About The Media and Those Polls

Given all the talk about how the media was wrong to call some States for Biden when there was no clear lead for Biden and many ballots left to count while refusing to call States for Trump when there was a large lead for Trump and few ballots left to count; and about the polls all being wrong: I thought it might be a good time to offer a thought or two.

First, please don’t be too quick to accept the most obvious answer for these two issues. It is easy to just dismiss the media’s inconsistency in calling States as media bias. It is also too easy to dismiss the polls as being the result of bad methodology and a lying public. Yes, these could be the answer to these two issues. They are certainly the explanation that is being pushed upon us. However, I think that this push to accept these simplistic explanations is a continuation of what is actually happening.

First, the polls were not inaccurate. The issue here is with our assumptions. Those who believe in the rule of law believe — if conducted properly — the polls should present an accurate representation of the mood of the electorate. But I do not believe this is the purpose for public polling — not any more. I think the polls are intentionally designed to form and push public opinion and to reduce voter turnout for the Republican Party side of the electorate.

This then brings us to the media. Here again, I do not think media bias is the answer. I believe the media is also working to reduce Republican voter turnout. They called Virginia way too early. The idea there is to have Republican voters hear the report and decide it is not worth going to the polls. This is exactly what the media did in the 2000 election when the media declared Florida for Gore hours before the Panhandle polls closed. The media new that the Florida Panhandle votes largely for Republicans, and they knew the polls in this area closed an hour later than the rest of the State. So, by calling the State for Gore early, the media was trying to suppress the Panhandle Republican voter turnout, thereby pushing the result to Gore. The refusal to call a State is also the result of this push. By not calling the State, the media gives hope to Democrat voters, thereby encouraging them to keep voting until the polls close. This is what has happened in Arizona this election, as well as Texas and other States.

On top of this, we have social media meddling with the voter base by suppressing Republican participation and pushing selective disinformation tailored to the individual targets. This disinformation is designed to influence the election against Republicans, in favor of Democrats.

Add to this that all media — printed, televised and social — is pushing the claim that there is no voter fraud and that accusations of fraud are without merit. This is demonstrably false, but no one has an authoritative voice to challenge this propaganda, so the population tends to believe the lies.

Taken all together, what we are seeing is nothing short of a coordinated attempt to steal a national election, and why not? There has been voter fraud since the first election, and both sides are guilty. However, organized voter fraud in the United States is located primarily within the Democrat Party and all its social organs. This has been the case for decades. It has been known and, in some cases, proven. But nothing of any substance has been done about it. Certainly, no one of much importance has paid much of a price for this fraud. Thus, the Left has learned that it can cheat with immunity. Given this fact — and it is a fact — why wouldn’t the Left cheat?

But we shouldn’t be too quick to forgive the Republicans. They aren’t stupid; they know everything I’ve just said. Yet, for whatever reason, they do nothing about any of this. Why? Again, don’t be too quick to accept the simple explanation of Republican ineptitude. If they were that inept, they wouldn’t still exist as a Party, let alone keep winning majorities. No, the better explanation — the explanation that actually fits with the bigger picture I just painted — is that the Republican Party is actually part of the charade. By this, I mean the Republicans are actually part of the Democrat Party, they just pretend to be an opposition Party. In short, they are actors playing a role, a role designed to provide a pressure relief valve. You see, so long as you and I believe we have a choice, we won’t destroy the system they have built. So the GOP and DNC pretend to swap sides every few years when, in reality, they are all working together to push the nation toward the ultimate goal of hybrid Communism.

But then, everything I just told you is a paraphrased plagiarism of Caroll Quigley and his book, “Tragedy & Hope,” written in 1966. Quigley was an insider who was given open access to the Trilateralist archives, so he was in the perfect position to know the truth, but — as with so many who have tried to warn the world — he and his book have been dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ SO, if you dismiss this post, I suppose it’s OK: it won’t reflect on me in any way because — after all — I am just repeating things another man told me through his book. However, if you read a book written 54 years ago, then look at the history of the last 54 years and see that the things in that book have largely happened exactly as the book foretold…. Well, maybe you will come away from this post (or the book) with a bit different view of things.

BTW: All of what I just stated is true. Legally, it is also sufficient reason to open an investigation into all of this. If an investigation were to discover cooperation or coordination between the many different media and polling organizations, that would constitute a violation of the RICO laws. Or, to put it in a simple way that we can all understand, it would make the Democrat Party and all those working with them a criminal organization on par with the mob. In fact, it would make them a political mob. In which case, they should all be prosecuted and the whole establishment dissolved — all of it!

5 thoughts on “About The Media and Those Polls

  1. Your writings are spot on and I very much enjoy reading them. I wish ALL people would see through the charades of the government. I have to teach my young adult children these things because they will never be offered this view, otherwise.

    1. If I ever write anything you hold to be true or valuable, I urge you to print it off. I believe this blog and all voices like mine will be silenced in the coming years — and I mean sooner rather than later. I pray I am wrong, but everything about me says I am not. 😦

  2. I point as many people as I possibly can to read your truth and logic, it is written beautifully. God Bless your work!

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