Democrat and Republican Party.

Why am I saying this? Well, it sure as heck is not because I hate people who need help because the government is trying to destroy them. But this bill doesn’t really help those poor people, and that is one of the reasons I now count Trump a lying traitor. Americans are not hurting because of COVID, we are hurting because the government — every last person in it — are using this virus to destroy the nation. Their goal is to make themselves and their friends as rich as possible while — at the same time — driving us into such deep poverty that we will surrender our lives and liberty to them for a crumb of bread. Trump knowingly signed a bill that furthers this destruction. To me, anyone who would do that is a traitor to America.

I am going to set aside all the smaller problems with this bill: you know, all the things the ‘fact checkers’ are telling you are not in the bill (which means they are). Let’s just focus on some of the big issues.

First, WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY! Congress has been trying to spend this country into collapse for years. Well, this $2.7 Trillion bill is going to get us there because they are not borrowing this money. They are just going to print it. So, if you do not understand hyper-inflation (you know, the thing that always destroys Socialist nations), then it’s time to look into it — because it is heading our way now, and there is no way to stop it. But these idiots don’t care. They want us to go bankrupt. In fact, that is a requirement for them. You see, before they can create their one-world currency, the U.S. $ has to go away. Don’t believe me? Then get off your lazy but and start researching DAVOS and the Global Rest. Until then, don’t tell me I’m wrong about this — because I’m not. And Trump knows this stuff, but he signed this crap, anyway. TRAITOR!

Now, about that pittance this might bill give you: it gives three (3) times as much to illegals! Yup! Trump is knowingly giving money to illegal aliens over the Americans he allowed to be put out of work. And why do I say ‘allowed?’ Because the Constitution does not allow for these shutdowns — not even in a time of crisis. It only allows our rights to be curtailed in time of insurrection. Well, this means the President has a duty to end this tyranny, but he refuses to do so. He won’t even entertain the notion of invoking the Insurrection Act (and there are reports this bill will block him from being able to do so, and the ‘fact checkers’ denying these reports only convinces me that it is actually in the bill). Failing to perform his primary duty as President — to protect the nation, the Constitution and its People — makes him a traitor. That is not my opinion, that is how the Constitution defines ‘traitor:’ as someone who either makes war against, or provides aid and comfort to those who make war against the States and the People. Therefore, TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!

This bill also gives some $400+ Billion to the States so they can rebuild after they let ANTIFA and BLM burn down their cities. This means Trump knowingly funded the payoff to those who allowed America to burn so they could seize political power. If that is not aid and comfort ot people waging war on America, nothing is! TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!

This bill gives some $225 to the Teachers Unions. These are the people who not only turned out children against us, but many members of ANTIFA and BLM were discovered to be teachers in our schools. Here again, this is funding the people actively waging war on America. I’m sorry, but the Constitution calls that treason, so, TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!

The Bill gives some $120 Billion to create a new Climate Change bureaucracy. The little secret here is that this is the start of the Biden agenda to eliminate ALL fossil fuels from our economy in the next ten years. Folks, that will absolutely destroy this nation. That is waging war on the nation, and Trump knew it was in the bill, but signed it anyway. This is treason, and TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!

Finally, Trump keeps telling us the election was stolen — and I believe this has been proven. But this bill gives Biden $8 Million to start moving into the White House. OK, if you stole an election, then you are most definitely waging war on America. So, if Trump has the ‘proof’ he claims, this doesn’t mean Trump is aiding Biden in waging this war, it means Trump has joined forces with him. That means trump is waging war on America, and that most definitely makes TRUMP A TRAITOR!

I could go on, but what’s the use. Trumbots will still call their Judas a Cyrus, and the Left will still think their Stalin/Mao guy, Joe, is the second coming. Both of them are blind, but also too willfully ignorant to allow anyone to open their eyes. So, why bother adding to my case? For that matter, why bother blogging on this page ever again. Apparently, it’s all just chasing after the wind.

Am I angry? You bet I am. I am angry that Trump lied to me and I had started to believe him. I am angry that there are no good people left in government to stop this. I am angry that we have lost our nation and none of us did a bloody thing to stop it. I include myself in this, but I will not be among the worthless by this time next year. By this time next year, I fully expect to be dead. I will not live under this tyranny. So, baring a miracle, I will die alone, resisting tyranny. For the majority who read this, you won’t even hear about it and, if you do, you will either agree with the Beast that I got what I deserved or — at best — you’ll dismiss my death as just another statistic: another lunatic fighting to hold on to a past that no longer applies to ‘advanced Mankind.’


13 thoughts on “THAT’S IT! I’m Out. I Now Count Trump Among The Deep State, DNC, GOP Traitors To America!

    1. Honestly? ‘We’ won’t. We’ve lost the thing around which the Founders rallied. What will most likely happen is people will complain for a month or two, then get used to living under tyranny. The few of us who remain who cannot live as a slave will be killed in individual acts of defiance. It’s how these things ALWAYS play out, and it is exactly how I expect it to happen this time.

    2. Trump had to do something. Wait until January 6th . Let’s see what he has up his sleeve trust me , he didn’t want to sign it the Democrats knows he won’t be leaving. So they done this to get you to turn against him. Be patient and see what happens after the 6th . They just gave Trump one last screw you . He’ll fix it!

