Don’t Accept The Left-Wing Lie About Trying To Throw Out Legitimate Votes

If you listen the the propaganda arm of the Left-Wing (a.k.a. ‘main stream’ media), you will hear them tell you that Texas is trying to overturn the election by having hundreds of thousands of legal votes thrown out of the official counts. Well, yes, that will be the result — if the Law prevails — but that is not what this Texas suit is actually about. Come on and I’ll explain.

First, here is a little gem to wet your appetite for what is soon to come:

BREAKING: Now the Democrat Attorneys General Align with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia – Nearly Every State Has Picked Sides

OK, now, let’s deal with the lies coming from the DNC’s propagandists.

NO! Texas is not asking the Supreme Court to throw out any ballots — not directly. What Texas is asking the Supreme Court to do is to tell GA, PA, MI and WI that they must obey the U.S. Constitution. If they do not, then they cause a tangible harm to the rest of the States in the Union, and — in this case — they create an irreparable rift in the Union in the process. So, how did these four States violate the Constitution?

Well, the Constitution says the State Legislatures have the sole authority to determine how their electoral college votes will be cast. That authority does not lie with the Governors or the Courts in any State — only the Legislature. However, in all four of these States, either the Governor(s) or Court(s) — or both, in some cases — altered the laws of their States. This is a clear violation of the Constitution. This is what Texas is asking the Supreme Court to decide on: whether or not the States are free to violate the Constitution whenever and however they like without any consequences or recourse by the other States.

Folks, SCOTUS not only has to hear this case, they must find in favor of Texas! If they don’t, then there will literally be nothing to stop Texas from then saying they found another 13,000,000 million votes, add them to their count and then declare trump the winner as he would then have the popular vote, which would then force the 16 popular vote States to switch their electoral votes to trump. This would be a reversal of some 195 electoral votes and Trump would win in a landslide. But then, those 16 States would either refuse to follow their laws again, or find even more ballots, in which case, Florida would find more ballots, and so would Ohio and, pretty soon, everyone would have an infinite number of new ballots for their guy and look where we’re at then.

No, I’m not exaggerating, this is literally where we will be if SCOTUS does not rule in favor of Texas.

Now, if SCOTUS does rule in Texas’s favor, then, yes, hundreds of thousands of ballots will be thrown out in those States and President Trump will win re-election. But this will not be the fault of Texas, or even President Trump. This will be the fault of the Democrat Party in those four States! Why?

Again, this is simple. If you are the one who breaks the law, you are the one responsible for the result of that illegal action. In all four cases, the vote fraud was conducted primarily by Democrat operatives (we have some guilty republicans, such as in Georgia). Neither Texas nor Trump violated the election laws in those States. Therefore, if votes are thrown out, the people responsible will be the Governors and Courts who changed their State election laws and the polling workers who violated those State laws while counting the ballots.

Finally, the media knows — or should know, if they are actually journalists — that what I just explained is absolutely true. But they are telling lies about this issue to the American people in an attempt to make it look like President trump is trying to steal the election they helped to steal. What this means is that the media is actually a willing accomplice in this coup and now, they are trying to cement the theft of the election through disinformation. Well, guess what? That lands them smack in the middle of the September 2018 Executive Order’s purview. But, better still, it also places them in Obama’s 2015 and 2016 Executive Orders. Oh, how sweet the taste of that irony 🙂

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