PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: The Coming Global Economic Collapse

One of the biggest problems with trying to help people see the effects of Natural Law ‘in the real world’ is that people have a difficult time seeing past a particular event to the principle driving it.  In the case of economics, they see a nation like Greece fall into economic collapse, but they do not understand the principle driving this collapse because they see other nations coming to help, like Germany.  Thus, they assume that this will always be the case.  Or worse, when people such as myself try to explain that Socialism always fails, they think I am wrong because no Socialist nation has ever ceased to exist.  For these people, Greece is not the inevitable outcome of every attempt at Socialism throughout history.  It is just an example of what happens when Socialism is done wrong.  But, again, they are wrong. They just can’t see they are wrong because — honestly — they cannot see past the dream of being able to live freely at someone else’s expense.  It is that simple.  Now, here’s what is actually happening, and why this must all end in a global economic collapse.

However, Greece is an example of the inevitable outcome of Socialism, and it is a precursor to what is about to befall the entire world.  Up until now, when a Socialist economy failed, it was either allowed to collapse and rebuild itself (i.e. the Wiemar Republic), or — more commonly — another nation stepped in and lent it enough money to re-set.  Under Natural Law, the pain of a total economic collapse is meant to teach the people of a nation not to repeat their mistakes.  But, once they get through that painful period, things are re-set and the nation can once again resume a prosperous economic life, presumably according to the principles of Natural Law.  But when Natural Law is not allowed to run its course, as is happening in Greece, the problem is not ‘solved,’ it is compounded.

By stepping in and offering Greece a bailout, Germany is not solving the problem.  Greece has still failed.  Greece must still pay for its expenditures, but the Greek economy does not produce enough to pay for them on its own.  It must borrow the difference.  By giving more money to Greece, all Germany is doing is extending the period of time before Greece collapses again.  As the rest of the weaker nations in the EU start to reach the point at which Greece is now, they, too, will need to be ‘bailed out.’  Italy and Spain will soon be at this point.  Eventually, Germany will not have enough money to lend, so these nations will start to look elsewhere for help.

The U.S. is doing something a little different.  In the EU, individual nations cannot print money.  But the U.S. can because we control our dollar.  We have already reached the point where no one will lend to us anymore.  So, for some time now, the Federal Reserve — which is not the U.S. government — has simply been printing money.  In some cases, they are not even printing it; they are just adding it to the larger bank’s accounts.  This is what we mean by ‘digitizing money.’  It is essentially making something from nothing.  However, Natural Law says this ‘digitized’ money is not real — and it isn’t.  So, eventually, probably when the EU collapses — the U.S. dollar will also collapse and we will experience hyper inflation.  This is because hyper inflation is caused by printing money.  There has never been a single time in history when a nation has done what we are doing and it did not result in hyper inflation.  But the people behind this believe they have a way out of the mess they have created.

If you are paying attention, China is already suffering from an economic collapse.  Their government just nationalized the losses in their stock market.  In other words, they printed the money to cover the loss. When all of this comes together — the EU collapses, the US and China fall into hyper inflation and the rest of the global economy collapses — then we will have a choice.  We will either allow Natural law to run its course and suffer through the worst economic collapse in history until we can get things running on the basics of a free market, or we will sell the entire world into slavery to the bankers.

Yes, the International Banking community makes money on all of this, so they do not care about economic collapse.  Unless the collapse is global, they get paid either way.  In fact, the International Bankers, or IMF, probably forced Germany to bail our Greece — because the bankers will get paid!  If they don’t, then the global economic collapse happens now and global leaders around the world lose their power and comfortable positions.  But the global collapse will still come.  It must.  And when it does, the bankers will be able to coerce the global leaders to do what they tell them to do.  Either they give in and sell us all into slavery, or they lose the lives of comfort and privilege to which they have grown accustomed.  So they will sell out to the bankers.

When that happens, they will tell the nations that there is a crisis and that everyone must agree to the solution.  The solution will be exactly what we see in Greece — only on a global scale.  If you have money in the banks, the stock market or a retirement fund, they will simply take it.  Then they will introduce a new, global currency.  Finally, they will probably make it illegal to own gold or silver, or to trade/barter in any other currency except their new currency.  In the process, the international banks will ‘absorb’ all debt.  But understand this: the person who owns your debt owns you!  And this is how the world will fall under the control of bankers who work through their puppets in our governments.

If you doubt me, then I strongly suggest you start doing some serious research into this.  I did not make any of this up; I’m not that devious.  They have explained the whole process.  I just stumbled across it and then found the courage to accept and believe that they are serious.  Once you do that, your eyes will be opened and you will start to see the signs that this plan is already being implemented.  In fact, it is almost complete.  Just understand something: if they succeed, there will be no ‘V for vendetta’ or ‘Neo’ salvation of this world.  Man will live in slavery forever (unless, of course, you understand that Christ is coming back to end this entire mess.  In that case, you already know the season and how short time really is).


7 thoughts on “PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: The Coming Global Economic Collapse

  1. Joe,

    Excellent post.

    Someday we will wake up on a Monday morning to find the banks closed until further notice. Capital/money will be seized by the government. They can with the flip of a switch devalue the US$ by any percentage they want overnight. The Government and Banks together own what you worked for. Your just borrowing it.

    On Friday night you had a $100.00 bill that would buy $100.00 worth of food. On Monday your $100.00 will only buy $50.00 worth food (if your lucky). There goes you life savings, cash in the bank, CD’s, everything up in smoke.

    Rule 1 – Get rid of all debt.
    Rule 2 – Set aside an emergency fund. Food and $’s
    Rule 3 – Work together with family and friends to prepare.
    Rule 4 – Before you do Rule 1 get right with the Lord.

    1. Chhelo,

      yes, that is the formula — and there is no time left. The wise will get busy doing this RIGHT NOW!
      The unwise will look to the government to take from those of who got ready, which will lead to the wise being killed or imprisoned. Then we will finally see in the US what Russia saw after the peasants took over the farms: wide-spread starvation. 😦

      You see, people, an incompetent and corrupt government still cannot make its iignorant and incompetent masses grow food when they have no skills and no work ethic, and without food, there is nothing to feed the people in the cities, and that will lead to riots which then leads to the govt. killing people. History is a great teacher…IF you will let it teach you. Otherwise….

      1. Remember, many of those “peasants” were former factory workers and city dwellers as the True Farmers were starved to death or exterminated. The Holodomore ( sp?) Holocaust being the most known of the Soviet mass exterminations.

        Also what would be the use of Chhelo’s rule 2. Food yes, but if money is devalued and outlawed then the utility might be moot.

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