No Evidence! No Evidence?

There are two sides in this nation right now: those who are presenting clear, demonstrable and irrefutable evidence of wide-spread, systematic voter fraud, and the side that just keeps repeating ‘There’s no credible evidence of systemic vote fraud.” Well, these two sides cannot both be correct: either there was wide-spread fraud or there wasn’t. We need to investigate to determine which is true, but that investigation has to be serious, thorough and sincere. Otherwise, if we just accept the mantra of “there’s no fraud,” we run the risk of falling for the big lie that leads to tyranny.

Personally (i.e. speaking for myself), I accept that there has been sufficient evidence presented to prove that this recent election is hopelessly compromised by systemic fraud. I base my conclusion, not on the witness testimony, or the claims of fake or fraudulent ballots, but in the mathematical impossibilities present in the raw data that has been published. If you understand the numbers, they constitute clear and convincing proof of malfeasance. Which is why I see the media’s insistence that there is no evidence of fraud to be nothing more than ‘The Big Lie.’ For me, we are left with this obvious fact:

I wish this were just an appeal to the reader’s emotions, but, sadly, it’s not. Both Parties have embraced this maxim: that, if you tell a big enough lie enough times, the masses will accept it as truth. They believe it because it’s true. It works. It has always worked. It works because people are lazy: they will not do the work necessary to insulate themselves from such deceptions. But the truth here remains:

This is why the tyrant always appeals to ‘democracy:’ because he knows that the average person can be convinced to believe in lies, and will then vote according to that belief. It is also why our Founders rejected democracy in favor of a Constitutional Republic, where the rights and liberties of every individual are supposed to be protect — equally! That is the purpose of the law: to protect those individuals from the tyranny of the emotional masses who have been stirred to lawless action by malevolent people who have convinced them to believe a lie. In this case, the lie is that there was no fraud in this election and Joe Biden actually won an historic election in spite of the mathematical impossibilities present in the demographic numbers. The facts point to fraud, but all the voices governing over us are screaming “No evidence! No evidence!” The problem is, the lie does not make a falsehood into truth.

Folks, the thing to remember here is this:

And that Truth — in this case — is that we are witnessing a coup (by both Parties) based on systemic and coordinated election fraud, subsequently supported by corrupt politicians and courts and the propaganda arm of this seditious cabal, the ‘main stream’ media.

[NOTE: yes, this was a gratuitous attempt to use several clever memes to make a point. That said, the point is still true and valid. So,… 🙂 ]

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