      1. How can he ‘fix it?’ Lets say Pence does reject the electors from the 6 swing states (he can legally do this). Trump wins the WH, but he will lose the Senate because he refused to act to end the lawlessness in GA. Guess what? That means, this time, when they impeach him for being white (or whatever other made up charge they use), they will convict him — because they have the RINO votes to go with their majority. So, we get Pence? Now, how will that help us? it leaves the Deep State firmly in charge and a man in the WH who does not show any ability to deal with the problem will be facing.

  1. After so many years of following your blog, I’ve never known you to throw your hands up in defeat… I refuse to believe that you will start now. There are over 74 million patriots that also believe in the Constitution, HOPE is not lost. Evil has shown its face and the battle has just begun. Makes me wonder what kind of deal Trump cut with Biden/Harris.

    1. Deal? Maybe, but I’m not so sure.

      A while back, I wrote a post expressing my fear that Trump was just the latest form of the GOP: part of the Deep State pretending to be a Patriot and to defend America. The goal would be to keep us from rising up long enough for the Deep State to get everything in order and then slam the door. Until last night, I kept telling myself that was too much of a conspiracy theory — even for me. Until last night…

  2. Today President Trump has issued a proclamation in honor of St Thomas a Becket (summary):

    “Today is the 850th anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket in 1170. Becket was a statesman, scholar, chancellor, priest, archbishop, & LION of religious LIBERTY who gave his life so that “the Church will attain liberty & peace.”

    We all have knee-jerk reactions to the news. Though President Trump has done things we don’t like, it hardly seems plausible that a man willing to risk his life to save our nation from absolute tyranny endures the disrespectful malice from the Left for four years, willing to subject himself to another four years of what threatens to be worse, to sacrifice his integrity as a “traitor.”

    As he signed the Covid Relief Bill he simultaneously used the Impoundment Act to emend every issue the author holds his feet to the fire for in this post.

    Yesterday I submitted the following comment to this post which has not been published or acknowledged. Though I don’t expect this one to be published either, I would encourage the author to issue a revision to this article branding our President as a traitor for the glaringly obvious reason that at the risk of journalistic integrity and credibility, Trump’s use of the Impoundment Act was overlooked before this blog post was published.

    1. I am going to reply in 2 parts. First:


      To date, I can only think of two people I have ever censored on this blog. One made threats against my wife, and I filed a police report (since I knew who he was). The other was censored by deleting the entire thread. In both cases, I censored them because they were totally lawless and refused to follow the rules of civility.

      I try to check this blog several times a day. It tells me if there are new comments waiting to be approved. This is the first time the system says you have posted a comment on this thread, so, while I do not know what happened, I do know that I did not silence your voice here.

    2. Part 2: NO REVISION!

      Go look at that Impoundment Act. All Trump did was freeze some of the cash payments to the enemies of this country for 45 days. That is all he did. Which means he knowingly and willingly gave money to people who — by his own admission — are waging war against the U.S. The Constitution defines this as treason, and anyone who commits treason is a traitor. Hence — by definition — Trump is a traitor!

      I am sorry if that offends you, but, according to the rules governing both our language and logic, it is a factual statement. And, since this blog deals with Natural Law, I am not going to go ‘liberal’ on this board by trying to twist those Natural Laws into yielding the result I desire. Instead, I will apply them properly and do my best to understand, accept and live with the result. Unfortunately, the result in this case is that Trump is no better than anyone else in the swamp. I don’t like it anymore than you do, but it is the truth, and I value truth above all else.

      1. The Road to Conquered, I hear you loud and clear.

        I looked at the Impoundment Act which according to our Constitution it is the Legislative, not the Administrative branch, that controls funding. Where are the emperor’s clothes?

        No, please believe me when I say I am not the least bit off-ended by what you’ve said here. Your candor is refreshing and your resolve edifying, encouraging, and supportive.

        I share your sentiments as many of us voted against “her” and not “for” — him. Such was the hideous dilemma we were faced with 2016; damned if we did or didn’t.

        As a Christian, we try our best to redeem not condemn. Trump has at least tried to defend our religious liberties in so much as our churches were locked down thanks to Pence’s appointment of Fauci to introduce communism to the USA.

        The swamp is global, from Washington to Rome and back again. They’re all in it together. It’s the sewerage of our political landscape.

        Happy New Year.

        1. Well, I’ll end my commentary here by saying this. I am not happy about this latest turn of events. I had hoped President Trump would keep fighting for America by just doing the right thing and trusting in the Lord to handle the outcome. Unfortunately, he did what so many of us have done: he followed his idea of right and not God’s. That is how we ended up in this mess in the first place: always convincing ourselves that we had to vote for the lesser of two evils while, the whole time, God’s Word teaches us not to vote for any evil — ever!

          Anyway, I just hope it shows that I am not and have never been about people or leaders, or anything like that. I am about the Lord’s Laws, and that means the rule of law here on earth. Anyone who upholds the rule of law — Scriptural or civil — and who seeks to keep righteous has and will always have my support. But I am absolutely finished with people who will compromise of what is right over what is wrong — especially when they do it for political expediency. That is why Trump lost my support: because he put politics before country and his duty to our laws. He chose to be a traitor when he could have been better than Lincoln and maybe on par with Washington. Such a lost opportunity for him, and for God to act through him. 😦

          1. Amen Brother,
            Out here in the country, we call it getting punked.
            He got punked and the country will die a slow miserable death.
            What a great opportunity he had…. ☠️

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