How Our Election Process Became Such A Mess

It all started with the Progressives and their appeal to ‘democracy.’ Our Founders clearly and forcefully rejected democracy. They rightfully labeled it ‘the tyranny of the masses.’ But the idea of ‘democracy’ has a powerful emotional appeal — especially to those who are insufficiently or — worse — improperly educated about its history. So, this is where the Progressives attacked.

By exploiting the emotional appeal of ‘democracy,’ the Progressives destroyed major bulwarks that had been written into the Constitution. First, they passed amendments allowing the people to directly elect the President. Prior to that time, the States elected the President. Next, they amended the Constitution to allow direct election of the Senators. Here again, this used to be something the State legislatures did. Now, the only thing that remains in their way is the Electoral College, and they have started trying to get around that by passing unconstitutional laws mandating the State’s Electoral delegates to vote for whoever wins the national popular vote in the Presidential race. This is how we arrived at a place where the People have the power to thwart the guards against democratic tyranny that had originally been written into our constitution.

The next step was direct election fraud. Both sides have done this. It has been a factor in every election since the very first vote was held all those countless eons ago. This is because of human nature: there will always be some who convince themselves that the ends justify the means, even if the means is illegal or immoral. However, there is a difference. In the United States, there are many laws against voter fraud. However, for whatever reason, we have been hesitant to prosecute anyone for violating these laws. You can cite any number of arguments against prosecuting voter fraud, but the end result will still be the same. After decades of looking the other way, one side realized it could cheat with impunity, so it did what was inevitable — it organized that fraud on a national level.

Once this side started to organize its cheating at a national level, it started to take hold of the mechanisms that would allow it to be more efficient in their efforts. Namely, they took over as many legislatures and local electoral precincts as they could. From there, they started to pass laws that made it easier to manipulate the vote. It started with a push-back against any form of voter I.D. The excuse — and it is an excuse — has always been that mandatory I.D. is voter suppression, mostly against minorities. This assertion is racist at its core, as it assumes minorities are too stupid or inept to obtain an I.D.. From there, they started pushing early voting. Again, it was sold as a way to get greater participation in the elections by making it easier for people to vote. After this came ballot harvesting, which is where partisan workers from the campaigns of the candidates involved are allowed to go collect votes from people at their homes. This was primarily sold as a way to help the elderly vote but it has most opened the door to these partisan workers telling people how to vote. Sometimes, they even fill in the ballots, themselves. Finally, in this last election, they rushed laws into place allowing mailed-in ballots. Here, the excuse — and it is an excuse — is COVID. All together, these laws have produced an election process where there is absolutely no way to know whether or not a vote is valid — which is exactly the goal behind them.

This is how we have arrived at a situation where we have dead people voting; people voting in multiple precincts and States; people telling the elderly how to vote; people filling out ballots for those elderly voters; people taking those votes from the voters home, changing the votes and then turning them in; people creating false ballots and putting them into the system; machines that have been programmed to change ballots for favored Party’s /candidates; precincts voting at 100%= of their registered electorate; precincts voting 100% for the same candidate; votes being selectively thrown into the trash or discarded along the side of the road; and finding trunk load’s of votes in storage units across town — always just in time to save the election and always for the same Party.

This is all known, it almost always favors the Party that has organized and funded this fraud and yet, the other side never does anything about it. Given how bad this fraud has gotten, one might think that the other side would have at least a slight interest in trying to curtail the fraud, but they never seem to show any interest in prosecuting it. The other side hasn’t pushed any legislation to institute national standards on the States to at least make organized fraud more difficult. At best, the other side files selective legal challenges, and even then, only when candidates naive enough to think the election is supposed to be real are involved. Or haven’t you ever noticed that, when an establishment Republican loses a race where there was clear voter fraud, that candidate often sides with the media in dismissing the evidence as ‘fake’ and does nothing about their loss? I’ve seen it happen many times. It’s almost as though we have one Party pretending to be two. But then, that’s a conspiracy theory and everyone knows that anyone who talks about conspiracies is a ‘cook’ (which leads me to wonder, why are there conspiracy laws on the books?).

Oh! Lest we forget, the Left-wing (a.k.a. ‘main stream‘) media is a part of this. They help push the vote (illegally, I might add), then defend the fraud by telling people there is no evidence. I mean, it’s like telling people the protest if peaceful when you can see the mob burning the place down behind them; then turning around and telling the people the Right is storming the polling place when you see the people on their knees praying behind that reporter. Such things only work on a lawless people, so, if they are working on the People of this country, then writing about the laws is a futile effort — as the People have already become too depraved to care about anything as quaint as the law. All they want now is for their tribe to beat the hell out of everyone else. And so we find ourselves: back in the State of Nature from which our Founder sought to protect us — and all because we who claim to want law and order couldn’t be bothered to get off our coaches long enough to do what was necessary to insure that the laws were faithfully executed.

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