Let’s Look At This Election Fight Another Way

I am getting rather tired of people arguing over how many votes can be ‘flipped,’ or even the claim of counting the ‘legal’ and not the ‘illegal’ votes. If we will simply look to the rule of law — and apply it properly — all of this can be resolved rather quickly.

First, let’s acknowledge the fact that the DNC and RNC are corporations. Why is this important? Well, this is the key that solves the current election crisis.

If you are just a rank-and-file voter, you are nothing more than a stock holder in these political Parties. However, if you are an elected official, a member of their national committees, or you work in public service as a representative for either of these Parties (i.e. as poll workers/watchers), you are functioning as official representatives of the Party. Now, let me ask you a simple question:

What happens to a corporation that tries to seize something of value by illegal means when its official representatives get caught breaking the law to seize that item of value?

Does the corporation get to keep that item? NO! Why not? Because it is a long-established principle of law that a person cannot be allowed to benefit from their crimes. Which means…???

Well, in case you didn’t do the math here, it means that, if the Trump Administration can show that the DNC had people acting in official capacities in this election and that those same people violated election laws, then the DNC cannot be allowed to benefit from those illegal actions. Quite simply, this does not mean that Biden should be denied the victory. If the illegal activity can be shown to be systemic — and I believe it can be — then no Democrat should be allowed to claim a victory in this election as they are representatives of a criminal enterprise.

FYI: on a final note, I actually ran this by a former assistant DA who was a pretty fair prosecutor. He tells me that this is actually the law — for any corporation except the political Parties. He said he is pretty sure they passed a law exempting themselves from this part of the legal system. The problem with that law is, IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! It would violate the Declaration of Independence (which is law, contrary to what many claim), the Constitution and the 14th Amendment. Which brings us back to my argument: if we properly applied the law, this election crisis would be over — because both Parties would be declared to be criminal enterprises!

Did you catch the switch there? Yes, both Parties are guilty, and it is past time we dissolve the Party system and replace it with something that cannot be used to amass power the way the current Party system has been used.

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