FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Greece Is An Example Of What Happens When You Violate Natural Law

I am just going to assume that you are aware of the financial mess Greece has created for itself.  This is no one’s fault but Greece — all of Greece.  This means the politicians and the people.  This is not the fault of the bankers.  The bankers have finally come to the point where they realized that Greece was not going to pay them back so they stopped lending.  However, Greece has not stopped spending.  That is what the ‘crisis’ is all about: the people of Greece refuse to live on what they make, they are demanding to get what the politicians who bribed them for their votes promised.  The problem is, those promises (bribes) were made by placing a claim on other people’s’ money — a claim the Greek politicians had no authority to make.  So now, when the bills are due and there is no money to pay the people they bribed, the people still want their bribes, but there is no money to pay the bills or the bribes.  The result is what we see happening in Greece right now.  There will be many who do not see this for what it is, and they are willfully blind.  They choose not to see it for what it is.  But what it is is simple: what is happening to Greece is Natural Law exerting itself to set things right again — with or without the people’s’ consent.  That is why it is called Natural Law.   Take a short but honest stroll back through time and you will not have to go far to see that this is how these things always end.  That is how we know these Natural Laws are real: they always, always assert themselves when man strays too far from them.

Or to put this in simpler terms:  Greece is finding out that you can only sweep so much water uphill for so long before the flood washes you away on its way back down the hill.  Gravity — another Natural Law 🙂

6 thoughts on “FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Greece Is An Example Of What Happens When You Violate Natural Law

  1. Joe,

    I’m feeling a little bit forward but thought you might like the sermon our Pastor preached last Sunday, Death of a Nation. Has great parallels with Israel.

    [audio src="" /]

    Most people don’t believe America has a true historical relationship with Israel or founded on Biblical principals. Far worse we have turned our back on Israel and God at the same time.

    P.S. We’re about as old fashioned as a congregation could get.

    1. chhelo,

      Not forward at all. Thanks. I hope it will bless others, as well.

      As for your church: it sounds as though you are in a good place, and safe from the Lord’s perspective 🙂 If I lived closer, I might join your church. But I am where the Lord wants me right now, so I’ll stay and do what He puts before me as best I can.

      As for America: we are the descendents of Ephraim. Our founders called this New Israel and they were more correct than they know. Prophecy tells us Ephraim is a cake un-turned. It says Ephraim will be chased but will eventually be given a land of milk and honey. It also says Ephraim’s children will die in the womb, and in battles. Finally, it says Ephraim will come to Israel’s aid — from the West. We have met ALL of these prophecies. Now Ephraim will fade away (except for the remnant) as it is time for the spotlight of the world to shine on Israel. He is at the door, brother!

  2. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    All of this is 100% true but I would not give a break to the EU they knew what the deal was and the bankers did as well — there are no innocents in this and all must pay the price.

    1. You are correct: the bankers deserve no sympathy in any of this. The problem now is that these bankers are going to compound the problems by trying to force the rest of the EU to pay for Greece so the banks do not loose their money. If the EU does the right thing, they will let the banks fail. But the EU will not do the right thing because they cannot imagine a banking failure. To them, that would be a catastrophe, but it is only because they reject Natural Law. If they embraced it, instead, they would see that the coming crash is a re-set to be used to correct their ways and put their societies bank on a path in accord with Natural Law.

      Sadly, man’s pride and arrogance works against him. It is a rare occurrence in deed to have men who not only see such things, but put their nation before personal interest to act on them. This is why the U.S. is an ‘exceptional’ nation: because the example of our founders was an exception to the rule of self before others.

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