AMERICAN CONSERVATISM DEFINED (this one’s an important history lesson)

From my older work on The Rio Norte Line. This explains why ‘Conservatism’ should never be mistaken for the political principles and ideals upon which this nation was originally founded:

The Rio Norte Line

There has been a reoccurring exchange between several RNL readers over the definition of American Conservatism, so when I noticed it coming up again in the comment section of a recent post, I thought I might offer a little historical background on this subject – especially since it is square in the middle of my wheelhouse.  But before I do, I want to make a full disclosure: as a philosophy student and – at the time – the only conservative student in my entire department – I developed a healthy measure of skepticism for Sir Edmund Burke.  So much so that I made myself an enemy of the only conservative professor in the entire department by calling Burke an idiot.  To this day I stand by that comment.  So, having made it plainly clear that I do not like the end result of the man’s philosophy, let me now explain…

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