I Reject The Left’s Call To ‘Unite’

Biden held a press conference yesterday where he called for the nation to nite and to start to heal. I cannot say this in strong enough terms:

I reject the call to unite with tyranny!

Yes, I am saying that the American Left is a Party of tyrants, and I will stand upon this assertion. Furthermore, I will assert with equal resolve:

There can be no common ground between good and evil!

And again, yes! I am asserting that the American Left is evil. They are a Party of lawless and destructive people who seek to enslave the whole of mankind. They have said so, openly, thus their supporters have no excuse. Ignorance of the evil you support does not absolve you of your guilt; if one knowingly and willingly supports evil, one is evil — period!

What’s more, this attack on America can be traced to its source. Today, we call it the Progressive movement, but, ultimately, it’s name is Wormwood. It has been working to destroy the individual rights and liberties afforded by the laws of this nation for more than one hundred years now. This effort has remained constant, throughout every Administration and generation since it started. Which leads me to another quote by Thomas Jefferson:

This is why I say the American Left seeks to enslave the whole of mankind: because I can show — in their own words — their ‘deliberate, systematic plan of reducing people to slavery.’ I will have no part of it, nor will I ever side with or align with anyone who stands with this Party of evil.

The Left is no longer a Party who shares a common goal but differs on how best to achieve it. Today, the Left is an enemy of God and Man, and I will oppose them in every way possible. I swear this before every remaining American, and, most importantly, before Almighty God.

One thought on “I Reject The Left’s Call To ‘Unite’

  1. It’s impossible for good to unite with evil. I don’t know exactly what awaits us in the next 4 years (and beyond), only that God has given me peace.

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