PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Promoting Illegal Aliens and Voting Violates The Social Contract

We have more than 20+ million illegal aliens in this nation and our current Administration has been using tax payer money to advertise for more.  Yes, Obama has taken money that was allocated — by Congress — for other purposes and used it to advertise in South and Central American countries for children to come to America.  Then he used tax payer money to help bring them to the U.S. and locate them in strategically positioned cities.  The purpose is to then bring their families to the States using the argument that “since their children are still here and you can’t punish the children…”  This is lawlessness on the part of Obama and his entire Administration. Not only is this breaking our immigration laws, it is the primary purpose of the President — to protect the nation from foreign invasion.  And that is what this is: 20+ million people crossing into your nation from a given region or culture is — by definition — an invasion.

The other violation of the Social Contract in this mess is the push to let these illegals vote.  If an illegal alien can vote, then you are telling the world they just need to sneak into the country to destroy it.  China has 40+ million they can spare, and that is close to 2/3rds of the total number who typically vote in our national elections.  So, all China needs to do is send 40+ million to the U.S. to sneak in, go on welfare and register to vote.  After bankrupting the nation, they can then vote for whoever they are told and the nation is no more.  This is essentially what Obama is doing: trying to destroy America as founded by importing illegals to bankrupt us and destroy us by voting for even more bankruptcy by electing Democrats.  In the process, he can also guarantee 1-Party rule forever.

Folks, what is happening with illegals is nothing short of an attempt to destroy this nation — period!  And it started a long time ago.  Since then, it has been promoted by people in both ‘Parties,’ which is yet another indication that there is really only one Party pretending to be two.  When we look at policy, we see a consistent attempt on the part of both Democrats and Republicans to destroy America as founded.  They have their Patriot Act (for watching everything you do), their Obamacare (for controlling everything you do) and their perversion act known as gay marriage (to destroy your faith/religion and free speech).  The only thing they need now is to finalize Amnesty and we will be no more.  And make no mistake: the destruction of America as it was founded is their goal: it is and has been the goal of all Marxists since Marxism was born!

9 thoughts on “PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Promoting Illegal Aliens and Voting Violates The Social Contract

  1. Joe,

    At least the illegals get the credit for helping the marxist turn this country into the same cesspool they fled.

    Defies all logic.

    1. Actually, I am not so sure they aren’t fleeing from a failed attempt to implement Marxism for a better one in the US. We give away more than any other nation I know. A welfare king/queen can make close to $75 K in total benefits — if they know how to game the system, that is. Why would anyone want to work if they can be middle class for doing little more than voting D every few years?

  2. Joe,

    We are looking at buying a helicopter out of Turkey so I called a good friend of min in Athens, Greece to see if he could run over and do a pre-purchase inspection.

    Everyday they have to go to the ATM to get their 50 to 60 euros to live on. Monday they find out if the bailout occurs or the banks close. Everywhere you look around the world the economies are starting to die.

    In our business we talk with with friends around the world on a daily basis and its the same story. Socialist countries are dying a slow death and it’s going to continue to accelerate. Keynesian economics implementation in defiance of Gods Law and his Natural Law is going to take it’s toll regardless of what the politicians and the banks do.

    Its going to be a wild ride the next 18 months if we can even survive that long.

    1. chhelo,

      Yes, I am aware of this. My business deals with customers and business partners in every corner of the world, so I am well aware of the problem. 🙂

      BTW: we have a rather successful helo repair plant just up the road from us. He started out servicing helicopters, but now has all the re-building he can handle. Must be that some things do well no matter what the economic circumstances 🙂

    2. Chhelo,

      I am curious. Do those you interact with overseas Know and understand that Socialism has caused all this ?

      And do they understand Natural Law and that socialism is in defiance of God’s law ? Or are they so indoctrinated that they are deaf to Truth. I’d be interested in what reactions you get when speaking the Truth to them ??

  3. DonAmeche,
    They know enough to call people who seek the truth about the debt base Ponzi scheme radicals and conspiracy theorist. Most are so programmed that they will defend the very system that is sucking the life out of humanity.

    1. NO! Without borders, you have no nation. Without a nation, you have no law — no society. Nations (i.e. governments and their corresponding legal systems) are formed through social contracts. By definition, this makes borderlessness is lawlessness because it is impossible to form a social contract with all people, everywhere.

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