PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: If You Use Shootings To Push Gun Control, You Should Not Be Allowed To Vote!

Yes, you read that correctly.  What’s more, it is 100% correct:

If you chose to use the Islamic attack in Orlando as an excuse to push more gun control, you should not be allowed to vote!

This is how it works:

We are all born with certain inalienable rights.  Among them is the right to life.  Inherent in a right is the right to defend your rights.  This includes the right to self-defense because, if you do not have a right to defend it, then you do not really have a right to your own life.

Any free and self-governing society is bound to protect and preserve these inalienable right.  This includes the rights of people with who you disagree.  If you have a right to live, so do they.  If you have a right to speak, so do they.  In fact, anything you claim a right o must be fully reciprocal, otherwise, it is not and cannot be a right!  And if it is fully reciprocal, then you have a duty to protect it for others — especially when you do not like them!  Therefore, if you wish to have your rights protected and preserved, then you have a duty to protect and preserve the rights of every other citizen in your society.

However, if you have a fear of inanimate objects — and a gun is an inanimate object — then you are irrational.  Furthermore, if you cannot control that fear, then you are also a coward.  An irrational coward cannot be trusted to do what is right in the face of a fear they cannot control.  Therefore, they should not — musty not be allowed to vote! What’s more, a free society has the right — nay, duty to deny such people the right to vote as they are a clear and present danger to every citizen of that society.

Anyone who disagrees with this identifies themselves as someone who should not be voting in a free and self-governing society.  They are either too cowardly or to… Well, honestly, too stupid to be trusted with such a crucial duty.

Seriously, folks: how can you look at Chicago and come away arguing that gun control works?  Only a person out of touch with reality can make such a claim and believe it.  The rest are lying for their own political gain, and those people not only should not be allowed to vote…they should be jailed!

Yes, Obama, I mean you!  You and everyone else calling for gun control when you know it does not work should be jailed for subversion!

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