LESSONS IN LOGIC: About the Left’s Claim that Capitalism Is/Has Failed

If you listen, you will hear people on the Left constantly complaining about how our system is broken and that this is ‘proof’ that Capitalism does not work.  Well, I have a different understanding of what most people mean when they say ‘Capitalism,’ but we’ll set that aside for the moment and assume the Left means the ‘free market’ does not work.  If this is the case — and I’m pretty sure this is what they really mean — then the Left has one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny little problem with their claim:


Yes, you read that correctly.  What’s more, it is 100% absolutely, positively and totally undeniably correct!  In other words, it is a fact and cannot be argued with — at least, not by sane, rational people who understand the rules of logic, especially the role played by ‘definitions’ within the system of logic and right reason.

Confused?  No worries.  I can explain:

Under Capitalism/Free Market rules, the government does not govern or regulate the market.  It simply provides a neutral arbiter who decided between two or more Parties in whatever civil disagreements that might arise.

Under the system we have now, the government does not do this.  Instead, the government plays favorites, and even picks winners and losers.  It also regulates to the point of strangling new and emerging markets or businesses.  In short, we have a Socialist system that allows some aspects of Capitalism/The Free Market.  Our current system does this because it is necessary.  You see, Socialism cannot exist without some form of Capitalism/Free Market economy upon which to feed.  This is because Socialism is a parasite: it does not and cannot exist without a Capitalist/Free Market and it never will.

Therefore, when the Left tells you that our current system is broken, that part is absolutely true — because Socialism, never works — never has — and it never will!  So, YES!  Our current system is broken — because it is Socialist in nature.

However, when that same Leftist tells you that this proves Capitalism does not work, do not listen to them!  They do not know what they are saying or — worse — they know they are lying and don’t care.  Either way, they are not your friend — not unless you actually want to live under a tyrannical rule of self-appointed elites who seek to manage every single decision you will ever make and then expect you to thank them and praise them for their moral clarity and benevolence.  Now, if that is what you want, then, by all means, throw your lot in with the Left.  But, if you like your lifestyle, or ever hope to improve it, you need to reject the lies of the Left.  Instead, ask them to explain  — if we live under this supposed lawless Capitalist/Free Market system — how do they explain:

–ANY government regulation of business operations?

— Minimum wage laws?

— Govt. defense of unions at the expense of the employer?

— The FDA?

— The EPA?

— In fact, any and all govt. regulatory agencies?

— Labor laws — of any type?

— Business licenses?

— Professional licenses?

All of these and more are products of a Socialist/Progressive/Liberal agenda, and all of them are enemies to Capitalist/Free Market systems.  And yet, we have all of these things and more in abundance.  By definition, this means our current system is not Capitalist/Free Market, but Socialist.  So, if the system is failing — as the Left claims — how is it the fault of Capitalism/The Free Market?  Ask your Leftist friend to explain all this to you and, if they can’t (which they won’t be able to), then kindly suggest to them that they need to leave their iPod, iPad, notebook, laptop, smart-phone and yuppie clothes with you and go live in Venezuela for 6 months.  Then — and only then — will they be educated enough to come talk to you about the utopia of Socialism in its true form.

OH!  And if they try to tell you that Venezuela doesn’t count because Socialism wasn’t “done right” in that country, explain to them that it certainly was.  You see, the more Socialism a country has, the more Cuba/Venezuela it will be.  This is because it is impossible to ‘do Socialism right.’  One cannot continually subtract without ever adding and still come up with ever increasing sums — which is what Socialism is: the continual taking without ever adding or creating while constantly claiming to have created more than it had when it started.  This is why, the more Socialist a society becomes, the poorer it gets.  This has always been the way Socialism works, and it always will be.  It’s called Natural Law!


OK, now that I have argued we are not a Capitalist/Free Market, let me urge the reader to read the following post: because we are a ‘Capitalist’ system, we’re just not a ‘Free Market’ — and the differences are crucial:

IMPORTANT JUXTAPOSITIONS: Capitalism vs The Free Market


[NOTE: Yes!  I am openly hostile to the notion of Socialism.  I consider it a parasitic organism.  It feeds off the very thing which created it: success!  Were it not for the success of Capitalism and the Free Market, Socialism would never have been invented.  This is because there wouldn’t have been anyone with enough wealth to support the spoiled little brats who created these poisonous ideas.  Lest we forget, the man credited for dreaming up this scourge on human civilization was so utterly worthless that he allowed his own children to starve rather than get gainful employment so that he might care for his own responsibilities.  Instead of being a productive member of Society, Marx blamed his plight on others and sought sanctification for being morally superior in his design to cure his imagined wrongs — which really amounted to little more than sloth and envy.  Well, nearly two centuries later, nothing has changed: we still have people who create nothing selling their dreams of Socialist utopia to other slothful and envious people for power and control over the very people who gave them their power and control.  As I said at the first: Socialism is a parasite and the only thing it does is consume until — eventually — it kills its host.  At which time, all that is left is ruin, which is the perfect breeding ground for tyranny.  So, yes, I am and will ever be hostile to Socialism, as I am toward all forms of human enslavement.]

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