Taking A Razor To The Dismal Of Election Fraud Accusations

I am hearing people on all sides of the 2020 Presidential election results, and the vast majority of them are insisting that there is no evidence of election fraud. Well, I disagree with these dismissals, and I propose to prove my case by taking a razor to these dismissals.

There exists a scientific and philosophical principle known as Occam’s Razor. In simple terms, the principle of Occam’s Razor states:

“Where all things are equal, the simplest explanation is generally the best explanation.”

The most common example of this principle would be:

If you are in North America and you hear hoof-beats running up behind you, think horse, not zebra.

So, on the surface, it would appear that Occam’s Razor would suggest that there is — in fact — no evidence of election fraud in this recent election. However, this conclusion would not be correct. Notice how the principle of Occam’s Razor stipulates that all things must be equal? Well, the events surrounding this election are not equal.

What do I mean by this? Easy: there were six battleground States that were trending heavily for Trump and, had the trends continued, Trump would have handily won the election, but all six of these States stopped counting at about the same time and, when they started counting again, the result of the counting in every one of those States had flipped to favoring Biden. What’s more, given the technical points of the numbers behind the election count, it was statistically improbably for these results to have happened in any of these States, let alone all six. Furthermore, in several States, tens of thousands of votes were added where every single vote was for Biden. Once again, explanations aside, the statistical probability of this occurrence belies credibility. On top of all of this, there is a pattern of this sort of thing happening. It has happened in many elections over the last few election cycles and, in every single case, the votes were only found for Democrat candidates; they were found only when that candidate was about to lose; they were always found in precincts controlled by Democrats; and they never once broke for the opponents. Given the one-way direction fo these events, Occam’s Razor actually dictates that the simplest explanation is voter fraud!

Then we have the issue of the Trump rallies only resulting in another four to five million votes nationally while Biden, who could not draw a crowed, somehow delivered the most Presidential votes for a single candidate in the history of the nation. Again, given the mood of the electorate, this is an improbable occurrence. This is further complicated by the fact that we have to assume that vast numbers of Republican and Democrat voters had to vote split-ballot to create the results we are seeing. In other words, Republican voters had to vote against Trump, but a down-ballot Republican ticket afterwards. Then, normally lock-step Democrats had to have voted against Trump but against the rest of the Democrat ticket. Once again, this is giving the electorate credit for a level of rational thinking and voting that does not reflect the mood of the country. Therefore, here again, Occam’s Razor would dictate that the easiest explanation is voter fraud.

Finally, we have the issues of mail-in ballots with no chain of custody or ability to verify the ballot as valid. We also have issues with poll watchers being denied access to the counting, allowing partisan poll workers to count the ballots. Both of these issues constitute voter fraud on their face, which doesn’t even require Occam’s Razor: they are fraudulent by definition. However, why would one side push for ballots that cannot be verified while demanding to count those same ballots in secret? How can we ignore the video of postal workers (plural) saying they were told to backdate post marks on ballots that came in after the election, or the testimony of Democrat operatives who confessed that they have partaken in systematic voter fraud in these swing States? And how is it that the Presidential race cannot be declared because votes are still being counted, but the rest of the races can all be declared? And let’s not forget Dominion, the electronic voting system in place in every one of these ‘swing States,’ and the system responsible for switching at least 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes. Once again, Occam’s Razor dictates that the simplest answer to all these questions is voter fraud.

So, all told, I do not accept the claims that there is no evidence of voter fraud — because I understand the proper application of reason and science! In short, Occam’s Razor tells me that there are at least three reasons to assume voter fraud in this latest Presidential election.

Now, with that said, I will tell you that this voter fraud can only push an election over the top; it cannot get you close enough to pull off the fraud. What this means is that far too many people knowingly voted for a corrupt, treasonous, mentally incapacitated sexual predator who is under the control of radical Marxists and other subversive elements operating from behind the scenes. This is the very definition of subversion, but it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, Occam’s Razor tells me that the simplest explanation for the predicament in which we find ourselves is that the People of this nation have become too corrupt to effectively govern themselves.

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