NATURAL LAW IN CURRENT EVENTS: Trump, the Russians and the Boys and Girls Who Cried Wolf

One of the main reasons so many people dismiss the notion of Natural law is that they do not recognize it when they see it asserting itself in their daily lives.  Well, the melt-down over Trump’s press conference after his meeting with Putin is a perfect example of Natural Law asserting itself.  You just have to know what you’re looking for before you’ll see it, but once you see it, you can never ‘un-see’ it.  In fact, you’ll start seeing it everywhere.  In this case, we start with the fable of the boy who cried wolf.

Now before we go on, let’s set this table a little bit.  IN the case of Trump, the media and our politicians — on both sides of the isle — are the boy and the Russians are the wolf (Trump really does not factor into this, and, if I succeed in what I am trying to show you, you’ll soon understand why).

Now, let’s go back just a short few years and have a look at a few stories.

The ‘boys and girls’ on the Left and in the Left-wing (i.e. ‘main stream’) media did not see a wolf in this story:

Or this one (Hillary and the Uranium One story):

Or here (the Pakistani ‘insider’ hack of the DNC and Congress):

But now the Left wants everyone to think that the Wolf (i.e. Russians) are ‘at the door.’  Whether or not this may be true, the for any rational person is: Why should I believe the ‘boys and girls’ on the Left?

But let’s keep going.  The ‘boys and girls’ on the Left and Right never really gave us any proof that Obama’s birth certificate exists and is real.  Now stay with me here.  Don’t dismiss me because you think I am going to start in on a conspiracy theory.  The point I am making is that no independent or neutral/disinterested party was ever allowed to examine the supposed birth certificate.  We were simply told to “Take our word for it.”  Now, ‘boys and girls’ on both side of the isle are telling us to ‘Take our word for it” when they tell us there is evidence of a Russian ‘hack’ of the DNC and/or collusion with Trump.  But, so far as we know, no law enforcement agency has actually been allowed to examine the DNC server(s), yet — somehow — they have indicted 12 Russian officers for this alleged crime.  Do you see the pattern?  They have cried “Wolf!” But where is the wolf?  All they have given us is “Take our word for it.”

APPLIED LOGIC: About that Indictment of Those 12 Russian Officers

Now, these same ‘boys and girls’ on the Left and Right are telling us Trump has committed treason!  Well, they did not see treason when Obama actually committed it.  In case you missed or forgot about it, here are just three examples of real treason that no one is or will do anything about:

When Obama gave military aid to Libya, he did so after the same Intelligence agencies we’re now being told to trust told Congress — in open hearings — that the Libyan rebels were Al Qaeda!  The Constitution defines this as high treason.  No one said or did anything.

Benghazi was about collecting the weapons Obama had given to Al Qaeda so they could then be transferred to ISIS, another declared enemy of the United States.  This was another act of treason, but none of the ‘boys and girls’ now crying wolf said or did anything about it.

And how about this?  Where are the charges against this individual?

Democrat Congressman Calls For a Coup

So far, I have shown you just a handful of recent examples where these ‘boys and girls’ have failed to see a real wolf, and have cried wolf without ever showing us hard proof of its existence.  So far, we’ve just been told “Trust us!”  Now — be honest — why would any rational person trust the word of these ‘boys and girls’ when both sides have demonstrated they do not see real wolves that are right in front of them, but claim to see wolves where reasonable people cannot?

Let’s keep going…

Why would a reasonable person — in this case, Trump — ever do or say anything that would give credibility to the FBI or U.S. Intelligence system when it has been shown they are not only corrupt, but are actively trying to use their position inside the government to frame trump for collusion with the Russians?

In fact, if Trump had spoken in such a way as to give credibility to the agencies trying to destroy him, he would have essentially been saying these agencies are correct in their claims that Trump colluded with Russia.  After all, they cannot be correct about their accusations against Russia while being incorrect about their accusations against Trump when the two are connected.  SO, if Trump had done as these people demand, he would have been handing them grounds to impeach him.  Now, if you are innocent — as Trump claims to be — why would you do anything that makes you appear to have admitted guilt on an international stage?

Now, here is the part where Natural Law shows itself:

IF you are a rational person — a person whose adherence is to reason and the rules of logic — you have no reason to believe Trump colluded with the Russians, or that the Russians actually hacked the DNC.  In fact, a rational person has every reason to believe that the American Left, as well as their allies in the media, are thoroughly corrupt and are both guilty of subversion.  There is evidence of this, but no real evidence of Russian hacking or Trump-Russia collusion.  In fact, there is actually evidence of Hillary/Obama – Russia collusion.  So, when we ad this all up, what we have is proof that Natural Law dictates that a free society must be open and honest, and that the rule of law can never be ignored — especially where high ranking officials are concerned.  If a society is not open and honest, and the law is not enforced — especially against government officials — then that society will collapse!  And, when a free society collapses — especially do to corruption at the level we are seeing — it always falls into tyranny.

You see, people can only ignore Natural Law for so long before it starts to assert itself.  If one spends without restraint for too long, as all Socialist systems do, the economy eventually collapses (as it does in all Socialist systems).  If one lies for too long, one eventually looses all credibility — even with other liars.  And, if the government of a free society becomes corrupt and is allowed to remain corrupt for too long, that society will eventually become enslaved by that corrupt government.  The problem for America is that — in a free society — the government cannot remain corrupt until after the people have become thoroughly corrupt, which makes in near impossible to clean up the corruption in the government, which in turn all but guarantees a return to tyranny!


[NOTE: For those who still do not see it, the media and our politicians — on both sides of the isle — have been ignoring real wolves and screaming wolf at false wolves for so long that the few reasonable people left in our nation no longer believe them — just like the villagers in the fable.  All that remains now is to see whether or not there are enough villagers left to replace this shepherd boy, or has he (the media and politicians) done so much to corrupt the people that we will all be eaten by a new tyrant.]


3 thoughts on “NATURAL LAW IN CURRENT EVENTS: Trump, the Russians and the Boys and Girls Who Cried Wolf

  1. Thanks for the clear picture and examples. I will play devils advocate on one point. In Benghazi, weren’t we told the weapons given to Al Qaeda were gathered to give (or sold) to moderate “freedom fighters” in Syria against ISIS? A guise to cover for giving (selling) to ISIS or ignorance?

    1. That’s what we were TOLD (by our media), but the rest of the world reported that we were giving those weapons to rebels connected to ISIS.

      This is the part of the story where people have to understand Islam and Obama’s up-bringing. Obama was NOT acting out of ignorance in the way he handled his policies in the Middle East. In fact, he was F-A-R more understanding in many ways than even our own intelligence communities. In everything Obama did, he was working to help Iran and Shi’a Islam, and that can get confusing — especially since even the different factions inside the Muslim world will side with their enemies to further their immediate goals.

      Anyway, the end story is that our media lies to us — and we know it. Our govt. (especially the Obama Administration) lies to us — and we know it. But, when the rest of the world is unanimous on something, and they agree that our media is not telling the truth — sadly — I have to go with the rest of the world. It didn’t used to be that way, but Cronkite (no angel, himself) has been dead for a long time now… 😦

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