Where Do Socialists Find Their Angels?

How many times have you heard a Socialist accusing Capitalists of being rich, heartless and/or greedy?  If I have heard it once, I have heard it…, well, just about every time I try to listen to a Socialist.  The Capitalist — all Capitalists — are heartless and greedy and they get rich by exploiting the labor of their employees.  And, though they never say so, the Socialist almost always implies that this makes them morally superior to the Capitalist.  The solution is always the same: put the morally superior Socialist in charge of correcting the immoral system of Capitalism by putting the Socialist in charge of the government.  Well, where — exactly — have these Socialists found the angels necessary to run this perfectly altruistic government the want to set up for us?  Because, the last time I checked, all governments are run by people, and all people share the same moral failings; among which are greed and a lack of concern for the welfare of those who stand in the way of them satisfying their personal desires.  Or, to put it another way, no one is above being or doing evil — especially when they are in control of the government.

I am serious about this: where are these Socialist angels?  Unless they can be produced for the rest of us to examine, I am going to hold the Socialist in much less esteem than the Capitalist.  This is because the Capitalist is much more honest than the Socialist.  The Capitalist admits that he/she is working to make a profit.  They do not make any secret about what they are willing to pay those who wish to work for them.  Paying an employee is not ‘exploitation,’ it is a mutually agreed upon contract between the employer and employee.  By definition, it is impossible for such an arrangement to meet the criteria for ‘exploitation.’  Nor does the Capitalist apologize if they are successful and manage to acquire a great deal of wealth.  The Capitalist admits to all of this, but the Socialist never admits to his/her true agenda.

The Socialist is just as greedy as the Capitalist.  Just listen to them.  Everything they want and do to get it is driven by the desire for more money, and — with that money — the acquisition of power — so they can acquire more money.  But the Socialist cannot see themselves as they really are or, if they do see it, they will not admit it.  Neither will the Socialist be honest about what they offer their supporters.  Whereas the Capitalist is honest about the wage he/she offers employees, and the product or service they offer their customers, the Socialist offers lies about how much more money they will give to those who support/vote for them and lies about where that money will come from.  When the Socialist gets into power, the only people who seem to end up with more money is the Socialist.  The people who supported them always seem to get poorer, and more dependent upon the Socialist, which creates a dependency the Socialist then exploits to acquire more money and power.  In short, the Socialist becomes a corrupt Capitalist whose ‘capital’ is the people and whose product is dependency.

The Socialist also likes to call the Capitalist evil.  Why?  Because the Socialist is jealous of the Capitalist  You see, those employees that the Socialist claims are being exploited agreed to work for the money that the Capitalist offered them.  If they are not happy with what they agreed to do, they can leave, and go do something else — like start their own business.  However, if the employee wishes to work for the Capitalist, then the Capitalist pays them to learn a skill while being part of a business that serves other people.  But the Socialist — who lacks any socially redeeming skill set — looks at this relationship and says that it is heartless.  The Socialist claims that the worker is stuck, and has no choice but to work for the Capitalist.  Thus, the employee is really a victim of the Capitalist, and the only reason the employee is not as rich as the Capitalist is because the Capitalist is stealing the employees labor.  Therefore, if the employee wants to make what the Socialist tells him/her they deserve, all the employee has to do is vote for the Socialist. What’s more, as soon as the employee starts voting for the Socialist, the employee immediately becomes a ‘virtuous victim class.’  See how much more the Socialist cares about the ‘working class’ than the Capitalist?  In fact, the Socialist cares so much, he erases the employees individual identity and turns him in to a ‘class.’  Surely it goes without saying that this makes the Socialist a better, more moral person than the Capitalist can ever be — right?  WRONG!  All that happens when the Socialist gains control is the employee gets exploited by the Socialist who, now that they are in government, lives off the taxes of the employee — taxes the Socialist immediately raises in the name of ‘justice’ for the employee’s new ‘class,’ a class the Socialist is now exploiting.

