LESSONS IN LOGIC: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ PROOF that Left is ANTI-Democracy!

Our friends on the American Left are always talking about ‘democracy.’  They want us to believe they are the Party that supports and defends ‘democracy.’  Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth.  The American Left wants nothing to do with ‘democracy.’  What they seek is a One-party rule where the people get to chose between the two candidates that One Party chooses to give them.  The evidence that this is true has been with us for some time (look at how they rigged their own primary against Sanders).  But now, ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ is demonstrating just how factually true this is!

First, let us understand that the United States is not a democracy.  Our founders rejected the idea of a democracy — and for good reason.  This country is a republic, and that is why it has survived for so long.  But the American left wants us to believe that we are a democracy, that there is some sort of moral superiority in the notion of a democracy, and that they — alone — are the sole defender of this notion of democracy.  It is what they have been pushing for ever since Woodrow Wilson and the rise of the Progressive movement.  The problem is, ‘democracy’ means majority rule, and in this country, where the republican safeguards are still in nominal affect, the Left has yet to obtain the tyranny of the majority they seek.

If you have ever wondered why the American Left always pushes the notion of ‘popular vote,’ this is what it is all about: forcing true democracy on this nation so they can use the 5-7 largest cities to seize and hold power over the rest of this nation forever.  It is also why they push for illegal aliens to be allowed to flow across our borders.  The more illegals that enter our country and become dependent on the government, the more voters they have to manufacture the popular majority they seek.  Once they have enough dependent people, those people become easily manipulated into voting for the Left and the One-Party tyranny will be achieved.  At least, this is the plan [Note: this is not my opinion, but the plan that has actually been spelled out by Progressive leaders since Woodrow Wilson.]

On the surface, this at least appears to support the Leftist claims that they support democracy.  But this is a false image.  If the Left had not seized control over our schools, and we were still teaching civics to our children, then people would realize that this nation is a federation.  This means we are a collection of 50 independent States.  Each State has a certain number of votes for President, based on the population of that State.  This is what the Electoral College is all about.  So, when a majority of the States vote for one Person to be President, that is a majority vote.  If a person understands our system, and they believe in ‘democracy,’ that should end things.  The majority of States want Person A, and the majority of States vote for Person A, Person A becomes President — period!  Democracy in action!  But no!  Not if Person A is not the Let’s candidate.  In that case, it suddenly becomes about the number of people in the nation as a whole, and not the States. This is what the Left has been screaming about Trump: that he lost the majority vote (and several other recent Presidential elections where their candidate lost because of the Electoral Congressional process).  And that means the Left actually does not believe in democracy!!!

This needs to be explained.  Again, on the surface, it would appear that the simple majority should decide who is President.  Well, this nation does not work that way.  That is because WE ARE NOT REALLY A NATION!!!  We never have been. We are a federation!  We are a cooperative made up of 50 individual nations.  The Federal government governs each State, but it is not and has never been a ‘National’ government.  So, the people who are really electing the President are the States.  We vote to tell our State who to vote for, but this does not mean we all vote as one combined nation.  We do not!  We only vote for the person we want our State to chose and nothing more.  So, when the Left complains that the majority voted for their candidate, what they are really saying is they do not care about the other States, they want 3-5 States to dictate to the other 45.  Now, where is the ‘democracy’ in that?

Here, I’ll try to make this easier to understand.  See this map?  The American Left wants the people living in the blue areas to be able to tell all the people in the red areas how they have to live:


But it doesn’t stop there.  The Left wants illegals to be allowed to vote, and they do not want people to have to present an ID card so they can vote in more than one place or State — or so the dead can continue to vote.  In many places, the Left has more people vote than are actually registered.  And I say the Left because — when you look into this — these things happen in areas predominantly dominated by Democrats (i.e. the American Left).  So, again, I ask:

Where is the ‘democracy’ in any of this?

The truth — the actual state of reality — is that the American Left does not want democracy.  If it did, it would have accepted the will of the American People and it would not be trying to undermine a duly elected President.  But they have rejected the American people.  The Left wants what it wants and it is even calling for the military to stage a coup to get its way.

Now, in a rational world, the American people would recognize that all of this is subversion and sedition; that it is illegal; and the American People would be demanding that all the people on the Left acting in such manner be charged, tried, convicted and jailed accordingly.  But this is the problem: there are too many people already dependent on the American Left for their living, and too many aligned with the corrupt forces on the American Right, which means there are no longer enough honest people left in this nation to affect any real change.  We know this to be true because no one on the right is calling for charges to be filed against these subversive and seditious elements on the Left.  And none of this even mentions the corruption of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department and Intelligence Community — all set up by the Left to operate as a ‘Deep State’ that can and does override the authority of the duly elected government of this nation.

Dear reader.  Make absolutely no mistake here:

The Left does not care about ‘democracy:’ the Left only wants control over you!

But the Right is no different.  The Right seeks the same thing, they just haven’t been exposed yet.  There are reasons for this (mostly that the Right still contains a few too many decent people who have not seen the truth yet, or who have yet to be corrupted, themselves).  However, the American Right is already well down the path the American Left started down in the early 20th Century.  Ultimately, the destination will be the same, the only difference will be Communism on the Left or Fascism on the Right.  But, either way, those who have embraced government as their god will be the ultimate cause of their own demise.  Unfortunately, they will be taking the rest of us with them…


[NOTE: To all those readers who may be inclined to believe I am a Trump supporter: nothing could be farther from the truth.  I am on long-standing record here as being opposed to Trump, and I still am.  However, I have eyes and I can see what both sides are doing and compare their actions to what I know their ideologues have written in the past and I can see the writing on the wall.  The question for you, dear reader, is can you see it?]

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