How Did ‘They’ Do It?

OK, so we are being told to dismiss all these stories about Dominion and Scytl and hostile foreign nations meddling in the vote as conspiracy theory. We’re also being told that nothing happened in Germany and there is no Dominion server. But that is not what we keep hearing from otherwise very serious and credible sources. What’s more, the stories we keep hearing are amazingly consistent. Now, this can be a problem, as it could mean that there is a central narrative and all these credible sources are reading from it. However, it can also mean that what these sources are telling us is the truth. Personally, I tend toward the truth because these sources do vary in the details and that does not happen when a bunch of people read from a single narrative (just see the ‘main stream’ media to see what I mean). SO, what is the current story line about this election, who is involved and how they are trying to steal it? Well, this is the best story I’ve found so far. I present it now for you to read and consider for yourself.


(Be sure you read it all — to the very end 😉 )

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