Chinese Threats, Control Of U.S. Government & Media And The ‘Way-Back’ Machine

I am going to jump back to Nov 8, 2010 and re-visit a story that might make a lot more sense today. Why would it make more sense today? Well, we now have a lot more information about the full extent of China’s infiltration and control over U.S. Government, Business, and Media. So, what is the story? The submarine launched missile that was explained away as a jet. Do you remember that?

Let’s start with the story (stay with me through all of this. I promise, I’ll connect the dots at the end, but we have to set the table first):

Next, the denial:

Now, the ‘explanation’ we were given:

OK, now, before we go to the technical data, let’s just do a little ‘common-man’ thinking here. I’ll start with a video of a real SLBM launch:

Next, a video of a jet contrail filmed under very special weather conditions. This is important because this is a video of a contrail that can only happen under rare circumstances, and it is only under these circumstances that a jet contrail can even come close to looking like the contrail filmed on Nov 8, 2010:

Now, before you decide that the jet looks like the Nov 8, 2010 video, let me call your attention to something. Look at how fast the jet moves compared to the speed of the object in the Nov 8, 2010 video. Do you see the great disparity? The object in the 2010 video is moving much faster than this jet is. In fact, it is moving too fast to be a jet.

Now, let me present a very well done, ‘scientifically’ reasoned article that purports to prove this was a submarine launched missile, not an aircraft (trust me, this is good):

California Mystery Missile
Analysis of Possible Sea Launch Ballistic Vehicle

Now, let me connect the dots for you. In the 1990’s, the Clinton Administration sold missile and submarine technology to China. This is what allowed China to finally get missiles into space and to quiet their submarines — both critical parts to creating a nuclear armed submarine missile force. OK, stick a pin in this point and continue with this story:

Is That Why We Bombed the Chinese Embassy?

So, it is speculated that the U.S. bombed the Chinese embassy in response to China stealing U.S. stealth technology (which lead to the Chinese developing stealth aircraft). Regardless of why, bombing an embassy is an act of war. So, why didn’t we go to war with China, or China go to war with us?

Now, the recent video of the Chinese economist explaining just how deep and wide the Chinese have infiltrated and now control American government, industry, media, entertainment and education is being scrubbed. But, in that video, the Chinese economist mentioned this embassy bombing. He inferred that the reason China didn’t retaliate for the bombing is because of their control over U.S. government and industry. So, instead of declaring war, they just forced the people they have compromised in the U.S. to give them things they wanted.

Fast forward about ten years. Thanks to their infiltration of the U.S. — and American traitors — the Chinese now have a submarine, armed with nuclear tipped missiles and quiet enough to sneak up to the coast of the United States. So, how better to demonstrate this fact — and threaten their traitors inside the U.S. at the same time — than to sneak up to the coast of Los Angeles and launch a missile? I suggest this is exactly what happened.

Now, the government realized that this was a problem, and that they had to squash the truth. So, what did they do? First, they denied that it was a missile. They said they didn’t know what it was, but it was ‘absolutely not a missile!’ Well, if you don’t know what it was, then how can you say what it wasn’t? You can’t! Next, they trotted out a fancy explanation of why it had to be nothing more than an airplane, and they convinced a popular media figure who also happened to be a physicist to give the misinformation more public credibility. Ergo, the government manipulated the media to lie to America about the truth. That truth is that corrupt traitors inside the U.S. had helped to arm the Chinese with nuclear missile submarines and — possibly — even stealth aircraft.

Now, fast forward back to today and considering everything we have learned about the extent of China’s reach into our nation, do we still want to believe the government’s denial about this missile? And are we finally ready to start accepting that this threat is very real, and very deep, and very, very dangerous? And, given all the solid evidence that Biden is in debt to China, and, therefore, hopelessly compromised, are we willing to take the chance of allowing him to take office — legally or otherwise?

The answers to these questions will determine whether or not the United States survives, or becomes a vassal State of China.

7 thoughts on “Chinese Threats, Control Of U.S. Government & Media And The ‘Way-Back’ Machine

  1. The use of disinformation, misinformation, propaganda on domestic citizens was accomplished in the Smith Mundt Modernization Act ( SMMA ) in 2012 and buried within the National Defense Authorization Act ( NDAA ) in 2013…

  2. This is just a fascinating article, I vaguely remember this. I’m definitely convinced. If nothing else, the curtain is being pulled back on the infiltration for all to see, IF they look. It’s really bad, worse than I ever thought possible. It’s unfortunate so many lemmings only watch the Chicom funded agitprop ‘media’. It looks like at least a good 80 million people are not brainwashed. There’s still time, maybe, to fix this mess but not much.

      1. Thanks, I’d had news off for a bit, I hadn’t heard. This sucks, they are all corrupt. Morons. You can’t disenfranchise 80 million+ and expect the problem is just going to go away? This won’t go how they call it in DC…

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