On the other hand, the Capitalist has a rare skill set.  If it was not rare, then everyone would be a Capitalist.  But most people are employees, not Capitalists.  Why?  Because most employees lack the skill set required to get pass the government hurtles of licensing and regulating necessary to let them raise the money to buy the property and equipment and to buy the raw materials and to hire and train the employees  necessary to produce a product that serves other people and to then market and distribute that product at a profit so the Capitalist can pay the necessary taxes and wages to keep the whole process going.  Oh, and if any of the links in this chain fails, it is the Capitalist who goes bankrupt.  The employee just takes the skill set their failed employer paid to teach them down the road and uses that skill set to work for the failed employer’s competition.  However, if the Capitalist succeeds, he/she might eventually offer stocks in their company so they can raise the money to grow that business, which means they will hire even more people.  Oh, and by selling stock in their business, they give people who lack the skills needed to do what they do a chance to buy part of their company.  So, what is the Capitalist really doing?  The Capitalist is risking everything to give other people a job helping him/her make a product or provide a service that makes the lives of other people better.  If the Capitalist fails to do this, they go out of business.  So, when we are honest about the Capitalist, we see that he/she serves other people by giving them jobs and by making a product or providing a service that makes the lives of other humans better.  Still, according to the Socialist, this is all greed.  It can only be a virtue when the Capitalist focuses on making hi/her employees rich and nothing more.  Therefore, the Capitalist is evil because he/she only cares about his/her own profits.  What could be more clear than that?

But what about the Socialist?  What does the Socialist do that gives people a job or produces a product or a service that actually makes the lives of other people better?  Nothing!  The Socialist does not produce anything, nor do they provide a service.  They only exist to exploit.  Either they live off the government or off grant money from other Socialists, but, either way, they live off the product of others without returning anything of value in return.  In the first case, where the Socialist lives off the government, the Socialist is ultimately stealing from the Capitalist by way of taxes.  This means the Socialist is also exploiting the employee to make themselves rich.  Worse, the Capitalist is forced to pay to support the Socialist, who is using the force of government to destroy the Capitalist’s business, put their employees out of work and leave their customers without the products and services they are trying to provide.  Or, put another way, the Socialist is trying to destroy the Capitalist to satisfy the Socialists thirst for money and power.

Then there is the Socialist who is funded by the likes of people such as George Soros.  Yes, Soros has made his money from Capitalism, but he is actually one of the people the Socialist claims to oppose.  Socialist Capitalists are actually the people from whom the Socialist claims to be protecting the working class.  This is because the Socialist Capitalist is actually a Fascist, which is when business gets in to bed with their Socialist buddies already in the government to pass laws that put their competition out of business.  This makes the Socialist-owned businesses more profitable, which allows George Soros to then manipulate the stock market and even the currency of other nations, thereby destroying the retirement savings of millions of people for his own personal gain.  Soros then takes that ill-gotten gain and uses it to put more Socialists in office so he can repeat the cycle, only on a grander scale.  And the whole time, the people helping Soros steal from the masses are pointing their fingers at real, honest Capitalists and blaming the system of Capitalism for the destruction they and their Socialist business partners have actually created.  Worse still, these Socialists have the nerve to demand that we think of them as the moral and virtual people in all of this.

So we arrive back at my original question:

Given that Socialism is a morally corrupt system, and that any and all who support a morally corrupt system are corrupt, themselves, where are such morally corrupt people going to find the angels that will be necessary to run a government which will be free of their same brand of moral corruption?

Dear reader, I have just explained the moral flaw in the entire Socialist platform: the Socialists are actually the people against whom they claim to be protecting you.  Look at what they say, then compare it to what they and their supporters do.  If you look hard enough, long enough, you will find that they are the ones doing the things they accuse the Capitalist of doing, which means they are the ones with the moral failures they assign to the Capitalist.  The Socialist is the one whose entire system is based on greed, not Capitalism.  The Socialist is the one who can only exist by exploiting others, not Capitalism.  Ultimately, when we examine how it works in practice, we will find that — while Capitalism can be corrupted — it is Socialism that actually starts out corrupt.  It’s very foundation is built upon false assumptions that go against the basic principles of Natural Law.  As such, it is not possible to make Socialism a ‘good’ system unless it is — literally — run by angels, and angels who have not fallen, at that.  This is because all men are prone to moral failings.  Therefore, the men and women the Socialists put into power to ‘fix’ the supposed failings of Capitalism are going to be just as greedy and heartless and will want to be just as rich as the Capitalist they are meant to replace.  Which then means that the Socialist will solve nothing: they will just replace the Capitalist with themselves — which is what they actually want but will not admit.  So, for the last time:

Where are these angels the Socialists need to run their government?

4 thoughts on “Where Do Socialists Find Their Angels?

      1. There will always be those who will only add fuel to the fire, but I appreciate the explanation of the false premise arguments and the clarification of the fundamental distinctions between Socialism and Capitalism. You have an ability to articulate the basic truths of a very politicized narrative. Many will appreciate that.

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