What You See Is All About Where You Stand

Now, I’m not sure, but I suspect, when he uttered these words, Voltaire had religion, and more specifically, Christianity in mind. I base this on his otherwise vicious attacks upon the Christian religion. From what I’ve read, the notion of a Creator who remains active in the affairs of Man struck Voltaire as an ‘absurdity.’ Now, if this is what Voltaire was thinking, then the truth of his statement would depend entirely upon where he was standing when he considered Christianity. Someone who had actually looked into the Scriptures and learned to understand them as they were originally meant to be understood would very likely disagree with Voltaire. In fact, I would be one who would vehemently disagree with Voltaire. I would say that anyone who has studied what we have actually learned about this universe and then concludes there is no Creator, or that the Creator is no longer involved in the affairs of man, believes an ‘absurdity.’ So, you see, what you believe to be true all depends upon where you stand.

That said, this does not mean that Truth is relevant. In fact, there is absolute truth in what Voltaire said. Notice that one of us is factually wrong: either there is or there is not a Creator who is still actively involved in the affairs of Man. The difference between Voltaire and I is that I have spent a great deal of time studying this issue and can make a sound, valid and rational argument that there is a Creator, and that the evidence points to Him being the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Voltaire offered no such argument; he merely dismissed the possibility as ‘absurd’ based on personal bias. Therefore, I would argue that it is Voltaire who has convinced people to follow a line of reasoning that has lead to atrocities. The first example which comes to mind would be the French Revolution!

Now, let me point to another example: an example which bears much more relevance to our modern world: transexualism. It is a matter of demonstrable fact that a person cannot change their sex. You see, sex is not based upon genitalia, or dress, or feelings, or personal pronouns. Your sex is a matter of definition, and that definition states that a person with XX chromosomes is female, and a person with XY chromosomes is male. This is fact by definition, and one cannot argue with a definition and claim to be rational. Therefore, if a person insists that the irrational is true, this is — again, by definition — an absurdity. Do you see where I am going with this yet? So, for those who have accepted this false assertion that people can change their gender, it should be obvious that they have been made to believe an absurdity. The atrocities will not be far behind.

The question now is, will you accept the absurdity and be lead into committing atrocities; stand up for the Truth and risk the consequences of pushing back against the irrational among us; or remain silent while you get run over by both sides? The choice is all up to you, and it leads us to another nice little quote:

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