The State Department, CIA, DOJ, FBI Deep State and Chinese Infiltration

I have got to stop digging because I am becoming more and more uncomfortable with what I’m discovering. And no, I am not building ‘conspiracy theories.’ Those who dismiss the things I’m sharing as ‘conspiracy’ are victims of Project Mocking Bird. No, what I am learning is creating a very powerful data vector, and it all points to the same conclusion — TREASON!

What have I found this time? Well, let’s start with this Tweet thread (be sure to watch the video that inspired the tweet — found at the bottom of the thread):

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“President Trump Won So Many Votes, He Blew Up Their Algorithm” – Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs

Sidney Powell: “Frankly, I’m Beginning to think the Entire FBI and Dept. of Justice need to be Hosed Out with Clorox and Firehoses!” (VIDEO)

OK, I confess: I see how easily all of this can be explained as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ However, like I said at the start of this post, there is a data vector here. All the central claims of the ‘conspiracy theory’ community that have been shared for decades now are all starting to align. What to I mean by that? Well, simple: recent events have started to support and affirm the ‘theories’ and they are all pointing tot he central claim of global cabals planning the overthrow of the Free World so they can create a global dictatorship. I know how it sounds, but everything interconnects and supports this story line and, when a data vector starts to point to the ‘conspiracy’ being the easiest and most plausible explanation…. Well, at some point, Occam’s Razor cuts in the opposite direction from the ‘approved narrative.’ In this case, it means that there is a lose coalition between Soros and his ’empire,’ the Deep State, an elite group of ‘corporatists,’ international bankers, radical Islam and China — among others. And that the goal is to overthrow the Free World (namely, the U.S.).

OK, so, let me go ‘full cook’ and just share this [NOTE: I tend to think this is a little too ‘anti-CIA,’ but still….]:

(Since I am totally destroying my credibility with the willfully ignorant, let me just point out that this video supports another ‘conspiracy theory.’ All I’ll say about that theory is, WWG1WGA!)

3 thoughts on “The State Department, CIA, DOJ, FBI Deep State and Chinese Infiltration

  1. I do not doubt Sidney Powell has the goods but she needs to bring forth the evidence before the people. She needs to stop admitting all of the evidence to the courts of law that never sees the light of day and just start Disseminating all this information out to the people. Make all this known to everyone and declassify all of the crap for the last ten years. Stop beating around the bush!!! IT’s TIME TO BRING THE EVIDANCE!!! Stop telling us “it’s not ready” and “just a few more weeks.” We are already in the thick of it!! Allow us to be eyes wide open and not the wool over our eyes.

    1. No, not yet. I felt the exact same way as you do — until a couple days ago. There is a strong possibility of a plan I have not discussed. A friend and I war-gamed this possibility a few weeks ago, only to have the events of the past few days have aligned perfectly with our war game. If we’re correct, Trump is waiting to show his hand. He has to wait, so he can catch ALL of the players red-handed.

      Stay patient and pray — PRAY HARD! But pray RIGHTEOUSLY! God’s will be done, not ours.

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