More Timely And Cryptic Stuff To Consider

Forgive the title, I was trying to interest readers while hiding from the logarithms of the censors seeking to silence the truth. Anyway, in connection to the election fraud and conspiracy to overthrow this nation, we have this story. Trust me, this one may fall under the heading of ‘conspiracy theory,’ but it fits the narrative and is well worth your time.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: A Video Proves Nashville Explosion Was Actually A Missile Strike, And The Target Was The AT&T/NSA Hardened Switching Facility “Spy Hub”

Now, before you dismiss the video, make sure you open the link and read the article. It has still shots in there that strengthen the claim of a missile. Also, if you have never seen what a Hellfire or Maverick missile look like when they hit a target from the ground (as in, not from the drone perspective, but from the ground close to where it hits), then you might not realize that this is exactly what we would expect to see from a tactical missile strike against a target such as a building. That, in and of itself, is not proof, but it does help put things in perspective for those who have never seen these sort of missiles at work first-hand.

As for the ‘smoke trail’ that seems to move downward: that could be nothing more than the missile (or even a guided bomb) maneuvering violently to correct right before impact. The fins can easily cause vapor trails in the correct atmospheric conditions, especially if they turn to a high angle of attack. Several fins creating vortices together in such a small diameter as that of a missile and it could easily look exactly like this ‘smoke trail’ in the video.

Again, these explanations are not ‘proof’ of anything. I’m merely offering them because the claim of a missile can be supported by what is seen in this video. So, when the ‘media’ starts trying to tell you this is just a jet moving across the sky from a weird perspective, be doubtful — be very doubtful.

NOTE: I wrote this post in hope that it can slip past Facebook, Twitter and Messenger censors (yes, they are all censoring it, which is why I suspect there is more truth to it than I might otherwise have believed). Hopefully we can share this and get it out long enough for others to be made aware of it.


Another possibility just brought to my attention is a DEW (Direct Energy Weapon). After watching this video, I now believe this is what hit that AT&T building, which then means the U.S. government is attacking the American People with our own weapons.

Watch video in this link

2 thoughts on “More Timely And Cryptic Stuff To Consider

  1. I seen the whole screen change which means someone added a line to make look like a vapor trail. why wasn’t their a vapor trail before the initial explosion? It looks to me like another twin towers video

    1. Honestly? I don’t know. I posted this because I think it should be ‘in the mix’ for anyone trying to figure this out. I know this much: if that were just a simple car bomb, then the smoke is too little and the wrong color. There would have been more of it and it would have been dirtier because of the chemical compositions and heat of the explosion (and, yes, I have a little experience with this sort of thing).

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