Only 1 Reason to Object to Asking Citizenship Question on Census

The Democrats are objecting to the inclusion of a question on the coming census that asks whether or not a person is a U.S. citizen.  The objection — at least as stated by Democrat leadership — is that the question might ‘scare’ illegals into not filling out the census form at all.  But why is this a concern?  Well, the answer is actually easy:

The only reason the Democrats want every illegal counted is because they are trying to subvert our system of government.

Now, I understand that many people will object to my assertion, but I am not wrong — and I can prove it.

First, the Democrats have stated that they are fighting this question on the census because they do not want to scare illegals away from answering the census.  Why would this be a problem?  If they are here illegally, government officials should be interested in deporting them, not protecting them.  Well, the only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the Democrats do not want to deport illegals, but they do want to count them on the census.  Now, lets be honest with ourselves: why would elected officials want to ignore their sworn duty to deport illegals while — at the same time — fight to count every illegal in the census?  The answer is:

They want to use illegals to change the face of elected representation in the State and Federal government!

I know this sounds like a ‘conspiracy,’ but that is because it is.  But it is an open conspiracy and the proof is right in front of all who seek to see it.  The first thing we need to do is recognize that it is the Progressives who are doing this — most notably the Left-Wing (i.e. Communist) branch of the Progressive movement.  This is the ‘open borders’ cabal.  Once we accept this, their plan is easy to see and understand.  It goes like this:

1 — Import as many poor, third-world refugees and illegals as possible.

[NOTE: Obama imported a great many immigrants from the Middle East, many of whom are Muslim and, therefore, at odds with the American system of government.  But the Obama Administration also used tax payer money to advertise for and assist illegals from Central America in entering the United States while, at the same time, publicly pretending to be fighting the very thing they were funding.  Look into it.  Beck and the Blaze covered this years ago, and they had the proof.]

2 — Distribute them to the politically ‘red’ (i.e. ‘Conservative’) parts of the United States.

3 — Openly fight to protect these poor refugees and illegals to convince them that the Left-Wing Progressives (i.e. Democrats) are their friends.

4 — Reinforce this effort by giving these poor immigrants and illegals as many welfare benefits as possible.  Not only will this make these people dependent upon the government, it has the added benefit of making all Americans who object to giving their tax money to illegals appear to be ‘anti-immigrant.’

5 — Give illegals the right to vote in U.S. elections.

6 — Make sure illegals are counted in the census for the purpose of changing the political map.  By forcing new groups of people who are all but certain to vote Democrat onto areas of the United States that traditionally vote Republican, the political map is turned from ‘red’ (Republican) to ‘purple’ (politically divided), or even ‘blue’ (Democrat).

7 — Eradicate or go around the Electoral College so as to incorporate as many votes by these poor, dependent immigrants and illegals as possible.

8 — Get your political allies in the schools, entertainment and news media to support your efforts and ridicule/destroy all those who try to stop you.

9 — Once the system has been nationally gerrymandered in this fashion and the Democrat Party has power of all State and Federal government apparatus, make it so that no opposition can ever defeat a Democrat again.

And thus, you have a One-Party system that, if this succeeds, will be Communist in nature and the United States will finally have been destroyed — at which point, the entire world will be plummeted into tyrannical darkness.

Now, before anyone suggests that I am a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ let me once again point you to actual current events.  I would ask you to look, carefully.  Is there evidence to support each and every point of my outline above?  I am convinced that a serious look at what we see happening will force the honest person to say, ‘Yes!’  Each and every point in my outline has been or is currently being executed — and by people within our own government.  Dear reader, that is called subversion and it is illegal!  These people should be charged, prosecuted and jailed!

Well, I doubt anyone in government will care to do anything about this, mostly because they all think they can somehow benefit if and when it succeeds.  Nor do I think the average American will care, if they even believe it.  The only ones who will see the truth in this post and accept it are those who still seek Truth and embrace the rule of law.  Sadly, they — like true Christians — are becoming as rare as gold in this land.


One thought on “Only 1 Reason to Object to Asking Citizenship Question on Census

  1. Not a conspiracy at all. A few years ago, as part of my job, I interviewed several people of Hispanic descent and was asked who I wanted for POTUS. Without revealing who I was going to vote for, I asked why they came into the US. From all the responses I was given, almost all of them told me they wanted an opportunity to succeed. However, no one knew the difference between the two prominent political parties in the US and registered with the party of cookies and ice cream. Needless to say, I was able to open some eyes.

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