NATURAL LAW IN HISTORY: Guess Which Country This Is?

Before I comment, please read the following, and as you do, ask yourself about which country this was written:

“As nations we have got[ten] fat and lazy.  We possessed great Empires, earned for us by the sweat and blood of our ancestors, that we would not take sufficient care to defend… People have thought only of what they could get from the State, not of what they can give…. Add, too, the Pacifist movement of recent years, the influx of undesirable aliens of all kings, the self-satisfied outlook on affairs, the failure of religion, the absence of leadership — all of these things have contributed to our disaster…”

OK, no Googling.  Who wrote this and to whom was he referring?  The answer is Henry Pownall, chief of staff to Lord Gort, commander of the BEF in France during 1940.  He was writing about the conditions of both England and France during the period leading up to WW II.

So what does this have to do with America today, you ask?  Well, if you honestly asked that question, you either did not read Pownall’s comments very closely, or you simply cannot see the connections between the things man does and the consistently inevitable results.  These results are consistently inevitable because they are driven by Natural Law.  And while they may take different forms or appearances, the symptoms and  results is always the same: the moral decay followed by the inevitable destruction of the nation that ignored those Natural Laws.

However, if, on the other hand, you do see the connections, then you know full well that Pownall could just as easily have been writing about modern day Europe and/or America.  Which then begs the question: if you see the parallels, do you really think the results will be any different this time around?

Be careful!  How you answer that makes all the difference in the world between demonstrating wisdom or marking yourself a fool.

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