Stop Confusing Personal Bigotries with Racism!

If you will please excuse me, I am going to charge head-long through a politically and emotionally charged minefield in an effort to help whoever will take the time to actually listen to and carefully consider what I have to say.  The goal here is to better understand what the modern issue of ‘Racism’ in America is really all about.

First, I wish people would stop accusing people of ‘Racism’ when they really mean ‘bigotry.’  I am not going to bother with the definition of ‘Racism’ — not yet, anyway.  But I am going to ask you to take a moment to read the definition of ‘bigotry:’

For reasons that will soon become clear, I am using the definition of ‘bigotry’ given in the Websters Dictionary 1828:


BIG’OTRY, noun Obstinate or blind attachment to a particular creed, or to certain tenets; unreasonable zeal or warmth in favor of a party, sect or opinion; excessive prejudice.

1. The practice or tenet of a bigot.

Which leads us to the definition of a ‘bigot:’


BIG’OT, noun

1. A person who is obstinately and unreasonably wedded to a particular religious creed, opinion, practice or ritual. The word is sometimes used in an enlarged sense, for a person who is illiberally attached to any opinion, or system of belief; as a bigot to the Mohammedan religion; a bigot to a form of government.

Why did I start with bigotry when I said I was going to discuss Racism in America?  Because of the way the whole issue of ‘Racism’ came to be.  You see, prior to the coining of the term, we still had the problem of Racism, but it was called by different names.  It was discussed using words like ‘bigotry,’ but also ‘prejudice.’  Back then, before the term, ‘Racism,’ was coined, people understood that all humans hold prejudices, and people who hold prejudices against other people based  on matters of race, ethnicity, religion or political ideology had a special form of ‘prejudice’ known as ‘bigotry.’  This is an inherent part of the human condition.  It has always been that way, and, until this universe is remade, with new laws, it will always be that way.  Man cannot change this.  All Man can do is work to insure that bigotry based on things that have no baring on moral law (things like race) are never allowed to become institutionalized in our laws.

According to ‘The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology: The Origins of American English Words,” ‘Racism‘ was first used in 1936, and the term ‘racist,’ in 1932 (pg.630).  Prior to this time, the term, “racist’ and ‘Racism’ were not used in America, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.  What’s more, the term was created in America, by Progressives (i.e. American Socialists).  Now, here is the really interesting part of this story: the Socialists who invented the term, ‘Racism,’ were also part of the Eugenics movement.

I say this is interesting for two reasons.  First, Hitler got his ideas for creating a ‘Master Race’ from these same American Eugenics ‘scientists.’  These are the same Eugenics ‘scientists’ who started Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood was created to eliminate ‘undesirables‘ from American society.  In this case, this primarily meant the elimination of the negro race.  This work continues today, and for the same reasons.

But there is another reason the term, ‘Racism,’ was invented: to use it as a hammer against the culture the Progressives wanted to destroy — namely America.  By linking the notion of ‘Racism’ with the history of slavery in America, the Progressives have been able to create a political weapon that uses America’s cultural shame over the history of slavery to coerce government and business into doing what the Progressives demand of them.  If government and industry to not comply, they are supporting Racism.  It is also used to silence anyone who objects to the Progressive agenda.  If opponents do not shut up, they are labeled a ‘Racist’ and destroyed.  But none of this has anything to do with fighting institutional Racism based on racial bigotry or discrimination.  We know this because the Progressives were born out of the very same people who defended slavery in America.  Progressives come from the same stock of people who created the Jim Crow laws after the Civil War.  Progressives helped to create the KKK.  Progressives created Planned Parenthood to eliminate as many Negros as possible.  Progressives wrote and defended the segregation laws in the 1960’s.  Today, these same Progressives claim to be fighting ‘Racism,’ but, in truth, they are the actual racists in our society, and they are using America’s shame over our history of slavery and real Racism to destroy the nation.

This is what ‘Racism’ is in America today: a political weapon that is being used to coerce government and corporate policy and to silence and destroy any and all of their political opponents.  In short, it is a highly specialized form of Political Correctness.  It has no concern for minorities or race relations.  The truth is, the people who are using ‘Racism’ as a weapon are the very people who created the term and the practice.  They are the true racists in American society, and they have demonstrated this by destroying the very people they claim to be fighting to protect.  They defend Planned Parenthood even though Planned Parenthood was created to eliminate minorities.  They claim to be trying to help minorities by creating welfare programs even though it has been shown that these same welfare programs have destroyed the minority communities they were supposed to help.  Now they are destroying civil discourse and cultural unity in this country by claiming they are fighting to improve race relations.  And they do all of this by wielding the hammer they created: ‘Racism.’

Look, the Socialists (Progressives, etc) are not wrong in their observations (which is why they are so dangerous).  Institutionalized bigotry based on race is very real.  But it can only be addressed when it is just that: institutionalized. By ‘institutional Racism,’ I mean ‘Racism’ that is created, mandated and supported by law.   That is true ‘Racism:’ when it is a matter of law.  But this will not help the people who cray ‘Racism!’ in our society today because — honestly — we have not had institutional bigotry since the 1960’s.  Which means, America is no longer a ‘Racist’ nation.  So, if the Socialist admits this, how can they keep using the powerful and effective weapon they created?  The answer is: they can’t.  Therefore, their only coarse of action is to ignore reality and keep crying Racism by moving from real, institutional racism to individual prejudices and bigotries.  But that is tyranny in the truest sense because it demands that every individual conform to the way the Socialist says they must think.  In a free society, especially a Society organized to operate under Natural Law, the right to hold prejudices and bigotries against other people is not only a right, but a duty.  And while it may be wrong to hold a prejudice based on skin color, that is still a personal right in a free society.  Government has no business getting involved in individual prejudices.  To the extent that it assures bigotry based on race is not mandated by law, that is the limit of governmental authority in a free society.  But this is not enough for the ‘Race Baiters’ in our society today.  If they recognize the truth of reality, they lose one of their most potent weapons in the advancement of their tyranny.

Look, there is so much here that I wish I could explain, but it would require me to literally write a book to do so.  All I can do is urge you to start researching this for yourself because I know, if you do so, you will eventually realize that I am telling people the truth.  I do not make things up because I don’t have to do so.  The reality here is horrifying enough.  All I have to do is report it.  If the reader has any moral fiber at all, that will be enough to shock their conscience sensibilities.  But, for those who do not seek or even recognize the Truth, no amount of writing will ever reach them.  Their minds are literally depraved.  This is the state of the real ‘Socialist:’ the person who knows and understands what they are doing and why.  However, I do not excuse the rank-and-file ‘Socialist.’  By willingly aligning themselves with the real Socialist, whether knowingly or out of ignorance, the rank-and-file still allies themselves to evil.  For that, there can be no excuse.  There can be forgiveness — if the rank-and-file recognizes their mistake and turns away from it —  but their alliance with evil cannot be excused.



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